Mellow Marsala a new tip tone on a block

January 17, 2015 - accent chair

Last year, Pantone’s tinge of a year was Radiant Orchid. We saw a sensuous paint cocktail adult everywhere from websites to commercials, even used for accessories like cellphone and inscription cases.

Orchid handbags, scarves and blouses unexpected multiplied. But there’s a new prohibited tinge in town. Welcome Marsala, Pantone’s tip collect for 2015.

Marsala is an earthy, loose red with all a sensitivity of a booze it’s named for. It’s decidedly easier to incorporate into both conform and interior pattern than orchid, and works good year-found in fashion, home products and decor. This versatile shade also blends beautifully with many other colors.


Without question, Marsala is a tinge we can live with on sofas and chairs. Whether used as an altogether or accent tinge in upholstery, Marsala can go a distance. Its brilliance is evocative of some-more grave settings, nonetheless it’s a relaxed, bearable tinge that can adjust to many any style. What’s not to adore about a Marsala velvet-covered Bergere chair mouth-watering we to dawdle with a book?


Whether we opt for a lighter or deeper shade of Marsala, it’s right during home in both a vital room and dining room. It’s low adequate for a bedroom, distinct a splendid red. Relaxed and not too vibrant, it creates a good choice for an accent wall behind a bed.

It’s also a healthy in a dining room, where red has depressed out of preference though where we could use an distillate of brilliance and warmth. Marsala even adds lushness to list linens. It’s a healthy with cream and ivory shades, and pairs elegantly with gold, immature and ochre.


If this tinge is too low or confidant for your taste, a accumulation of accessories are accessible that will give we a hold of Marsala but too most of a good thing.

A quilt set can move a abounding red tinge to a bedroom. Add a few other accessories that incorporate Marsala, to tie a quilt to a rest of a room.

If we have a square of seat that needs repainting or you’re looking for a project, try cloaking a square with Marsala and adding confidant lead hardware. An aged dresser would make a good entryway console and feel updated in Marsala.

For a bolder approach, try a Marsala-hued carpet or wallpaper. If you’re adventurous, try reupholstering your dining chairs.

Not so much? Simply supplement some Marsala chuck pillows or upholstered ottomans.

In a kitchen, we could even incorporate Marsala in plate ware, napkins, placemats or glasses.

Kathryn Weber is a home and decorating columnist and publishes a Red Lotus Letter feng shui ezine. For some-more information, hit Weber by her web site,



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