‘Hawaii Five-0′: All for one

November 10, 2014 - accent chair

Hawaii Five-0
“Ina Paha”
November 7, 2014

To think, we was prepared to glow this uncover after a Rick Springfield episode.  And now here we are.  (CBS)

To think, we was prepared to glow this uncover after a Rick Springfield episode. And now here we are. (CBS)

drum drum drum 100 EPISODES!

We’re behind where it all began, in a tiny troops procession in South Korea. Moonlight is doubt arms play Anton Hesse. Anton is going to tell them everything. we usually usually started examination The Walking Dead in a final year, so this is a initial time I’ve unequivocally been means to conclude that ANTON IS DARRYL! Spike’s minions don’t even need to blow adult a Hummer. It will eventually raze from a vigour of Darryl’s contained awesome.  But I’m removing brazen of myself. Moonlight’s phone rings. It’s McDaddy. “Hey, champ.” Spike and his turrible Oirish accent are once again holding a gun to his head. This time, Moonlight scribbles a note and passes it to one of his men. Send a cavalry to Casa McG.

McDaddy asks for a phone. He tells Steve he loves him. “I didn’t contend it enough.” And whatever Spike and Darryl want, “Don’t give it to them.” Spike cracks McDaddy in a behind of a conduct and shouts into a phone that he’s holding his hermit NOW! The helicopter appears over a arise and launches a barb into a lead vehicle. Moonlight drags Darryl out of a Hummer. Shooting sharpened sharpened shooting. Darryl creates a mangle for it, grabbing for a sidearm of one of a depressed SEALs. As he turns, Moonlight puts one in a physique and tries to put one in a shoulder. The second shot kills Darryl. Again.

The phone rings back, and Spike asks to pronounce to his brother. Yeah, about that … “My brother’s dead, isn’t he? Then so’s your father.” Moonlight hears a shot … and afterwards he hears a sweetest difference he will ever hear in this or any other reality:

“[This is] Detective Danny Williams.”

Caano passes a phone to Not!Dead Daddy McG. And afterwards Moonlight comes to, barefoot and gun shot, on a building of a blindingly splendid white room. He yells and pounds on a wall, listening for any sound on a other side.

The rest of a group has fabricated during a room in Honolulu. Boomer gets out of a Mustang. A newcomer emerges from a behind seat. Heeeeey, Sang Min! Long time no mullet! Grover is nonplussed. “What a hello is that thing on his head? It looks like one of them Daniel Boone raccoon things.” Greetings to we too. “You been out in a object too long, McGarrett.” Even Caano has to giggle during that. He creates a grave introductions. Grover is with them now, “so he’s got a right to slap we around, hit your teeth out, if we get out of line.”

Time is flourishing short, so Caano creates a call to govern a op. Sang Min strolls into a room where he meets with 90′s rocker and Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavin Rossdale. we gamble he gets some-more shade time than Rick Springfield. You usually had to go there with me, didn’t you SHOW? Jin claps on a cuffs and takes Gavin Rossdale into custody. He’s propitious that “machinehead” is a jam, differently he’d have a few bullet holes in him.

Caano gets a call that answers since Moonlight wasn’t during a warehouse. The Mercury sits in a street, driver’s doorway open and window crushed out. There’s blood splatter on a arm rest. Jin finds McG’s dungeon in a behind seat. Caano inspects a tire marks on a pavement. “Somebody took him. Somebody took Steve.”

Moonlight is still pulsation divided in a white room. I gamble Buffy is twisted adult in a corner in an adjacent room. The lights switch off and a projector high adult on a wall turns on. OH, SNAP! MOONLIGHT IS IN ROOM 23! Images from a home film are splashed opposite a distant wall. Wee!McG, baby Mary, and McDaddy’s epic 70′s sideburns enjoying a day during a beach. The tiny child binds adult a bombard to a camera. “What do we think, Mom?” The film ends, a lights come on, and gas starts to fill a room. The final thing Moonlight sees before he passes out is a figure in a hazmat fit hire over him.

He wakes adult in a Honolulu Police station. Duke is temperament a brunt of a harangue from Grover. Someone stole his tradition finished golf clubs from a case of his car! Where is a aloha?! “I’m not going behind to Chicago yet my clubs!!” Duke stairs divided from a crazy to offer his assistance to Moonlight. Caano walks into a run during that moment.






He introduces himself and tells Moonlight his interjection aren’t necessary. “And, ‘mahalo’. We contend mahalo around here, right Duke?” Caano leads McG to a captain’s bureau where his father is watchful for him. There is hugging. YAY! HUGGING! “Welcome home, son.” McDaddy introduces Moonlight to a subsequent arch of police, Captain Jin Ho Kelly. Jin modestly says he schooled from a best. McG is dreaming by a splendid light unexpected spilling in by a bureau window. When his prophesy clears, he sees it’s a fluorescent bulbs of an beyond light fixture. He’s strapped to a wooden chair in a soiled immature storeroom. There’s an IV in his arm. A lady walks into a room. She checks his pupils and offers him a energy bar. “With a chemicals we’re giving you, you’re going to need to keep your blood sugarine up.” Moonlight takes a bite, and afterwards spits it behind in her face. She stairs around him and opens adult on a season on a brownish-red bag of zero good.

Moonlight is in a (original) Camaro with Caano. Hurley is sitting on a path with his research. He’s aloud arguing with a voices in his head. Caano potion half fulls that if you’re going to be homeless, Hawaii is a place to do it. Rachel calls as they expostulate to a sanatorium where Spike is being held. “Love is in a Air” is her ring tone. What a … Caano confirms that he is really married. He got lucky. “Pretty many a biggest lady on a planet.” They have a daughter, Grace. MONKEY! Thank God she still exists in a peep sideways. Moonlight vagues that he’s observant someone. “Hopefully we’ll get there one day.” *cough* He’s not articulate about Carmen, Daniel. *cough* He records Caano’s new move, and asks what brought him to Oahu. Caano smiles and says what didn’t? “Beautiful beaches. Sunshine all a time. Ono eats. This place is fantastic. It’s like sky compared to New Jersey, we know?” Okay, we can’t even routine that final matter – or a fact that Danny is DRIVING – since I’m too wierded out that they’re not arguing. WHERE IS THE CARGUMENT? WHAT HELL IS THIS? THIS IS NOT OKAY!

“Oh, we missed we Spicy.” Four-time universe surfing champion Boomer would like we to buy Surf Kiss mouth gloss. “It gives my lips that surf kissed, wanna be kissed, look.” And afterwards she pulls a sniper purloin out of a silt and takes out a bad guy, since even in this drug prompted alterna-reality, Boomer is still a BAMF.

Caano leads Moonlight to Spike’s heavily rhythmical room. McG records a lady during a nurse’s hire who is frantically perplexing to get information about her fiance, Josh. He was in a bicycle accident. Oh hey, poor passed Jenna Kaye! Bye, bad passed Jenna Kaye!

Moonlight tells Spike he wants to know who systematic him to kill McDaddy.  He knows a intel Spike indispensable to squeeze adult Darryl – comms links, a descent track – came during a cost of McDaddy’s murder. Spike blandly refuses to answer any questions until he has defended counsel. Caano parrots behind Spike’s respond in his many mocking, magically tasty influenced accent. He grins and says it sounds so many nicer when someone tells him to kick it in a unfamiliar accent. Moonlight is prepared to leave, yet Caano is usually removing started. He rips a IV out of Spike’s arm. Spike howls in pain. Caano can’t do that! Moonlight is equally stunned, and in aspiring agreement with Spike. Caano corrects them both. He can do that, “because Bono here is not a U.S. citizen.” No Constitutional protections for you, Blarney stone! James Madison scholar Moonlight doesn’t know where to start with usually how wrong Caano is. Wait, is Steven María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza McGarrett respecting a Constitution and playing by a rules? Is this what going insane feels like? Quick, somebody glow McDaddy AND FIX THIS!

Caano palm waves that he knows what a Constitution says, yet Spike doesn’t. He tells Moonlight to tighten a doorway and afterwards unholsters his sidearm. He pulls a sham from behind Spike’s head, binds it over his leg, and fires.   Apparently, this review does need a weapons discharge.  When Spike starts screaming in agony, Caano presses a bloody sham over his face and shushes him. Dr. Max runs into a room. Yatta? Caano brandishes during him. Max is like, zero to be seen here. I’ll usually pierce along. Caano tells Moonlight to reason a pillow. He catches Max during a doorway and aloud asks him to call a coroner and have him get a list ready. Moonlight is appalled! He’s also still holding a pillow over Spike’s face, yet still. APPALLED! What kind of patrolman is Danny? He’s a kind who gets things finished because 9-11! He was there. He punctuates a matter by sharpened Spike again. The demeanour on Moonlight’s face, tho. Poetry. Caano apologizes to Spike profusely. He didn’t ask a doubt this time. His bad. Hospital confidence starts pulsation on a door. Caano orders Moonlight not to clear it. If he doesn’t like what Caano is doing he can go wait in a toilet. Moonlight stays where he is. “Do whatever we gotta do.”

Moonlight comes behind to unpleasant recognition in a immature room. His eyes solemnly concentration on a male walking by a door. We are nothing of us astounded that it’s Wo Fat. “Oh, good. You’re up. Let’s begin.” Honestly, I’m a tiny unhappy it wasn’t Doris who kidnapped Moonlight. It seems like something she would do. Because she is terrible.

Waterboarding McG. Waterboarding McG. Waterboarding McG. The agonise will finish when a writers gets over their woe porn illusion he tells Wo Fat where his father is. Moonlight sasses that Wo Fat should have asked Doris that doubt when he had a chance.

“I asked a mother. She pronounced she didn’t know.”

WHAT?  (imgur.com)

WHAT? (imgur.com)

“Who would make adult a name like ‘Wo Fat’?” Moonlight is behind in a automobile with Caano. Danny is driving. That’s usually … that’s unnatural. Like a dog walking on a rear legs. McG’s contacts have never listened of Wo Fat, so they compensate a revisit to a one male who knows about all that happens on a island.

Kamekona sits down opposite from them in a Halawa speak room. He is sporting a mirror-verse goatee. Well played, Show. Well played. He and Caano seem acquainted. He wonders about Moonlight in his dress uniform shirt and tie. “And who are you? Strip-o-gram?” If only.  Kamekona is peaceful to speak – for a price. “Fresh shrimp. Twice a week. I’m sleepy of SPAM.” As he writes down a location, Moonlight’s arm twitches. In a immature room, Wo Fat binds a cattle poke to his solar plexus. Before a drugs take reason again, Moonlight slurs that he can’t tell what he doesn’t know …

Running gun conflict during a port. Moonlight has his sleeves rolled up, so we know he means business! Shooting sharpened sharpened shooting. Wo Fat aims for a tiny propane tank, igniting a glow round that knocks Moonlight and Caano off their feet. Wo Fat reloads. Before he can fire, Moonlight grabs his gun and rolls onto his back. He unloads 3 rounds into Wo Fat. McG stands over him, entertaining for an answer. Why did he try to kill McDaddy? “What did he ever do to you??!?”

Before he leaves a island, Moonlight earnings to HPD to contend goodbye to Caano. Danny thinks that’s too bad. He was wondering if McG wouldn’t be meddlesome in a career in law enforcement. He should consider about it. Moonlight demurs, yet says he could get used to being chauffeured around all day. Seriously, we are by a looking glass, people. They shake and partial with an insistence that Moonlight call him Danno. “All my friends do.”

Wo Fat is passed in his mind. And after Wo Fat is passed in reality, Moonlight promises to find his father, “and kill him usually for carrying you.”

“You’re going to have to kill your mother, too. [She’s] some-more obliged for who we am today.”

God, Doris is a WORST. Wo Fat puts down a cattle poke and pulls adult a bucket. He tells Moonlight that Doris never forgave herself for murdering an trusting lady in a Wo Daddy op that went bad. “That pain and agonise caused her to do something utterly … remarkable.” She adopted Wo Fat and lifted him, until her handlers forced her to desert him. “You see. Doris McGarrett was my mother, too.”

Wo Fat walks out of a immature room, withdrawal Moonlight alone with a henchlady. She prepares another injection, yet this time, McG is prepared for her. He throws himself brazen and afterwards pitches back, butting Henchie in a face. FIGHT FIGHT STRUGGLE FIGHT! Moonlight is still strapped to a chair with usually one arm giveaway for many of a fight, yet that’s usually how he do.

He gets one of a restraints around Henchie’s throat and chokes her out like Sam Winchester. Then he fast sets to work. When Wo Fat returns, all seems in order, yet he enters with caution. Henchie is seated on a bucket opposite from Moonlight, her behind to a door. Water is streaming onto a building from a broken siren overhead. When he gets tighten enough, Wo Fat can see that Henchie is dead. Her physique is artfully propped adult by a damaged length of mop handle. Wo Fat draws, yet Moonlight is quicker. He raises his feet and drops a live cattle poke into a hire water. Every flesh in Wo Fat’s physique reacts and he goes crashing to a floor. Moonlight kills a energy and then,

IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.  (reddit.com)

IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. (reddit.com)

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! I’m not even going to try and report it, since it is usually dual mins of non-stop, gorgeously choreographed action. ALL OF THE KUDOS to attempt coordinator Jeff Cadiente and team, Alex O’Laughlin and Mark Dacascos, and substantially their doubles since DAYUM. That was an corner of a chair chuck down. we will collect adult a movement during a indicate during that Moonlight has been dosed again, yet somehow manages to keep his feet and keep fighting. Wo Fat presses his advantage by holding Chuck Norris to propagandize with a array of roundhouse kicks to Moonlight’s head. On a final pass, McG ducks and comes adult underneath Wo Fat’s leg. He hoists a male adult on his shoulder, and with a roar, slams Wo Fat opposite a wall. He spins, and raises Wo Fat adult over his conduct and into a light fixture.  It explodes in a showering of sparks.  FINISH HIM!  Moonlights drops Wo Fat’s baggy physique to a building before collapsing himself.

There are somehow dual guns on a floor. Each male scrambles for one.

“You’re not going to kill me? Are you? Brother.”

“You’re not my brother.”

Both group fire.

Moonlight is sitting in a garden with his father during Casa McG. He misses a view. He and McDaddy tinkle bottles, both blissful that he’s home.



The doorway to a immature room opens. Caano is a initial one through, followed by Jin and Boomer. Moonlight and Wo Fat are both on a floor. Neither are moving. The join in Caano’s voice as he says, ” … Steve?” Moonlight jerks to application as Caano bends down subsequent to him. Coming to in Danny’s arms. As it’s meant to be. McG says he’s alright. And afterwards he asks where his father is. He wants to see him. Caano looks during Jin and Boomer. They’re all a tiny mislaid and heartbroken. Caano is a one who has to say, “Buddy, your father died 4 years ago, okay?” Moonlight tries to quarrel behind a male tears. Let it out, Steve. Just let it out.









Caano and Jin assistance Moonlight to his feet. Each ancillary an arm, they travel him out of a room. McG stops and lingers over Wo Fat’s routine body, as yet he needs to make certain – positively certain – that he’s finally dead. That it’s finally over. Boomer leads them out by a dry cleaning plant as a rather poetic montage of moments from a final 5 years plays.

Moonlight and Caano assembly lovable in McG’s garage. Shaking hands with Jin during Pearl Harbor. Jin and Boomer hugging on a beach.  Jin pinning on Boomer’s badge. Moonlight giving Grover his badge. Clinking eyeglasses during Kamekona’s shrimp truck. That time McG was an MMA enclosure fighter. Useless Lori entertaining for him, and now that’s utterly adequate of her.  That time Danny got shot was unprotected to sarin gas. Carmen riding off into an Afghan sunset. Jin and Malia’s Springfielded wedding. Caano and Monkey hugging. Caano giving Jin matrimony recommendation in a chopper after they discovered Moonlight in North Korea. Slow mo double thigh holsters. Kamekona popping Danny’s cuffs on Jin’s marriage day. Moonlight creation a mental note to trip them into his slot for later. Caano hugging bad passed Jenna Kaye. Snuggling on a cot on Halloween. Straightening Moonlight’s tie before a control hearing. Using Kamekona’s chopper to rescue Jin from a jail riot. Moonlight and Caano in a collapsed building. That thing we said. HUGGING! Malia’s memorial. That time Jin roughly got blowed up. Caano display off a moves he schooled playing high propagandize football in Texas. MONKEY! Caano and Moonlight looking dispirited in oversized Kamekona trim ice tees. Jin observant goodbye to Boomer during a dock. Couples counseling. Caano and Jin carrying a moment. Welcoming Adam and Boomer home.  ”I knew it.  Cargo pants.”  Moonlight and Mary. Dude, Hurley! The core four, determining that the McGarrett family nickname is ideal for their family too.

This is Whitney, mouth-watering we to be with us subsequent week.  Be here, Friday during 8:00 p.m. on CBS.  Aloha.

Whitney is also examination Supernatural.

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