Old meets new in decorator’s home

October 9, 2016 - accent chair

PENDLETON — Local decorator Eric Scott can frequency remember a time when he wasn’t formulating something.

“I’ve always had that artistic side to me. Way behind when we was in facile school, we used to make valuables out of Friendly cosmetic and sell it,” removed Scott, who owns Anderson’s newest pattern store, Open Gate Design Décor.

In his Pendleton home, Scott’s personal decorating character facilities an heterogeneous brew of aged and new, a character that fits his celebrity utterly well.

“I tend to be flattering heterogeneous in what we like, and we like to combine a opposite styles together – opposite textures, opposite woods, opposite steel pieces. So we don’t wish to contend I’m indispensably stranded into a certain character per se. we like consistent a aged with a new.”

Heirloom pieces such as a library list built by Scott’s great-great-grandfather and a secretary desk, both refinished by Scott, are prominently displayed in a vital room, that also facilities an accent wall in a low plum color.

“I do like to combine pieces that are undying along with some of a some-more complicated pieces so it keeps it some-more updated,” Scott said. “It creates it some-more personal when we have some pieces that have outlived you, and they have some nauseating value as well. we consider it’s critical to have that in a home — not something that only looks good yet also has a value that goes along with it.”

When decorating spaces possibly for himself or for clients, Scott starts by anticipating an impulse piece.

“That could be a picture, it could be a chair, it could be an antique — and afterwards we start reckoning out a rest of a colorations for a room. Then apparently we get down to a accent pieces that are kind of like a valuables in a room.”

Another thing Scott considers — either conceptualizing his possess space or someone else’s — is lifestyle.

“Whenever I’m conceptualizing a space, we always speak to people about their lives initial and afterwards make it demeanour good. Because we need to know people’s lifestyle. Do they have kids? Do they have pets? What is their life like? So that’s kind of a starting point, people’s lives, my life, depending on what’s happening.”

Scott admits he’s constantly on a hunt for pieces that enthuse him.

“I’m always looking for something. Always gripping my eye out for new pieces, opposite pieces.”

Another approach he likes to keep things engaging is by changing adult his décor any season.

“I do suffer decorating a residence for all a opposite seasons since we consider it keeps things fresh, and it doesn’t take a lot,” he said. “You can kind of only covering things in with your existent décor, and it still looks like we redid everything.”

No matter a season, though, Scott believes home should be a relaxing place.

“Memories are an critical partial of home. And it unequivocally depends on where you’re during — home is so opposite to opposite people. It should be a protected place, really. It should make we feel loose and during assent while you’re there.”

Check out a arriving winter book of Madison Magazine for a hide look during Eric Scott’s holiday décor, as good as a decorator’s favorite Christmas tree pleat tips.

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