Judit Bardos brings European glorious to J’lem

August 24, 2015 - accent chair

Usually, when we accommodate a film star in person, they demeanour distant reduction glamorous than they seem on a large screen.

But a conflicting is loyal for Judit Bardos, a star of Fair Play, a opening-night film during a Czech Film Week, that is using during a Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Herzliya cinematheques.

If we hadn’t looked adult online broadside photos of her beforehand, we would not have famous a petite and overwhelming actress, who was twisted adult in a chair outward a Lavan Restaurant during a Jerusalem Cinematheque when we met her.

In Fair Play, she portrays a bulked-up Czech competitor in a 1980s, who is pressured by her coaches, alloy and even her anarchist mom to take anabolic steroids in sequence to make it into a Olympics.

Anna, a impression she portrays, complies during initial and afterwards rebels, refusing to take a bootleg drugs, that start to give her a manly coming and could have unspeakably damaging longterm consequences, such as infertility and cancer.

“I don’t have bad memories of that period, of course,” pronounced a 27-year-old actress, who was innate only a year before a Berlin Wall fell. “To prepare, we watched a documentaries about a era. And we spent 6 months operative out with a tutor 3 times a week.”

What was it like for Bardos, who hails from Bratislava, Slovakia, to act a purpose of a immature lady losing her femininity? “I’m an actress. This was a role. we saw a film about Jarmila Kratochvilova, a lane athlete. She set some universe annals in a 1983 World Championship, and one of those annals still stands. There was a lot of report that she took steroids.”

As for a drab garments she had to wear, a actress, who in chairman bears a distinguished similarity to French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis, didn’t mind a ugly, fake lane suits.

“That’s what they wore then,” pronounced Bardos.

Clearly, she is some-more meddlesome in conform than a character, and wore a denim sundress during a interview. She astounded Noa Regev, a executive of a Jerusalem Cinematheque, who forsaken by to acquire a actress, by seeking where she could change into a white cocktail dress for that night’s screening.

“This is Israel, what you’re wearing now is fine,” Regev told her. But Bardos persisted.

Bardos pronounced a film’s director, Andrea Sedlácková, “realized there had never been a film in a Czech Republic on this emanate of womanlike athletes pressured to take drugs and suspicion it was a good theme.”

The singer combined that a film was partly desirous by a director’s enterprise to tackle this argumentative thesis – one that is still in a news on a unchanging basement – and “by her personal life. She emigrated to France when she was young, and so a thesis of a anarchist mother, who is pulling her daughter to take a drugs so she can go to a Olympics and forsake to a West, was identical to her possess story.”

While Bardos has never wanted to emigrate herself, she understands what it is like to be a minority, as she is of Hungarian descent, a organisation that creates adult reduction than 10 percent of a Slovakian population.

“At behaving school, we had to work on my accent in Slovakian,” she said.

Speaking Czech with a scold accent is even some-more of a challenge, and she is gratified that in her subsequent role, a radio miniseries, she will execute an singer in Czechoslovakia in a 1930s when a nation was a German protectorate, and “everyone has accents.”

Bardos, who complicated to be a pianist before branch to acting, is a daughter of a politician father and a mom who is a radio and radio presenter. She balances film and radio work with theatre performances, and is vehement to be in Israel for a initial time, as good as to be representing a film she is unapproachable of. She is generally gratified that she got to work alongside Anna Geislerová, one of a Czech Republic’s heading actresses, who played her mom in Fair Play.

“She was super good and studious with me,” pronounced Bardos.

“She never said, ‘Oh shit, we have to do it again since of this immature girl.’ we schooled to so most from her, it was such a thrill.”

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