More of a World’s Worst Restaurant Customers, Part 2

October 26, 2015 - accent chair

In college we worked during a sequence grill in an upscale suburb of Los Angeles. The grill was intensely renouned with tourists and was always busy. One Saturday night, we were on a 45+minute wait we had a territory nearby a front where it was shrill and in plain perspective from a lobby. As we was walking fast from list to table, a male tapped me on a shoulder.

“Excuse me. Do we consider it would be probable to get me and my family sat a bit faster? And in your section? By a window,” he pronounced as he flashed me a rolled adult check in his hand. Now, we COULD have finished it. we could have simply walked adult to a stewardess and told her that this male indispensable to be sat quicker and I’d separate a check with her. But we didn’t know how many he was charity (could’ve been a 5 for all we knew), and utterly frankly, we was slammed. we told him we couldn’t accept per association process and that we wasn’t in a position to even make that occur given we were so busy. He walked divided fast and he didn’t worry me again about it.

I don’t know how many time had passed, though subsequent thing we know he and his wife, their immature daughter, and another lady are seated during one of my tables. The stewardess walked by me and pronounced a male had requested to be sat in my section.

When we got to a list a mans said, “Do we consider we could lay during one of your booths by a window? That one usually opened—can we lay there?” gesturing to a small two-top counter in a corner. we couldn’t trust he unequivocally suspicion that we would pierce 4 people to a list with literally space for usually dual people.

“Sorry, that is a little list for dual and we usually don’t know how it could presumably work. If we wish to wait for another booth, we can tell a stewardess and she can arrange that though you’ll substantially have to wait a bit longer,” we said. He insisted that they could fit and while we attempted to explain again given they couldn’t lay there, his little daughter ran over to a unwashed table, climbed adult on a chair and started banging on a window like a fucking chimpanzee. we usually kept saying, “Sorry, we need to speak to a front if we wish a booth.” He finally walked adult to a front, his mother and other lady still hire in a trail of a other servers, while we went behind to a kitchen. we was relieved a bit given we suspicion we had gotten absolved of them.

But of march not. we come behind from a kitchen and they are all seated during a strange list they had been given.

Before we get to a many absurd partial of a meal, here are a few highlights:

– The daughter carrying a meltdown given she was too vast for a high chair. She finished adult switching between a high chair and a upholder chair a whole meal.

– Ordering a bottle of booze and insisting that a barkeeper come to their list to open it and flow a initial glass. (I overtly don’t even know given they wanted that. we had a manager do it for them in a end.)

– Taking FOREVER to confirm what they wanted to eat. The menu of this place is notoriously vast (Editor’s Note: Wait, reason on: this is Cheesecake Factory, isn’t it?) and they asked about each cocktail, appetizer, dish, side, etc. on a goddamn menu. we came behind 3 times seeking if they were prepared to order, that took like thirty mins alone.

– The mother revelation me that she indispensable a opposite side that wasn’t vegetables given she was allergic to all vegetables.

– After a million questions, a second lady systematic a grilled duck breast (not baked in/with any fats) with a side of broccoli, sliced tomatoes, and a vast image of lemon wedges, of course!

Toward a finish of a meal, before we could even offer a dessert presentation, they pronounced they wanted dessert, though they indispensable to see their options initial (this place has a “bakery” nearby a run with dozens of desserts on display. All together, they got adult and walked over to a bakery and started looking during everything. After 15 minutes, we was prosaic out annoyed. They had already been there for scarcely dual hours.

When they get behind to their seats, a mother declares that given they had such vast meals, that they were going to share a cut of cheesecake. Easy enough, we put in their sequence and it took all of 2 mins to get to their table. we had seen a opposite server broach a dessert from a server hire and suspicion I’d have a notation or dual before we had to check on them. Wrong. Cue a screaming child.

She was not carrying any of it. Not usually was she screaming given she wanted her possess square of cheesecake, and not that kind though a opposite one, she stood adult on a highchair and started stomping. Her father picked her adult and put her on his lap, so she started kicking and screaming even harder and finally pennyless giveaway from him. As she jerked divided from him, she incited around, grabbed a square of cheesecake and THREW IT ON THE GROUND.

You could overtly hear a common pant from all a surrounding tables. we walked over to a list right as this was function and pronounced I’d get them another square of cheesecake and asked if we could get them (her) anything else. The mom looked during me panicked and said, “I consider we’re going to get another square of cheesecake,” and proceeded to ask a small lady what she wanted. She finished adult grouping a cut of chocolate cake for her heavenly angel. It took reduction than a notation to get to a list and as shortly as it was there, a child stopped great and started eating.

But here is a kicker: while a 3 adults ate a small cheesecake slice, a brat ate a ENTIRE cut of chocolate cake (think Matilda-sized cake) and would roar if anyone attempted to eat any of it. As shortly as they were done, relatives of a year soon asked for a check and sloping me a healthy 5 percent.

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