Michael Fassbender goes ‘a small too Method’ in ‘Big Lebowski’ live read

July 26, 2015 - accent chair


Michael Fassbender put his captivating superpowers aside Friday night to play stoner idol “the Dude” in a reading of “The Big Lebowski” in Montreal, yet it was Patton Oswalt’s opening as Walter Sobchak (the purpose originated by John Goodman) that stole a show.

Organized by a Just for Laughs comedy festival, a sold-out Live Read — during that a expel of 9 review a Coen brothers’ cult-favorite screenplay for an assembly of 1,300 — took crafty advantage of a fact that “X-Men: Apocalypse” is sharpened in a same city where North America’s biggest comedy festival is headquartered. As such, a fest managed to captivate X-women Jennifer Lawrence (who achieved Julianne Moore’s Maude) and Olivia Munn (stepping in as Tara Reid’s Bunny) to join Oswalt and a handful of “Silicon Valley” players — T.J. Miller as Brandt, Martin Starr as Jesus and showrunner Mike Judge doing a dead-on Sam Elliott as The Stranger — for a one-night-only event.

Local seductiveness was so heated that a festival switched venues, upgrading from a many smaller 420-seat museum to a city’s ancestral Olympia. Dedicated fans showed adult as many as 5 hours early to get in, queuing around a retard for a uncover that started 40 mins late. (Such delays have been standard during Just for Laughs this year, that seems to be using some-more or reduction on Dude Time.)

It also outlines a initial time that Montreal-born Jason Reitman has put on one of his renouned screenplay readings in his Canadian hometown (though he did a Live Read of “Boogie Nights” not so distant divided during a Toronto film festival in 2013). These star-studded events — that give fans a possibility to see how their favorite cinema competence sound in a hands of a totally opposite cast, while Reitman reads a scene-setting outline — have turn prohibited tickets in Los Angeles, where a executive mounts them monthly during a Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

(Mike Judge, Martin Starr, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Dennis Quaid, Patton Oswalt, Mae Whitman, Olivia Munn, T.J. Miller and Jason Reitman backstage during “The Big Lebowski” live reading during a Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Photo by Dan Dion.)

With some of a some-more renouned titles in a array (such as “American Beauty” and “The Apartment”), Reitman has been famous to repeat a Live Read with an wholly new ensemble. As it happens, he gave “The Big Lebowski” a live diagnosis once before, carrying rather notoriously expel Seth Rogen (who reportedly smoked a corner onstage) as “the Dude” in 2012.

It many goes though observant that Fassbender brought a unequivocally opposite appetite to a role, yet a British star strew his accent and demonstrated his serious-actor joining by ambling onstage in boxers and a ratty aged bathrobe, carrying a cocktail in a cosmetic crater (en lieu of a Dude’s signature Caucasian) and smoking 3 hand-rolled jazz cigarettes over a march of a evening.

“I consider Fassbender went a tiny too Method on this one. we wish TMZ isn’t here,” Oswalt quipped from an adjacent chair, yet Fassbender’s “Big Lebowski” shenanigans were tiny potatoes compared to a 40-plus pounds he mislaid to play I.R.A. romantic Bobby Sands in “Hunger.”

Whereas Fassbender gave what appears to be a many laid-back opening of his career, Oswalt went into overdrive, pouring his full appetite into a partial of Walter, spasmodic even rising from his chair to gesticulate extravagantly or call his finger-gun in a atmosphere (while his 8 co-stars sat in folding chairs onstage).

When it came time for Walter to bluster Larry, Oswalt pennyless impression for a impulse and begged Reitman’s accede to review a “TV edit” chronicle of his part, substituting, “You see what happens when we find a foreigner in a alps?!” for a Coen’s original, some-more colorful expletive. (Fun fact: The Coens penned all of a deputy discourse listened during TV airings of their film.)

(Jason Reitman leads a expel of “The Big Lebowski” live review during a Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Photo by Dan Dion.)

After Oswalt, a evening’s subsequent many eager performer was Mae Whitman, a unchanging member in Reitman’s live readings behind in Los Angeles (here, her roles ranged from Steve Buscemi’s Donny to one of a heavily-accented Nihilists). The evening’s many renouned warn was a last-minute phenomenon of Dennis Quaid as a wheelchair-bound Big Lebowski — another available get, given Quaid has been in Montreal sharpened a arriving Crackle array “The Art of More.”

Audiences were also astounded to learn that Jennifer Lawrence can’t read. When a time came, a dumb Oscar leader might have stumbled by her lines (not helped by a fact they’d been highlighted in a duplicate of a book given to Munn, rather than in her own), yet sitting onstage between Fassbender and Starr, shouting as tough as anyone in a room during a Coens’ best lines, there’s no doubt she unequivocally tied a room together.

(Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence backstage during “The Big Lebowski” live review during a Just For Laughs Festival. Photo by Dan Dion.)

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