Mel Brooks Thinks Blazing Saddles Is a Funniest Movie Ever Made

August 29, 2016 - accent chair

Mel Brooks usually doesn’t know when to stop. That’s clear in a exuberant, antic, harsh comedies he wrote and destined in a 70s and 80s—where a jokes fly thick and quick as farts around a cowboy’s bonfire, gleefully destroying a bounds of appropriateness and good taste—as good as his career some-more generally. Brooks is now operative to move a rejiggered low-pitched chronicle of Young Frankenstein to London; scheming for a recover of a handsome hardcover about a creation of Young Frankenstein, a movie; starring alongside Meryl Streep and Zendaya in a English-language chronicle of a Chinese charcterised film called The Guardian Brothers; and furloughed a nation with his other best movie, Blazing Saddles.

Brooks has already brought his latest act to Chicago, Newark, Nashville, and Washington, D.C., among other two-horse towns. But on Sep 1, he’ll take it to his grandest venue yet: Radio City Music Hall, a museum Brooks hasn’t set feet inside given a night The Producers won a still-record 12 Tony Awards there in 2001. (“Hamilton frightened a heck out of us” by removing a towering 16 nominations this year, he says—“but we’re still series 1 with 12 [wins]. we saw their show, and we went backstage. They gave me a coop to pointer their wall, and we pronounced ‘This is a biggest low-pitched I’ve ever seen . . . solely for The Producers.’”)

That’s not bad for a male who usually incited 90—as Brooks is usually too happy to tell we himself. Here’s what happened when he called Vanity Fair for a charmingly self-important review about his new show, his aged work, and his shameful past as a kiddie shoplifter. (Believe it or not, a latter indeed desirous one of Blazing Saddles’s many noted scenes.)

Vanity Fair: You contingency be vehement to be entrance to Radio City—it’s flattering tighten to Broadway.

Mel Brooks: we am, we am! Now, we like Blazing Saddles. we shouldn’t gloat about it, since it’s my possess movie, though we consider it’s a funniest film ever made. we challenged Bob Gazzale, who runs A.F.I.—they have a list called “100 Funniest Movies Ever.”

And a list put Some Like It Hot above Blazing Saddles.

Yeah, Some Like It Hot. So we challenged him: we’re going to have a laugh-off. we adore Some Like It Hot, though we have a funniest film ever made.

Would we do a laugh-off pitting Blazing Saddles against—

We do a laugh-off. At 6 o’clock they come in to see Some Like It Hot, and we take a 20 notation break, and during 8 o’clock they see Blazing Saddles. And we usually magnitude a laughs. We have twice as many laughs, maybe 3 times as many. And bigger.

Would we do—

People rolling in a aisles. It’s a unequivocally humorous movie.

Would we do Blazing Saddles vs. Young Frankenstein?

I don’t know. I’m not articulate about a other aspects of a film. Some Like It Hot has a terrific, complicated, smashing story, and amazingly good performances by Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe. I’m usually articulate about laughs, that is funnier. And there’s no question—although we consider a performances in Blazing Saddles are as good as any opening in any film ever made, we know. Cleavon Little was a unequivocally profoundly gifted actor. Gene Wilder is one of a best talents that ever came on a screen. Madeline Kahn is unbeatable. She’s a genius.

She even got nominated for an Oscar for Blazing Saddles.

Harvey Korman is substantially a biggest second banana that ever lived. So we know, I’ve got some flattering good people in that movie. And we forget a male that’s personification a governor, though we remember observant “he’s unequivocally good.” [Governor William J. Lepetomane is played, in a film, by Brooks himself.]

Between we and me—you can even imitation this—Young Frankenstein is substantially a best film we ever made. You didn’t hear it from me, though it is a pretentious film. The laughs are just, we know, they’re extra.

I come on after Blazing Saddles and we tell some stories, have some fun. we go behind to my life when we was in a Catskills, operative together with Larry Gelbart and Woody Allen and Neil Simon [on] Your Show of Shows. Then we answer some questions. It’s a good night. We’re roughly sole out. Almost. we don’t know how many seats are still available.

You’ve pronounced before that we don’t consider Blazing Saddles could have—

Hillary. Have we seen a movie?

Of course! we could quote some of it for you, if we wanted.

Quote something.

“Are we awake?” “Are we. . . black?”

Oo, that’s good. That was right. First thing Gene says in a movie, right.

You’ve pronounced before that we don’t consider a film could be done today. But we indeed consider we competence remonstrate with that.


Yeah, since one of a good things about Blazing Saddles is a approach that a film punches up—the whole indicate is that a adults of Rock Ridge are these extremist idiots. The film is resolutely on Bart’s side.

It’s true: opposite people in opposite places can be taught to consider differently. So maybe you’re right. we mean, we take a garland of rednecks, and by a finish of that movie, they adore that black sheriff. To start with, they wouldn’t take some-more than a notation to fibre him up—hang him ’til he’s dead. But since of his personality, his actions, his damn goodness, they get to adore him.

Exactly. And all of a secular amusement in a film has a purpose. It’s not Mickey Rooney being a mimic of a Japanese male in Breakfast during Tiffany’s.

Right. So it’s possible. But we mean, regulating a N-word so devastatingly and so often—I don’t know. we don’t know if that’s probable today. The film itself, it’s a duration movie. But if we done a new one, like Blazing Saddles 2, and we threw a N-word all over a place, we competence be in for a lot of trouble.

So, Hillary! You don’t have to wait for a repository to be printed—you could come out with this tomorrow?

Yes! We can tell it any time.

Okay. Well, we’re going to do this Sep 1, 7:30. They’re going to uncover Blazing Saddles, and [at] 9 o’clock I’ll follow it with me in person. I’m going to demeanour unequivocally nice. And we do a good show.

One of a things we do, I’m going to exhibit to we now—I had auditions when we did Blazing Saddles, and one of a auditions was with Madeline Kahn. we knew how gifted she was, though we didn’t know if she could sing. we didn’t know if she could do a German accent. So immediately, she did a take-off on Marlene Deitrich for me, and we was on a floor. we said, “You got a part—except you’ve gotta lift your skirt.” There was a large pause. She said, “Ahhh, so it’s that kind of audition?” we said, “No, no, no! It’s satirizing Dietrich and Destry Rides Again. You’ve got to hover a chair; we have to see those black stockings. We need good legs.” So she raises her skirt, and she showed me her legs. And they were positively knockout. we thanked her profusely, and she left. And a few mins later, we was alone, and we pronounced to myself, “God, she was so beautiful. Why couldn’t it have been one of those auditions?”

Anyways, she got to be such a good pal, and we attempted to use her in each singular film we could since we don’t consider there was another chairman who could sing and dance and be as humorous as Madeline.

What’s one of your favorite memories of Madeline on set?

We were rehearsing, and she said, “Let me sound some of a second carol [to “I’m Tired,” her character’s strain in Blazing Saddles] instead of singing it.” we pronounced okay, we can try that. And she hummed usually a little off key—just adequate to expostulate any musician crazy.

It takes a unequivocally good thespian to sing so badly.

Exactly. You can sing unequivocally badly, like Florence Foster Jenkins. Meryl Streep—that’s a smashing movie. But to do it subtly and brilliantly, no one was as good as Madeline Kahn.

I review in an talk we did with Playboy in a 70s that one of a many absurd tools of a film indeed came from your life—the impulse where Bart kidnaps himself.

Oh! It’s not true, though it is true. we was a small kid, and we used to take from a Woolworth’s. There was a Roy Rogers silver-handled fondle six-shooter—oh, it was a many pleasing thing we ever saw in my life. we went mad. we shoved it in my coat, and we went to go—and a store manager grabbed me by a neck. He was screaming, “I’m going to call your mother! I’m going to call a police!” we was usually about 8 years old. He was shoving me toward his office, and we didn’t know what to do. we reached into my coat, we pulled out a six-shooter, and we said, “Get back, or I’ll blow your conduct off!” Then he jumped behind for a minute, and we ran out of a store. Got divided with it.

How did a movie’s finale come about—that big, chaotic, fourth wall-breaking sequence?

It didn’t “come about!” These things never come about. we was good during violation a fourth wall in a kind of yarn manner. But we suspicion when we was writing, because don’t we literally mangle a fourth wall? we said, I’m going to do it on a soundstage, with Dom DeLuise as Busby Berkley, with a garland of guys in Fred Astaire suits—the guys from Rock Ridge pile-up in, mangle a fourth wall. It took a lot of guts, though it unequivocally works. If we ever did a theatre uncover of Blazing Saddles, we would finish it with a large prolongation series of “The French Mistake.” There’s 3 or 4 songs in it already; it lends itself to being a Broadway musical. And afterwards we could go behind to what we love—getting adult during noon, carrying breakfast during 2 in a afternoon.

I saw that there’s also an charcterised film desirous by Blazing Saddles in a works, called Blazing Samurai.

Yeah. [The] male that did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, he pronounced he had an thought to do an charcterised Japanese chronicle called Blazing Samurai. we pronounced we like it, and we threw him a integrate of ideas. It competence even be a movie, we don’t know. They’re operative on it.



Where do we live?

I live in Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn? Well, because don’t we try to come and see a show? Call Shelby, all right? S-H-E-L-B-Y. Shelby’s in my office—say that Mel pronounced we should get dual tickets. And if she checks with me, I’ll contend we was lying—don’t give her a tickets.



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