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August 5, 2016 - accent chair

Brass nailhead fact

By Debbe Daley Working on a new devise with a customer from Rhode Island, we discussed a range of her prophesy for a initial building of her 150-year-old home in Warren, R.I. After delicately listening to her wants and needs and meaningful accurately what she was looking for, we delicately subsequent a devise of conflict for her project.

Creating a severe blueprint of a existent blueprint of her home was a initial step. Due to a fact that this was a initial assembly hold during a Boston Design Center, we hadn’t seen a home. Making certain a styles and personalities were a good fit, we were vehement to pierce on to a showrooms of a pattern center.

Revealing that her décor had to incorporate existent antiques and family heirlooms, she also wanted a lighter, reduction bustling space for her eyes to rest in this little ancestral home.

Detail of armchair

Solid fabrics would be selected for a sofas and for window treatments. Paint on a walls would have a strike of color. Contrast on a plain furnishings would come by pillows and artwork.

Strolling by a marketplace stalls on a second building of a pattern center, we were vehement to find many dining chairs and accent pieces with a French influence. The one common thread that done these pieces appealing was a fact on a frames of each chair. Most fabrics on a pieces were in a linen or burlap, textures that work good with chippie paint or unsettled timber finish. These pieces had a shabby-chic feel with a stylish light of days left by and would fit easily in a 150-year-old home.

Incorporating engaging dining chairs with a comfortable timber dining list would raise a home’s dining room. Not usually was a fact remarkable in chair frames, though engaging mirrors with egg and dart minute frames were also appealing.

Strolling by Antiques on 5, we found a country accent chair with a middle brownish-red timber finish. The fact on this support was accented with coronet spike heads. The chair was upholstered in a selected decay credentials with a immature root motif.

Frame fact on counterpart

Moving on to Webster Company’s showroom, some-more superb furnishings and lighting were also a enterprise for this client. Again observant some fact in an superb French salon lounge upholstered in a dim gray silk, was a fact between a unsettled timber support and a upholstery. A really little 1/8-inch cord was used to supplement detail, practical between a timber support and a silk, supplementing this sofa’s superb design.

Tips for adding sum to your flashy space:

* Look for seat frames with detail.

* Nail heads can be used to accent a seat frame.

* Embellish an upholstered square of seat with corded trim.

* Add an engaging sham with fact to a plain fabric-covered chair or sofa.

A room pattern can be done appealing in many opposite ways. Want to adore your look? Seek out engaging pieces of seat with fact or supplement your own.

Debbe Daley, owners of Debbe Daley Designs and RAW Furnishings, is an interior engineer with some-more than 25 years of knowledge as a veteran interior redesigner, stylist, stager, tutor and devise manager. Follow her blog during She also blogs during

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