Meet My Muslim Friend (Don’t Worry He Doesn’t Want to Kill You)

November 18, 2015 - accent chair

matt moore

One afternoon this past October, we was sitting during a bar in a packaged out Starbucks when a young, Middle Eastern male tapped me on a shoulder. “Is it fine if we lay here?” he asked in a thick accent, indicating during a chair to my clear right.

I nodded my conduct and told him that was positively okay. we was kind of taken aback that he had even asked. Most people would have fast hopped adult into that chair though a word (seats during Starbucks are tough to come by!).

I scooted over to give him some room as he situated himself and pulled some materials out of his bag — an iPhone and a turn notebook. Being a nosey chairman that we am, we eyed a calm of his cover as he flipped by a pages. we saw lots and lots of created lines — one judgment created in a unfamiliar language, a subsequent judgment created in English — steady ceaselessly down any square of paper. The thick accent total with what looked to be efforts to learn a English denunciation led me to consider he had only creatively landed on American soil.

“Sir?” he whispered, stretching out his palm timidly to get my attention, “I’m contemptible to miscarry you, though could we assistance me know how to bond to this place’s Internet?”

After we walked him by joining to a Starbucks Wi-Fi, he gave me some dap (fist bump), thanked me, and introduced himself, “My name is Ibrahim. It’s good to accommodate you.”

For a subsequent hour and a half, Ibrahim and we chatted about many opposite things. He told me he was innate and lifted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where his whole family still lives. He grinned from ear to ear as he told me about his overworked father who has done scapegoat after scapegoat to safeguard Ibrahim could come to a U.S. for his college education. And his mom — he could have left on for days about his adore for his mother! It was clear from only a initial fifteen mins of articulate with Ibrahim that he desired and missed his family intensely.

As we continued to chitchat, he mentioned something in flitting about prayer. we theory he saw my eyes light adult since he paused in mid-sentence and afterwards backtracked a bit.

“You know that we am Muslim, right? Is that fine with you?” he asked.

I could clarity a perplexity in his voice and suspected that he had already faced some worried situations since of his ethnicity and religion. I’ve spent my whole life in a ultra-conservative, right wing South and know good a judgmental, questionable attitudes many reason toward Muslims.

“Of march it’s fine with me,” we reassured him. “I mean, I’m a Christian and we don’t trust Islam is a truth, though that doesn’t meant we can’t be friends.”

He smiled and gave me some dap, again. He seemed super pleased, and we consider a bit shocked, during my response. To uncover him all a some-more we was passive (in a loyal clarity of a word) of his religion, we began to ask him questions about his beliefs and practices. The residue of a review was spent gently, respectfully, and brave we contend it — lovingly — dialoguing about Islam, Christianity, and a differences between a two.

As has been loyal of each Muslim chairman we have ever met, Ibrahim’s friendship to Allah is something to be marveled at. After we commended him for his friendship (and told him all a friendship in a universe can’t make something loyal and right if it’s not loyal and right), Ibrahim was discerning to contend that his use of Islam is one filled with love, peace, mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance.

I’ve review portions of a Quran and don’t consider we can unequivocally be loving, peaceful, merciful, forgiving, and passive to all if we unequivocally wish to conform all of a commands. However, we motionless not to indicate this out in that moment, since we sensed what he was perplexing to get during and didn’t wish to detract from his point. we consider Ibrahim was resisting himself opposite a “devout” Islamic radical extremists like ISIS. we consider he wanted to make certain we knew he wasn’t one of them.

Ibrahim is Muslim, though he doesn’t loathing people who aren’t. He isn’t some crazy, suicide-bombing maniac. He is only Ibrahim — a nineteen year aged immature male from a other side of a universe who wants to ceremony Allah and also be friends with people who don’t. When we walked divided from a review with my new crony that day, we knew he wanted me to know above all else that he was only a nice, unchanging guy.

My vigilant currently is not to wade into domestic waters. There are adequate folks removing into all that. we wrote this blog merely to remind my American friends that a strenuous infancy of Muslim people are only people, not killers. we have taken large emanate over a final few days with a approach many aroused Westerners are disparaging and dehumanizing not only ISIS, though all Middle Eastern, Islamic people. Here are only a integrate of comments I’ve seen on Facebook this morning regarding to a Syrian refugees — not ISIS, though a Syrian refugees in general:

“I contend clean them off this planet. They are terrorizing so many people and countries …. There isn’t any other approach around it.”

“They are all automatic to kill and destroy Christians! From a time they can travel and talk!!”

Really? This is ignorance. This is foolishness. This is hatred. This has to stop.

It’s been pronounced over and over, though a equine apparently isn’t passed so I’ll contend it again: Not each Muslim is a terrorist.

Not each Syrian interloper is perplexing to penetrate countries underneath a guise of helplessness to slay trusting people. It is an extremely small group of Islam that is obliged for a horrors that took place in Paris and have been holding place in other areas of a universe (that we never hear about nor does anyone seem to caring about).

My crony Ibrahim — and multitudes of other Muslims like him — is not to censure for a horrible acts of ISIS, and he shouldn’t be looked at, talked about, or treated like he is.

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