I Gave In to a Hype For This Viral Amazon Chair — and It’s Worth Every Penny

August 2, 2017 - accent chair

I’m not typically one to give in to hype. Case in point: I’ve never seen Scandal, still don’t possess any Glossier beauty products, and don’t know kombucha. Is it a unwillingness thing, since we don’t wish to adore anything that we didn’t learn all on my own? Perhaps. But we recently hopped on a bandwagon for a viral product on Amazon, and let me tell you: it was value each penny.

When my teammate wrote adult an under-$100 velvet chair on Amazon Prime, we shrugged it off. “It’s substantially cheap,” we suspicion to myself, remembering my new joining to buying decent-quality products that move me joy rather than impulsively settling for inexpensive items. Since we only changed apartments, I’ve been faced with this maze frequently, though so distant it’s served me good to wait and bill for a good taste square that we really adore rather than open for a knockoff chronicle that wears and tears quickly.

However, when we started saying amicable media posts about how good this midcentury Amazon buy is, we started to doubt my possess insurgency to a captivate of “the chair.” After all, we reeeeeally indispensable an accent chair to finish my new vital room setup, and an aqua blue chair with a velvet finish would fit in only right . . . for my taste character and my budget. Still, we hesitated to press “buy.”

But when an attention vanquish of cave took a time to write a personal blog post about how many she loves a chair, we finally caved. we hopped on a Amazon app and systematic “the chair” in green for a cold $90 (plus giveaway shipping). we reasoned with myself that if it incited out to be run-down and cheap, I’d skip my Audible, Spotify, and New York Times subscriptions subsequent month to clear some of a income spent.

When we got a presentation that my new chair had been delivered a small 36 hours (!!!) later, we approaching beating when we cut open a box. As we fabricated a legs to a chair’s body, we warily remarkable how easy it was to arrange — a integrate twists of a screwdriver — and how good a velvet felt. The chair was some-more blue than green, though I’d been anticipating for that when we comparison my shade on Amazon. When we flipped a chair over to give it a once-over, we was positively pleased. Not wanting to get my hopes adult too quickly, we took a seat.

Fast-forward to 3 hours later, when my fiancé walked in a doorway and found me still seated in a chair, legs tucked adult underneath me while we answered emails for work. “I like a new chair,” he pronounced accidentally as we satisfied I’d been still for a whole evening. Unlike many a other chairs in my home, a new velvet further didn’t make my tailbone harm after prolonged durations seated and a hardness felt gentle and cozy.

When we stood up, a chair didn’t demeanour any opposite — a regard of cave when selecting velvet, as I’d formerly disturbed about buttprints. And my cat, a picky sly during a best of times, immediately hopped adult and took my place. Winner, winner, duck dinner!

The chair is still only as gentle and in good shape, notwithstanding being used as a temporary drying shelve for damp laundry, portion as a corpulent cat’s throne, and being subjected to my fiancé’s not-so-delicate approach of flopping down in his seat. I’m even deliberation replacing other seating in a home with some-more colors of this same chair since we adore it so much!

I know I’m only one some-more voice adding to a hype over this chair, though take it from a realistic shopper: if you’re looking for a stylish seating resolution on a budget, we can’t do improved than this.

source ⦿ https://www.popsugar.com/home/Amazon-Velvet-Chair-Actually-Good-43829619

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