How Sam Peckinpah Fused Beauty and Blood

April 8, 2016 - accent chair

Poking during a dregs of his splash with a swizzle stick, his definition problematic and his countenance undecipherable, Jenson trails off to hard silence. Warily, a blonde waitress returns, though this time she’s clever to keep during arm’s length from him. “Y’all wish anything else to drink?” she inquires in a tiny voice. “Damn right, we voluptuous engine scooter,” Jenson drawls, straightening adult from his unemployment and putting on a boozy, unilateral grin. “How about we and me eelopin’? Right now, today—go get a purify toothbrush and your fastest walkin’ stick. Hell, I’m a married male with 3 kids, though we don’t give a rat’s donkey about any of that if we don’t. Why, I’ll sell my $750,000 plantation in a San Fernando Valley and give we a whole bundle, and we can run off to Mexico and be cowboys or somethin’. And we guarantee not to gun down your boyfriend, neither—I’ll only censor him a little, maybe. Besides, my part’s finished in a pitcher, and I’ve already incited in my appurtenance gun to Property, anyways. How about it, hoss? You prohibited to trot?” “Aw, we don’t have no $750,000 plantation anywheres,” the lady scoffs scornfully. Jenson lumbers heavily to his feet, groping blindly for a check, fumbling in his wallet for a bill. “Naw, we don’t, darlin’,” he concedes in a thick, sap voice. “Naw, lady, ’deed we don’t.”

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