Judge Henderson behind in front of legal row in Topeka

August 17, 2015 - accent chair

A state row will confirm either a Sedgwick County decider lied when confronting allegations of passionate nuisance final year.

Judge Timothy Henderson perceived a 90-day cessation from a Kansas Supreme Court in Feb for “wide-ranging” bungle including subjecting “multiple womanlike attorneys and staff members to steady inapt and descent comments for literally years.”

Henderson could face additional punishment. The Commission on Judicial Qualifications began a initial of 3 days of hearings on Monday on either Henderson disregarded legal control manners during hearings final year.

A censure filed in Oct alleges that Henderson disregarded a order that requires judges to concur when underneath review and refrain from “the use of slow practices, whimsical or ungrounded responses … or other disinclined behavior.”

Henderson’s attorney, Thomas Haney, argued that his customer had already been punished and compared it to perplexing a suspect a second time after they mislaid a case. He asked either a box would be brought a third time if Henderson steady his testimony from a prior case.

Haney also pronounced that a row would not hear “any justification about Henderson being a bad judge” and would instead hear “about bad jokes.”

Melissa Green, an partner district attorney, testified that around a time she was profound with her second child in 2006, Henderson told her a story of how when his mother was being stitched adult after giving birth a alloy offering to make an additional tack to boost his passionate pleasure.

“I indeed felt contemptible for his wife,” Green said. “He acted like it was a funniest thing.”

Green was one of several partner district attorneys from Sedgwick County to move brazen complaints of passionate nuisance opposite Henderson in 2013, that led to a 90-day suspension. During final year’s hearings before a elect Henderson denied ever revelation this story to Green and claimed that he usually told it once during a 1990s and did not find any amusement in it.

The new censure was brought brazen after Karen Ward, a Sedgwick County probity services officer, contacted a state questioner after watching final year’s hearing.

Ward, who worked with Henderson in a youthful court, pronounced a decider lied and that she had listened a decider tell a story on countless occasions and even did a feign accent to impersonate a doctor’s voice.

“It was tough to hear a decider take an promise and, in my opinion, lie,” Ward pronounced during testimony Monday.

“I’ve listened him from a dais scold people to tell a truth. … I’ve seen him cancel people’s (parental) rights given of that,” she said.

Henderson also faces a claim that he lied when he claimed that he pressured former Wichita propagandize residence member Lanora Franck, who is also a youthful probity preparation relationship for Sedgwick County, to assistance get his mother a training position in a propagandize district.

Henderson would not criticism on this or any other subject during a mangle in Monday’s proceeding.

Ward also removed Henderson creation light of a child in need of caring case, in that a lady who had been trafficked from Asia to work prolonged hours in a restaurant. She pronounced he told people around a building that if they indispensable anyone to perform work around a residence that he knew someone cheap.

Henderson denied creation jokes about a box during a prior hearing.

Green pronounced Monday that Henderson would mostly make remarks that were inapt or passionate in inlet to attorneys. She removed that when she had done a cake for a probity staff member’s birthday that featured an picture of an aged integrate that Henderson commented to her that “it looks like she’s giving him a ‘reach-around.’ ”

“The usually inference could be a passionate connotation,” Green said.

But during a prior hearing, Henderson claimed he was creation a criticism about his possess weight and aging and wanting his mother to assistance him walk.

Haney objected that Green couldn’t know for certain what Henderson meant by a remark. He grilled her on a declare mount about either she had ever behaved inappropriately toward Henderson, indicating to an e-mail she forwarded to other members of a DA’s bureau that enclosed a couple to a blog post job Henderson “a perverted loser.”

Haney asked either she and a other attorneys laughed about this. He also pulpy her on because she did not move a censure opposite Henderson until 2013 and suggested that a DA’s bureau had a group operative opposite Henderson.

Haney asked Green either a 2.5 percent lift she had perceived given a initial censure was brought was a outcome of her testifying opposite Henderson. She emphatically pronounced no.

The commission’s examiner, Todd Thompson, objected that Haney’s doubt was commencement to get “a small bit abusive,” and Michael Stout, a panel’s chair, admonished Haney for interrupting Green before she could answer many of his questions.

Haney also asked Green either Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett ever sent a memo saying that he suspicion a strange row gave Henderson too light of a punishment.

Bennett pronounced Monday he had no thought what Haney was articulate about. He pronounced that DA’s bureau discussed a several options before a Supreme Court, though pronounced that he did not breeze any memos saying a welfare for a sold outcome.

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