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April 23, 2015 - accent chair

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It ain’t art. Hey, it ain’t even cinema. Actually, it would hardly pass for low-rent.

But ad agencies would kill to have a mark like this. Of course, they’d spend millions perplexing to make it demeanour this cheapjack, er, we mean, authentic.

“We usually wanted to do something cheesy and campy and have some fun,” says Liz Haynes.

You competence know her as Leeeeeeeez — as Cleveland Cavalier core Timofey Mozgov calls her in a blurb they do together for Brew Garden, in Middleburg Heights.

The ad has spin a viral pound on YouTube, where it has generated hundreds of thousands of plays.

In it, Mozgov proclaims that Haynes is his “favorite daytime bartender” and afterwards deduction to soap-box about her in his thick Russian accent: “You unequivocally lift a ceiling.”

“It’s a fun on both of us being unequivocally tall,” says Haynes, who has tended bar during Brew Garden for 13 years.

Mozgov, we see, is seven-foot-one. But Haynes is NOT seven-foot-five, as some have speculated.

“I’m usually six-foot-one!” she exclaims. “I was station on a chair – we were being funny.”

But a Vermilion High School grad was a basketball player, no joke.

“I played a small center, though mostly energy brazen in high propagandize given we had a lady that was six-foot-four,” she says. “I’m not mortified of my height; we adore to wear high heels.”

The ad, one of dual so distant for Brew Garden, has desirous cackles, chortles and guffaws, though also astonishment given they are so surreal and run so opposite to a standard jock ad. They’ve been raved about by USA Today, Washington Post, Deadspin, ESPN and Yahoo! Sports.

Bleacher Report likely a film career for a duo, observant that Timo and Liz’s on-screen chemistry could make them a subsequent Bonnie and Clyde:

“He’s a high outlaw on a run, she’s a daytime barkeeper sleepy of portion a afternoon drunks,” a site predicted. “Together they paint a ideal design of crime: Mozgovalisa.”

Bleacher Report incorrectly calls Haynes Lisa, not Liz. we suspicion a same thing when perplexing to interpret Mozgov’s lines.

“People ask because we had someone who can’t pronounce English well,” says Haynes. “I suspicion it was cool, it creates them some-more noted than a same aged sharp ad we always see.”

There was a downside, however.

“Well, a ad took 10 takes… maybe more,” says Haynes. “He was unequivocally good and apologetic, though afterwards he got all his lines all right and we messed adult my lines… Oh well.”

Haynes, 32, seems to have an oh-well, untroubled suggestion to everything, including creation her possess signature pink-lemonade margarita — that she turns into a arrange of campy opening art.

In between, she discussed cultured sensibilities.

“I like funny, cheesy things,” adds Haynes, a John Carroll grad who also does selling work for Chevy dealers. “I’m not ashamed to tell people that we got my start operative during Hooters.”

The boisterous physique language, blonde locks and energetic panache she displays while creation margaritas is a bit suggestive of a Hooters lady crossed with Brigitte Bardot.

“I’ve listened people contend Anna Nicole Smith,” she says. “Of course, we cite Bridget.”

For a record, there is zero about a ads suggestive of Jean-Luc Godard, who destined Bardot in “Contempt.” The initial ad expelled by Brew Garden facilities Mozgov swiping a image divided from a list and quoting Austin Carr, “Get that diseased things outta here.”

Mozgov, famous for being soft-spoken, was diffident during first. He was even apologetic for eating a large raise of chips that was sitting on a catering list during a shoot.

Gentle Ben was not a purpose he was expel for, however. Brew Garden owners Pat Potapsky wanted a tough man – a one Cavs fans have seen on a building restraint shot and creation dunks.

“I was imaging something like Ivan Drago in a ‘Rocky’ movie,” says Potopsky, who destined a ads. “We wanted plates to go drifting and have them make a shrill sound and afterwards have him vocalization damaged English to make it quirky.”

Quirky is one approach of putting it. The ad rolls out adequate awkwardness to fill a warrant video, with Mozgov’s eyes bouncing from side to side as if he is reading evidence cards.

“He was reading evidence cards,” says Haynes. “I suspicion it combined a campy peculiarity to it.”

There’s also that back jersey thing. For a record, he didn’t spin his conduct 180 degrees like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.” He IS wearing his jersey backwards; a thought was to underscore that, yes, this is MOZGOV.

The 28-year-old from Saint Petersburg has spin a fan favorite given being traded to a Cavaliers on Jan 7. Part of it is a team’s success: The Cavs are 36-12 given his arrival.

But there’s also a fish-out-of-water vibe that has done him endearing, like so many unfamiliar players before him. With Mozgov, there is also a ability to giggle during himself – as he did when he incidentally answered a doubt acted by a Cavs announcer in Russian.

Potopsky illusory that people would find Mozgov desirable locally. He never illusory a inhabitant response.

“Deadspin told us they had some-more hits than when they posted a LeBron James Nike commercial,” he says. “People unequivocally adore him.”

The Brew Garden plans to open a second plcae in July, in Strongsville. It also has some-more Mozgov spots planned.

Haynes, a large Quentin Tarantino fan, stopped in between blending margarita to dream about a ‘Kill Bill’-style story.

“Wow, that be cool,” she says. “But I’m not certain if it’s in a bill to do Tarantino. Maybe some-more like one of those Norton Furniture ad. we adore those, too.”

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