Hannah Cockroft: Wheelchair racing champ happy to be called ‘crazy’

September 9, 2015 - accent chair

(CNN)Hannah Cockroft talks to her wheelchair. It even has a name.

At initial she hated a suspicion of regulating one — hated a really suspicion that she competence be infirm — though a three-wheeler she calls “Boo” has been her sheet to a life that distant exceeds a end of “normal.”

“Wheelchair racing gave me this clarity of adrenaline and speed and individuality — we was out there doing it on my possess and it was something we had never felt before, so we fell in adore from a second we sat in my initial chair,” a 23-year-old Briton tells CNN’s Human to Hero series.

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Up until then, Cockcroft had struggled to get around by herself, let alone browbeat a fortify she describes as “like being in a container of lions.”

Within a week of being born, she had suffered dual heart attacks. The mind repairs they caused left her with misshapen feet and legs, mobility problems and issues with her excellent engine skills. Severe epilepsy meant her heart could stop again during any time.