How Makeup Artists Make Grown-Ass Women Look Like Teens

March 7, 2016 - accent chair

In genuine life, it’s disputable either anyone would select to relive their teenage years. But on a large and tiny screens, adults revisiting high propagandize (or a beginner dorm) is a common occurrence. Granted in a TV uncover or movie, a teen years are mostly glamorized — even a Pygmalion-inspired classical She’s All That skipped a ungainly acne moments — nonetheless angst and overly clear chaff abound. All a while, makeup plays an constituent partial in transforming adults into kids. Just consider about Regina George’s intimidatingly hot-pink lipstick in Mean Girls and Lyla Garrity’s no-makeup makeup demeanour that even Tim Riggins wasn’t cool to on Friday Night Lights.

Important note: This story is not about creation “older” women demeanour “younger.” Instead, we wanted to try how gifted artists decently combined an outcome of carefree, trusting teenage years by makeup — but it looking constructed or comical. Or like a super-meta Elizabeth Banks in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp playing “24-year-old” clandestine contributor Lindsay, who transforms herself into a 16-year-old summer-camp advisor only by writing her hair into a side barrette.

Plus, we’d never contend no to a possibility to revisit these 11 characters from some of a favorite TV shows and movies, including Clueless and Pretty Little Liars.

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