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August 11, 2016 - accent chair

Editor’s Note: After a stately scarcely month-long family vacation in a Italian and Sicilian countryside, Robin Leach is behind and resuming his new daily columns currently with a demeanour during Libertine Social from cook Shawn McClain that non-stop this week during Mandalay Bay. We’ll continue guest columnists in Aug while Robin works from a cooler climes of La Jolla nearby San Diego in allege of a newly designed website rising soon.

On Friday in his entrance Neon column, Robin has a preview of a Magic Live! gathering streamer here subsequent week for 1,600 worldwide illusionists, conjurors, magicians and wizards. Today, one of his guest columns is from Las Vegas wizard Doug Leferovich, who performs daily with wizard Murray Sawchuck during Planet Hollywood. Here’s Doug to explain how to tell a story but words.

By Doug Leferovich

Being a performer and consultant for some-more than a dozen shows on a Las Vegas Strip, we get a singular event to tell stories but words. For me, shows are about formulating pictures, regulating visuals to emanate what is routinely used with words. we truly trust that a pattern is value a thousand words. From lighting to set pattern to casting and portion as technical director, my pursuit as a consultant is to intensify what is function onstage and assistance fill in a gaps of a story.

Working with Adam Steck and Alex Schechter of SPI Entertainment, we was hired as lighting engineer for residency headliners Boyz II Men during The Mirage. The lyrics of their songs tell such a graphic story, it was my pursuit to make a lighting simulate a mood and vibe. we combined mixed lighting cues to any strain and attempted to emanate insinuate moments where only a 3 guys were illuminated onstage to over-the-top moments like during a Motown territory or “Motownphilly.”

Again operative for SPI Entertainment, we was hired as casting executive to occupy specialty acts for ROCKTELLZ AND COCKTAILS starring Meatloaf during Planet Hollywood. For this job, Meat Loaf had a story figured out and knew that characters he wanted in a story. It was my pursuit to assistance find a internal specialty acts that fit his prophesy and would move his story to life.

After a opening 3 songs of a show, Meat Loaf was downstage articulate about how this uncover was not going to be a Cirque du Soleil/circus-type failure with glow eaters, tumblers, jugglers and clowns. As Meat Loaf talked, any sold “act” would be in a uncover upstage walking opposite a stage, a acts paraded showcasing their talents while Meat Loaf was unknowingly that this was happening.

Most recently, we had a pleasure of operative with Jennifer Romas and JRR Enterprises to assistance emanate a video calm for her uncover SEXXY during Westgate Las Vegas. Jen and we used 3 LED video panels above a theatre to emanate digital view that extended a story of any scene. We initial dynamic a vibe, mood and what any stage of a uncover was.

Then we worked together to figure out what immobile images would accent a girls dancing onstage but pulling concentration from their dance moves. For example, there is a stage in a uncover where a masculine proffer from a assembly sits on a chair onstage while a girls dance around him in classical schoolgirl costumes.

We motionless to play on a standard “bad student” scenario, where students would have to stay after propagandize and write regularly on a chalkboard what they did wrong. Each of a panels became a possess chalkboard with something humorous and disobedient created on them.

The best and clearest instance of not regulating difference to tell a story is for my day job, being a guest act in Murray Sawchuck’s uncover during Planet Hollywood. Inspired by a good wordless comedians of yesterday like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Roscoe “Fatty “Arbuckle, my character, Lefty, does not speak.

I use physique gestures and facial countenance to communicate to a assembly what my impression is feeling. we mostly contend that by holding divided one of a audience’s senses (me speaking), we find that they compensate closer courtesy given my opening is quite visual.

In a end, either consulting on a uncover or behaving onstage, my idea is to make a uncover a best it can be, to assistance serve a story while accomplishing a prophesy of producers. we theory we could contend that my idea is to leave a assembly a same approach we am when performing: Speechless! More: and

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