Marcia Tatroe: Take garden to new heights with DIY plant stands

June 5, 2015 - accent chair

Blue and yellow pots accent an antique Denver Post news box portion as a plant stand.

Hanging baskets rouse flowers to places they wouldn’t routinely grow. Tree limbs, lonesome porches and grape arbors can all be arrayed with tone usually by unresolved a pot on a hook. But because stop there?

Plant stands fill a blank between belligerent and roof wherever another mark of tone would liven things up. You can buy all sorts of processed plant stands, though it’s so most some-more rewarding to invent your own.

Anything that supports a basket or a pot can be a plant stand. You need usually make certain that whatever we select can indeed mount adult to a weight of a jam-packed flowerpot (I’ve had a blurb wrought-iron flower-basket hilt double over underneath a load). It’s also essential that your construction be clever adequate to withstand a clever breeze (or be located in a reliably wind-sheltered spot) and robbery raccoons or squirrels.

Within these parameters, a options are usually about limitless.

Remove a chair from an aged chair or barstool and set a pot into a frame. Or in a box of a selected timber and steel French cafeteria chair, we simply set a pot onto a slatted seat. Old logs incited on finish are effective, if temporary. Wood-eating beetles eventually hollowed out a birch record we discovered from a tree-cutting organisation 20 years ago.

An upended pot works, as would a birdbath base, mill column, funnel pot, ceramic side tables, garden sofa or statue plinth. For stability, place a widest finish down. If a tip aspect is not far-reaching adequate to reason a pot securely, initial supplement a square of flagstone or a plant urn to act as a platform.

When balancing a pot on a singular pedestal, select shatterproof pots done of a basket or metals, though not ones that are so lightweight they’ll be unsafe when a dirt is dry.

Hide an unsightly cosmetic hothouse pot inside a woven basket or tin washbasin.

Search garage sales, flea markets, preservation stores, neighbors’ rabble and deliver yards for engaging possibilities. When a Denver Botanic Gardens upgraded a plumbing years ago, staff horticulturalists had a margin day creation plant stands out of aged steel pipes, many of them still wearing their strange paint.

A good Mother’s Day present from one of my sons was a steel tube that flared during both ends, saved from an bureau renovation. Spray-painted cobalt blue, it supports a copper pot nearby my front porch. Also on a porch is an aged copper-dipped divert can, hosting a multi-coloured agave in a brightly embellished Talavera pot. A copper glow extinguisher serves a identical purpose on a behind patio.

This year I’ve combined several aged wooden ladders. On one, we screwed down 4 lengths of steel closet shelving opposite a stairs and a back plane bars. They offer as shelves for tiny pots of cactus and succulents. From a second ladder, I’ve hung baskets of trailing pleasant houseplants. A tiny blue stepladder binds a singular pot.

My newest find is from a internal antique mall. It’s an aged journal box done of splendid yellow embellished piece steel — and it satisfies dual of my collecting passions: promotion art and surprising succulents.

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