How Jay Ducote remade an online food biography into a dear code and sepulchral business

January 20, 2016 - accent chair

(Photography by Don Kadair: Jay Ducote)

Kegs built atop cinderblocks column adult a caramel-colored, reclaimed timber table where a three-person Bite and Booze group types, feverishly essay new blog posts, responding emails, offered salsas and posting to amicable media.

Chef, writer, speaker, culinary luminary and food blogger Jay Ducote sits on a other side of a room in a usually other chair available: a mistake cow skin-covered accent chair—complete with ottoman—squeezed subsequent to a cupboard doubling as a temporary bar. It is packaged with a accumulation of qualification and high-end whiskeys.

He lets out a medium chuckle, glancing from side to side during his compress operation. The roughly 150-square-foot bureau belies a estimable expansion his business has gifted over a years—particularly given Ducote finished as runner-up on Food Network Star final summer.

During and after a show, his 3 employees say, business has been sepulchral and fans are opposed for Ducote’s courtesy everywhere he goes. The group still finds it tough to acclimate to Ducote’s newfound luminary status—particularly given that only dual years ago, he was still a one-man show.

“Not many people could hoop that,” says Bite and Booze’s Content Sheriff and Warden of a Web [her tangible title] Sydney Blanchard, who is obliged for handling blog and amicable media content. Blanchard started with Bite and Booze as an novice in 2015 and was hired on as Ducote’s second full-time worker in May to hoop a liquid of business. She describes Ducote as “endlessly patient” and a many “extroverted extrovert,” explaining that both are keys to his success.

While many around him charge his success to his likability sum with his culinary and communication skills, Blair Loup, hired as Ducote’s initial full-time worker in 2014 with a pretension of arch difficulty coordinator and spin doctor, says a reasons for Ducote’s recognition go many deeper.

“A outrageous partial of his success as a businessperson, not as a food chairman or a blogger, though as someone who has business skills, is that his mind never stops turning,” Loup says. “He’s always meditative things out in good detail.”

Blanchard agrees that many people never knowledge that partial of Duocte. “People see a side of Jay that is a fun food guy, though Jay has a master’s degree,” she adds.

After perplexing his palm as a math teacher, a ball manager and afterwards operative in health caring extend essay and process research, Ducote’s creativity sum with his adore for tailgate cooking and culinary enlightenment laid a substructure for his blog and have given translated into many incomparable successes.


Jay DucoteWith degrees in domestic scholarship and economics, a teenager in business and a master’s grade also in domestic science, Ducote was good on his approach to vital his 9-to-5 life from a apartment any day. To fill a time between tasks during his table pursuit in 2009, he began to write about a partial of his day he enjoyed most: lunch.

“I never unequivocally suspicion of it as a blog,” Ducote says. “I only kind of suspicion of it as a approach to request where we was eating so we could keep lane and try to eat somewhere opposite any day.”

But afterwards people review it. Soon after, they commented. So Ducote commented back. He named it Bite and Booze simply given he favourite a alliteration. Eventually, he sum Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. People followed. He followed them back. He began to learn about what other food bloggers were doing and grown a niche for himself in a Baton Rouge village as a culinary luminary for all things crafted and local.

His voice was uninformed and friendly, and his calm singular to a Baton Rouge market.

What began as Ducote’s medium hobby has given grown into a culinary media association and a product line dear by Baton Rougeans nearby and far.

With a right formula, business savvy bloggers like Ducote are means to rise their qualification into a full-time pursuit able of earning a six-figure salary. Whether a subject is food, fashion, business or politics, a best bloggers assemble a following as a outcome of their code and their voice conveyed by their essay and amicable media channels.

That following afterwards starts operative for them. By incorporating several income streams by ad networks, sponsored content, associate links (links directly to products a blogger is regulating in photos or posts and compensate a blogger a elect for products sold) collaborations with other brands, e-books, or by a expansion of other products unchanging with their brand, bloggers like Ducote bear a healthy expansion from author to entrepreneur. However, success hinges on a energy of a brand.

Ducote creates it demeanour easy by only being himself.

From a start, he has blending to a healthy course of his blog’s growth, expanding his business opportunities to support what he loves. By 2010, his hobby began to rise from only an online food biography into a loyal blog with designed content.

“That led to me unequivocally looking during carrying a unchanging summary and regulating a height we sum to applaud internal stuff,” Ducote says.

To rise his voice as a food writer, he followed freelance essay for culinary and informative magazines like Town Favorites and Louisiana Cookin’ magazines, now among many others. He also began dabbling in grill and recipe creation, winning a tailgate cook-off in 2010 that propelled his career forward. In 2011, he was expel on Fox’s existence uncover MasterChef, that led to a army as a opening cook instructor during a Viking Cooking School Outdoors during a Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center.

That same year, he also became a radio horde with a start of a Bite and Booze radio uncover on Talk 107.3 FM, permitting him to rise a solid upsurge of income from internal sponsors ancillary both a uncover and a blog.

“From afterwards on, a business expansion side became a large partial of my strategy,” Ducote says. With that in mind, he quit his table pursuit in 2011 to pursue Bite and Booze full time.


Jay DucoteWith clever promotional channels in place, Ducote began to cruise a broader possibilities for utilizing a energy of his flourishing code as a partner of all things culinary and informative in Baton Rouge and a cities beyond.

“I have this blog. we have this radio show, these promotional channels,” Ducote says. “What we don’t have is a approach to monetize that from my listeners or readers. For someone who listens to my uncover and wants to support me, how can they support me?”

Stemming from his adore of grill and his appearance in large rival grill competitions— sum with his knowledge as a seasoned tailgater—he grown a suspicion for a Louisiana grill salsa featuring shaft syrup, adding a small internal benevolence and a informal piquancy profile. It wasn’t until 2014 that he found a co-packer for his sauce: Louisiana-based Panola Pepper Co. The association makes, bottles and ships it to Ducote for distribution. The association also produces of Ducote’s newest product, Louisiana Molasses Mustard.

By 2013, Ducote had laid a substructure of what his business looks like today, with a series of diversified projects like internal video campaigns, radio appearances, pop-up dinners and private cook events, all while formulating calm for a blog and a radio uncover with a suspicion of products on a way.

In 2014, he hired Loup as his initial worker to assistance him with all from spook essay for a blog to chopping onions, responding emails and coordinating events.

When a grill salsa launched on a Jul 4 weekend in 2014, Ducote also introduced a analogous personal code to Bite and Booze called Hug Jay D.

“In late 2014 [and] early 2015, we started to see that value of separating myself from a Bite and Booze brand—not a sum separation, though permitting myself to be bigger than Bite and Booze,” Ducote says. “I suspicion maybe a good approach to start doing that was for everybody who writes for Bite and Booze to start essay in their possess voice. That also creates Bite and Booze feel bigger.”


Today, Bite and Booze LLC is a culinary media association that celebrates a food and libation of Louisiana, along with a internal culinary and expenditure scenes wherever they transport around a country. Hug Jay D LLC markets and sells Jay Ducote’s products, that embody Jay D’s Louisiana Barbecue Sauce, Jay D’s Louisiana Molasses Mustard and Jay D’s Blanc du Bois, sum as a partnership with Landry Vineyards, a West Monroe winery.

“It is crazy infrequently carrying dual opposite companies to run,” Ducote says.

Blair Loup and Sydney Blanchard contrast food for blog
(Photography by Don Kadair: Blair Loup and Sydney Blanchard sample food for a blog entry.)

Despite a clearly healthy expansion of his business, Ducote has been aware of a principal order of blogging: progressing a unchanging brand.

These days, that charge falls to Loup, Blanchard and Chuck Pierce, hired in a Sep 2015 to be product potentate and sauceror of sales, ensuring that a product placement grows and salsas pierce off grocery store shelves.

“The approach we demeanour during it is that bottle of grill sauce, booze or mustard on a store shelf is promotion me either anyone buys it or not,” Ducote says. “It is only another indicate of hit to grow all else we do. Having those products on a shelves assistance expostulate people to a radio show, though a radio uncover drives people to buy those products. That is one of a reasons because we wanted that branding to be consistent. The products are a promotional apparatus as many as they are also a income stream.”

Ducote says that while his product line is now breaking even, he sees exponential room for expansion and anticipates his latest product, a Louisiana Molasses Mustard, will be even some-more renouned than a grill sauce.

This year, Bite and Booze will sum between $130,000 to $140,000. Ducote says Hug Jay D will have about $30,000 in sales for 2015.

“I would contend that my idea there for 2016 is to during slightest do $100,00 value of sales, given we’ll have a Molasses Mustard and a grill dry rub,” Ducote says.

While plenty of work must be finished to get to that point, Ducote says it has never unequivocally felt like work.

“I consider a fun of perplexing to build something, that kind of entrepreneurial spirit, that is a large partial of a fun of it,” he says. “The other different is what is going to be subsequent on a inhabitant stage. we consider Food Network Star was a outrageous rising pad.”

Ducote had a large amicable media following before a show, though as he modernized by any round, Blanchard says his amiable character—combined with Loup and Blanchard’s digital campaigns to hearten Ducote on—drove some-more trade to his amicable media platforms than any other contestant. “Our value as a code on amicable media skyrocketed on a show,” she says.

Business has been nonstop since.

“Jay is adult during night on his small Jay sham tweeting adult a storm,” Loup says. “I arise adult to hundreds of Twitter notifications any day from his Twitter accounts. He is constantly all in to any aspect of this business.”

Loup says many of a team’s discussions in new month have centered on a standard flourishing heedfulness of any immature business reckoning out when is a right time to grow in a right places.

These days, a four-hour automobile float to an eventuality with Ducote is a four-hour meeting, and any cooking a group has together is a plan formulation session. This month a group also changed into a new bureau space with a homier setup—complete with a kitchen for recipe testing.

“I’m only perplexing to keep adult right now, though we feel like I’m going by one of those entrepreneurial phases where I’m perplexing to conduct how quick we grow with how many we can means to grow,” Ducote says.

Looking behind on his apartment days now prolonged behind him, Ducote identifies himself as a chef, writer, speaker, hostess and hugger, though he also sees himself—now some-more than ever—as a businessman he never approaching to be.


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