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April 18, 2017 - accent chair

During a early hours of Apr 10, Southern mislaid an critical professor, associate expertise member and friend.

Ben McArthur surrendered his classes dual months before designed retirement after some-more than a year of fighting cancer.

Some expertise were sanctified to have gifted encounters with McArthur before his passing. “The final time we saw Dr. McArthur was on Apr 8,” Kris Erskine, chair of story and domestic studies said. “Even yet he knew a finish was near, in evil Ben McArthur conform he was endangered not for himself though for me, as chair, and for a dialect in a hunt for his replacement. we was deeply moved. Ben McArthur can not be replaced, it unequivocally is that simple. we am so unhappy now, though we am assured that we will see him again.”

The morning of his passing, a story dialect sent out a minute to a story and domestic studies students that McArthur had created in January. Lisa Diller, story and domestic studies highbrow suggested this email be common with all Southern students.

By a time we accept this note we will be gone. My depart wasn’t of my choosing. But we find myself during finish assent with God’s will.

Some of we we know comparatively well; others we haven’t gotten proficient with, that we regret. we always have good hopes for a story students. we wish any of we to emanate a destiny for yourself that will be privately rewarding and of use to your community. Discouragements will come, for sure, though we can find resilience in a trust that we have aptitudes and acquired skills that will lift we through.

I’m not one who believes that God has usually one devise for any person’s life. we trust He can magnify your endeavors in a numbers of areas we competence try (and don’t be fearful to try opposite things in your life).

You won’t be astounded to hear me advise we to continue to read. That’s a symbol of a story student. It’s one trail to bargain a tellurian experience. Travel. Make friends. Locate an Adventist church to that we can contribute.

Most important, maintain your attribute with God. This can be finished mixed ways, though there contingency always be intentionality in a endeavor. The assent of mind we enjoyed during my illness came usually by an complete certainty in God’s heading and salvific ends. This is a good present that we wish for any one of you.

Your friend,
Ben McArthur”*

Many on this campus are anguish a detriment of McArthur, including President of a university, David Smith who was a tighten crony of McArthur’s.

“The splendid object on a day he died belied a grief and clarity of detriment so many felt. Those of us who knew him wrestled with a thought, ‘What will Southern be but him?’” pronounced Smith. “Dr. McArthur, as his students knew him, modelled a art of inquiry. He taught his students so most some-more than history. He taught them to think, to write, to analyze. He taught them to caring about a universe around them. He speedy them always to do what they could to make a universe better. He demonstrated how to be a plain Seventh-day Adventist Christian, true to his church and to his convictions. He was not fearful to ask tough questions, to pull ideas that he felt would make his church better, or to find change over extremes. His voice was always a voice of reason guided by devout law and principle.”

Lisa Diller, who is now training in Australia this division was also a tighten crony and mentee of McArthur.

“Dr McArthur was mostly obliged for my veteran career holding a form that it does,” pronounced Diller. “Every day we will skip his humor, his good advice, and his effervescent unrestrained for good ideas and scholarship. we can’t trust we won’t be means to cocktail into his bureau and ask his thoughts on something or share my burdens. He was correct about how to hoop formidable situations and we am unhappy that as a campus we won’t have his ability to get to a heart of what mattered with ability and grace.”

Students also simulate on a impact McArthur had on their preparation and personal lives.

“He privately struck me as kind, correct and light hearted,” pronounced Naomi Schumacher, comparison excellent humanities major. “He challenged my classmates and we to investigate and enlarge a worldviews while truly strengthening a beliefs in God. He was a peaceful personality with a resources of knowledge. His judicious positivity was moving and endearing, and he will be severely missed on this campus.”

McArthur and his family have dedicated some-more than 30 years of use to Southern Adventist University and will be severely missed by students and faculty.

“As we face a oppressive existence of losing such a critical member of a campus family, we inspire any of us to urge for a campus, that we competence live a lives and provide any other in a approach that Ben McArthur did,” pronounced Smith. “I also ask that we any urge for Ben’s family, who will believe his detriment so most some-more deeply than we will, that God will comfort and inspire them and assistance them to know what a disproportion he done for us all.”

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