Greeneville Ghost Hunters: They’ve Got Spirit

October 25, 2017 - accent chair

Want To Ghost Hunt?

The Greeneville Ghost Hunters organisation offers these do’s and don’ts for determined paranormal investigators.


• Write down each probable paranormal occurrence with a date, time, plcae and each other detail. It can assistance settle patterns and assist investigators.

• Use your smartphone for audio recordings or video recordings. The peculiarity isn’t as high as veteran equipment, though it will constraint bizarre activity.

• Buy a digital recorder, accessible for around $20 during vital retailers, to try to constraint electronic voice phenomena — discarnate voices that seem on recordings, though aren’t always listened by a tellurian ear. 

• Avoid peep photography, and always take during slightest 4 cinema in a same instruction when perplexing to constraint justification of paranormal activity. When inspecting photos on your computer, wizz in to demeanour for simply ignored details. 


• Never taunt a spirit.

• Never use a “Ouija Board” or other identical device in attempts to communicate. 

• Never bake virtuoso or spices or perform other rituals in attempts to promulgate with or sentinel off spirits. 

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