How to dress adult store-bought seat with couture-inspired dressmaker details

March 30, 2015 - accent chair

New Orleans engineer Suzanne Perron St. Paul creates beautiful once-in-a-lifetime spousal gowns with excellent dressmaker detailing. After observation some of her creations, we wondered, could such couture touches be equally transformative on store-bought chair and draperies? We asked for her thoughts.

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Margaret Zainey Roux

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How could dressmaker sum be incorporated into chair and home décor?  
Pleating: On a gown, pleating can supplement pattern seductiveness and emanate volume in a dress or trim.  It’s best used in home taste on bed skirts, chair skirts or anywhere there is a branch corner. It also can be used as a prong around a pillow. 

Covered buttons: A robe with lonesome buttons down a behind shows that a wearer has an eye for even a minute detail. Use it likewise down a behind of a chair cover or as a softer, some-more delicate choice to normal steel nail-head trim.  

Gathers and swags: The gathers and swags of a robe are simply replicated in home décor in a form of a valence, balloon shade or saturated curtain

Piping: Piping is used to conclude a neckline, peplum or other pattern details, and it adds a finishing hold to upholstery, pillows, cornices and tie-backs. 

What kinds of materials do we use for your gowns, and how can they be used for via a home?     

Silk satin is a tack for my gowns and also creates wealthy pillows and bedding. Silk faille gives a robe volume by a rigidity and creates saturated blind panels and swags. Organza creates fragile skirts and can be used when sauce windows for density and light diffusion. 

Your gowns are done privately for a customer. How can we give a tradition demeanour to chair that’s purchased off a salon floor? 

Use badge to give a couture hold to lampshades, blind tie-backs and pillows. Sew a rope of resisting fabric to a hem of blind panels. It will give them a tradition demeanour and supplement inches to customary store-bought blind panels if you’re ceilings are high. You also can do this to a bed dress that needs a longer drop. 

Every lady over a age of 20 has a collection of bridesmaids dresses holding adult profitable genuine estate in a behind of her closet. Any ideas on how to renovate them into fun home décor?

Try to see a dress in a whole new light. What we didn’t like about it before can turn what we adore about it now. Bubble resin pinkish or a intolerable shade of chartreuse might have been too most for a full ensemble, though maybe it’s that most indispensable cocktail of tone in an differently neutral room? Try it on something tiny like a chair of an accent chair. You could even cut several dresses into strips and make it into a striped pillow. That would be a fun, noted present for a crony who stood in a same wedding. But beware: a peculiarity of fabric used for a bridesmaid dress generally isn’t high since a idea is to keep it affordable.  Before we begin, make certain it’s value a bid and responsibility to repurpose it. 

Furniture print pleasantness of Andorry Wingback Chair, $1,298, during Anthropologie, The Shops during Canal Place

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