Here’s What Happened When we Used The Bevel Trimmer, Tristan Walker’s New Product

August 29, 2016 - accent chair

I have a difficult attribute with electric trimmers.

I typically use a inclination to neat adult a edges of my hair line, including my brave and mustache. (The tiny that we can get to grow, that is.) But here’s a thing: I’ve purchased a same span of trimmers—the T-Outliner by Andis—at slightest 3 times over a past 8 years or so. Crazy, we know. But even yet a T-Outliner overheats (not fun on a skin), requires a screwdriver to adjust or change a blade, and has no cordless option, it is absolute and delivers a accurate cut. When I’ve attempted alternatives during allied cost points ($50-$60), nothing have even come close. Until now.

Ever given Tristan Walker, owner and CEO of a health and beauty startup Walker Company Brands (which aims to solve problems in a space for underserved patron demographics), suggested to me in his much-discussed Fast Company underline story dual years ago that he was building an electric trimmer, I’ve been giddily (and substantially annoyingly) peppering him with questions about a product’s release.

Walker: “We’re rising a products in Target!
Me: “Cool! When’s a trimmer shipping?”

Walker: “J.J., Nas only mentioned us in his new single!”
Me: “Nice! Where a trimmers at, tho?”

The association finally started shipping a pre-ordered Bevel Trimmer in July—barely past a company’s cushiony “Spring 2016” guarantee to customers—and given I’ve been in a marketplace for a new trimmer for utterly some time, we was vehement to get my hands on it.

The trimmer outlines dual critical milestones for Walker Company: It’s their second product offering—a subscription-based shaving system, that combats razor irritation, was a first—and production it compulsory electrical engineering expertise. Critics have questioned possibly or not Walker Co., that is formed in Palo Alto, qualifies as a tech startup. The Bevel Trimmer should answer that question; it is mostly higher to a rivals.

It was shepherded from judgment to finished product by Mir Anwar and Mari Sheibley, Walker Company’s executive of operations and artistic director, respectively, along with some assistance from a pattern organisation Bone Black (whose founder, Martin Bone, now serves as artistic executive during Eileen Fisher and formerly worked during Philips’s men’s bathing unit). The Bevel Trimmer costs $199 and is marketed as a immeasurable alleviation over a rivals.

Whereas some cordless trimmers mislay energy when unplugged, a Bevel Trimmer claims 0 energy loss. Its blades have a special cloaking that repels oil and H2O to forestall excess buildup—I’m too broke to uncover we my Andis blade—and it also snaps off to exhibit a “Bevel Dial” (patent pending) underneath, that can simply be rotated left or right to adjust sharpness—no toolkit required.

Since a trimmer is marketed as a “pro-sumer” device, for both a normal Joe and his barber, we motionless to initial let my ear-lowerer, Lester Greene during De Lux Hair Gallery in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, give me a shape-up regulating a product. Greene has been slicing my hair for a tiny some-more than dual years now, and we mostly plead new haircare products and techniques we should try—along with work, socio-economic issues, relationships, and all a other various topics overheard in primarilyblack barbershops. It has always been apparent that Walker knows this patrimonial attribute well: Walker Co.’s online lifestyle publication, Bevel Code, facilities profiles on Kanye’s and President Obama’s barbers, as good as a “Find Your Barber” height for readers looking for Bevel-approved styles. This attribute is a essential cross-promotional apparatus for offered Bevel Trimmer units. For example, we initial started regulating a Andis T-Outliner given a former coiffeur did.

Greene, 42, had never listened of Tristan Walker or Bevel—but as we unboxed it, a younger, 30-ish coiffeur visiting from subsequent doorway ran over with far-reaching eyes: “Oh, is that that new Bevel?!?” We flipped open a lid of a box and were thanked (via a hand-signed note) from Walker and a musician Nas, a association investor, for a patronage, and were greeted with a difference “Welcome To The Bevel Fam” in large white letters underneath a lid. Though a paper coupling with a tedious product sum / certifications was a bit tough to remove, a tangible product surrounding was a pleasure to open. There was a slow-open, air-tight outcome that is many compared with a wrapping of Apple products.

Right away, Lester desired a pattern of a trimmer, and started to resemble a child with a new toy, twirling it in his hands, admiring a hold supposing by a faceted surface. Lester pronounced he was in a routine of finally going cordless, and was intrigued. “It’s futuristic,” he said, as he destined me over to a chair. “It’s really modern, compared to a simple pattern we’ve been accustomed to for a past 30 years.”

He continued to showering a trimmer with compliments as he started in on my hairline, fantasizing about how most time he could save with a snap-off blade. He switched between regulating a cord and going cordless, and pronounced he couldn’t detect any energy detriment (though a device was a tiny loud, possibly way).

Then we beheld that he kept switching behind to his customary trimmer, done by Wahl. “Is it giving a tighten cut?” we asked him. “Uhh…not a sharpest,” he replied with hesitation, and pronounced that he was carrying to do twice as most work with a Bevel Trimmer than with his aged faithful. After a few some-more mins we listened him contend to a Bevel in his thick Trinidadian accent, “Yeah, we had adequate of you,” and he finished a rest of a shape-up with his aged standby.

I was a bit surprised—how could my coiffeur not like a Bevel Trimmer, that had only gotten a toll publicity from DJ Khaled on Snapchat? (Major key!) we left a barbershop puzzled, and it wasn’t until we reached out to a association did we comprehend a issue: The Bevel Dial, that my coiffeur had tinkered with before commencing a cut, wasn’t incited all a proceed adult to a sharpest setting. (In coiffeur speak, this is called “zero-gap.” Some people cite duller settings to accommodate opposite forms of designs, or soothing or supportive skin.) In Lester’s defense, a doorknob on a dial is a tad tiny and tough to turn—neither his hands or cave are accurately Donald Trump-sized—and it’s easy to suppose that he suspicion a doorknob was incited totally to a right.

Aside from that pattern tweak, though, Walker Co. should also cruise a some-more hands-on offered proceed for first-time Bevel Trimmer users, given it’s so drastically opposite from other rival products (neither Lester nor we even suspicion to check a Bevel Dial as he complained about a non-sharpness). Though Walker Co. is still a tiny company, it has already demonstrated that it know and appreciates a value of “doing things that don’t scale,” as a Silicon Valley proverb goes. Whether this takes a form of in-person sales reps or producing how-to videos, barbers and consumers won’t be means to clear a Bevel Trimmer’s supremacy if it feels too foreign. Another proverb that applies: Show, don’t tell. (That also means embankment a realistic paper wrapper, given most of a info on a coupling is already in a tiny insert inside a box, and make a instructions some-more visual)

A few days after my outing to a barbershop with a Bevel Trimmer—and after a association repute helped me get a environment right—I motionless to freshen adult Lester’s work. The trimmer was still charged, a strokes were discerning and clean, and my front was not cauterized. And my Andis T-Outliner? Finally, in a trash.

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