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June 2, 2015 - accent chair

It’s finally starting to feel like summer.

Well, arrange of.

We can’t contend this 50 degrees heat and new sleet is assisting a case, yet let’s all impute behind to final weekend, shall we? Anyways, with summer, or during slightest cave specifically, comes an assault of even some-more classes notwithstanding a open division only jacket up. One category I’m now in is British Literature, taught by a somewhat hunched aged male who speaks in a feign British accent (I swear it’s true… besides being totally obvious, a review is prevalent around Rate My Professor). Anyways, as we padder a approach by a likes of Othello and Oroonoko, my mind starts to spin to mush; we demeanour out a vast potion windows, we wonder, “Will a leg of this chair make for a blunt adequate of an intent to send my conduct flying?” All in a hopes that we will never have to review another square of Edmund Spenser ever again.

But then, a many rare thing happened.

All a approach from Roanoke, Virginia, comes Eternal Summers. A rope fashioned after a likes of a Shakespearean sonnet; and in that, their new publishing Gold and Stone, out currently via Kanine Records, comes like a ethereal, visionary beauty dark underneath all of that classical literature. Although frontwoman Nicole Yun boasts a accumulation of influences, something in Eternal Summers’ stimulating fourth publishing is suggestive of a Cranberries and Metric. In light of the trio’s uncover tonight during Great Scott in Allston, Vanyaland held adult with Yun to speak rope names, flourishing adult with music, and a ideal debate regiment…

Madison Silvers: How did Eternal Summers form?

Nicole Yun: In 2008 we was in another rope and that was kind of assertive and angular. It was kind of a disorderly synth band. One of a members was relocating to Texas, and we was like, we know what? we unequivocally don’t wish to play keyboards anymore. we wish to play guitar, and we wish to work on some unequivocally elementary cocktail songs. So we only started this other devise with a former drummer of that band. So that guy, he had a lot going on in his life. He was using a goat farm. He was like, we can’t understanding with this. He had a kid. But, we had already set adult all of these shows. And he was like we can’t do this right now. He had a breakdown. we was like okay. But we felt unequivocally bad since we still wanted to play all of these shows. we knew a lot of friends in town, in Roanoke, that could play drums. So we bumped into Daniel [Cundiff], and we indeed was like, hey, can we get a series of this other guy, who plays drums really, unequivocally great. And he was like no, let me play drums. He had never played drums in a rope before. we had never unequivocally played drums before, so we was like look, this can be this devise where we can only see what we can do with what a stipulations are. So yeah, that’s kind of how we started with Daniel and we as a duo. Then in 2011 we combined Jonathan [Woods] as a drum player.

Where did a name Eternal Summers come from?

I went to this unequivocally crazy private propagandize flourishing up. Where we had to memorize a lot of stuff. It was unequivocally all about England. We done a possess publishing books, that was formed on Gothic manuscript. Anyway, we memorized a lot of classical English authors. Eternal Summers is from a unequivocally famous Shakespearean Sonnet. It’s almighty summer. Basically Shakespeare is referring to a beauty of a lady he is articulate about not fading. Meaning who she is as a person. Even yet on a outward she competence get old. we don’t know how we feel entirely about a whole sonnet, yet we like a suspicion of how a person’s almighty summer is indeed a thing that will last, and a loyal pleasing thing. It’s something that is applicable and engrained in me, since we had to memorize it as a kid. But, we know, we consider it’s a unequivocally cold idea.

It’s humorous since we named a rope that, and it was, during a time, that we didn’t know what was going on on a internet, and we didn’t follow all a blogs during all. But during a same time, all of these bands with a word beach in it were happening. So a lot of people thought, “oh we guys contingency be into a beach and a summer thing.” But we had no clue. None of us during a time were gripping adult with stream bands. So we were only like, “what”? Then all of a remarkable these uncanny blogs put us on there and afterwards alike us to that. We were like okay, that’s cool, we had no idea.

How do we feel about being, we don’t wish to contend seagul holed, yet grouped in with those bands, like Best Coast and Beach House, and etc? Is that a kind of character we guys wish to be?

I don’t know. Honestly not really. Both of those bands do their possess thing. When we consider about those dual bands together, I’m like “Whoa, those dual bands sound so different.” To me we kind of felt like people were being lazy. Like since of your name that contingency meant that we sound like all of these other bands. we used to get kind of insane about it, yet now we consider any rope that has a summer themed name could not sound some-more different. we feel like all a bands that got grouped with any other do their possess thing. we consider it only proves that nobody was unequivocally wanting to be partial of what was already going on.

What would we contend your biggest influences are? Eternal Summers unequivocally has a accumulation of genres and sounds.

Yeah, we kind of consider that, that is arrange of a strength and weakness. Our influences are unequivocally wide, and we consider some people have a tough time, since they like to be means to specify their bands. Like if they wish to listen to this form of a thing. But we consider that a lot of a bands that we’re shabby a many by are a pre-teen and teenage music. Like what we were into when we were flourishing up.

So I’m a youngest of 3 sisters and we’re all 5 years apart. Which is kind of awesome. When we was small my oldest sister was a teenager. She was listening to Cocteau Twins and Depeche Mode, and stuff. But afterwards a younger sister kind of went by all of a grunge stuff. But, afterwards she was unequivocally into The Cure. But when we was small we hated all of my sisters’s music. Both of them. we didn’t get it. we was like 6 years old, and we wash’t going to know a Cocteau Twins. But we consider it all kind of seeped in. Like with The Cure, and people consider that we sound a small Cocteau-ey during times. It kind of engrossed in. But when we was flourishing adult we was unequivocally into early Smashing Pumpkins, like a initial dual or 3 albums. we also favourite early Radiohead and Britpop stuff. Like Supergrass and Pulp, and things like that.

I consider it only is all of those things, and my bandmates generally move all of their influences and things in, as well. My drum actor unequivocally loves that rope Radio Department, and he has always been into New Order and that kind of stuff. Daniel is unequivocally into Sonic Youth. So, we consider he kind of thinks about pitter-patter in a some-more like it’s not only a beat-keeping kind of thing; but, there is some-more sum going on. It comes from his influences. He’s also unequivocally into Cake and things like that, and things from Chicago that is unequivocally good. So we consider we all have a lot of influences, yet we consider we unequivocally try not to consider about, oh this song, let’s have it gaunt some-more towards like these bands or that sound. we consider we only let it grow organically. Like I’ll come adult with a tune or guitar riff, and we’ll only work from there and not devise it out. We try not to consider too tough about it. That’s a kind of good thing, that it is natural, yet we consider that’s what people find formidable about a band. That it’s tough to contend that we sound like that one thing.

Isn’t that kind of good, to be totally strange in some aspects?

I adore it. we wish it comes off that way. That’s what we wish for. we unequivocally conclude a hardcore fans, since it’s customarily people who are only nerdy about strain in ubiquitous and not like oh we’re unequivocally into a shoe gawk thing right now, and we guys are that. It’s broader tastes.

What is your summary or prophesy with a new record? What’s a story behind a record in general?

I consider there was a idea for sure. We were going behind to Austin to record. this time there was no producer, only a man that engineers a album. We unequivocally wanted to pull ourselves to try all we can do in a studio. Let’s not be fearful of synthesizers or uncanny other layering. Because we consider in a commencement of a rope we unequivocally banked on minimalism. Because we felt singular as musicians. Because we were still reckoning out a instruments. But now all we were devising in a song, we were perplexing to go for it. Let’s try and constraint that sound. So that’s unequivocally one thing, and we consider as distant as a songwriting went, a final publishing was unequivocally a small bit heavier and darker. Like thematically darker. Some of a songs were only unequivocally long. we consider we felt like it would be cold for this subsequent publishing to sound like a course forward, yet also indicating behind during some of a some-more eatable cocktail songs we used to write. we consider a lot of people will feel that these songs are a lot some-more cocktail than a final album.

Are we guys vehement for a tour?

Yeah we’re unequivocally excited. Usually a day before we leave for debate it’ll be bonkers. In a crazy, last-minute lurch we’ll comprehend we still have to do everything. Our drum actor will customarily stay adult all night creation mixes for a van. We’re unequivocally supportive about what we’re listening to in a van, yet privately him. He’ll make certain we have new things to listen to. But afterwards on a road, a drummer loves to expostulate a most. He is kind of a monopolizer of a driving. Usually I’m traffic with all a logistical crap. We try to stay healthy-ish. We’ll go to Whole Foods when we can. But, we’re kind of a nerdy, tedious rope on a road. We don’t unequivocally celebration that much. We’ll have some drinks here and there.

But, we’ve satisfied during this indicate there are things that we have to do to stay healthy during this point, and psychologically healthy on tour. The occasional splurge on a unequivocally good dish after your expostulate unequivocally far, like removing sushi in Seattle. But customarily my drummer will play Grateful Dead and that’s my evidence to take a unequivocally prolonged snooze in a back. I’m vehement though, since this debate is all East Coast, and only a drives are shorter. We also know so many some-more people on a East Coast, so we’re unequivocally excited. The Boston uncover I’m psyched since my cousin lives there, and is like a biggest strain nerd ever. We always stay with him. He always hooks us adult with mixes that are like, oh, zero yet Teenage Fanclub.

BOWERY BOSTON PRESENTS ETERNAL SUMMERS :: Jun 2 @ Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave., Allston :: 9 p.m., 18-plus, $10 :: Advance tickets :: Do617 eventuality page


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