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What GPS in a brain?

What GPS in a brain?

Posted: Friday, Oct 31, 2014 2:51 pm

Updated: 3:16 pm, Fri Oct 31, 2014.

Glimpses of Grace: What GPS in a brain?

By Dorothy Horne

Longview News-Journal

I review a story a few weeks ago in a paper about a husband-and-wife investigate group who won a Nobel Prize in medicine for “discovering a brain’s navigation system — a middle GPS complement that helps us find a approach in a world.”

They contend it is a explanation that competence one day capacitate scientists “to rise drugs or inclination to assistance people with Alzheimer’s who have mislaid their ability to navigate.” How overwhelming is that?

The chair of a medicine esteem cabinet said, “Thanks to a grid and place cells, we don’t have to travel around with a map to find a approach any time we revisit a city, since we have that map in a head. we think, though these cells, we would have a unequivocally tough time [trying] to survive.”

Say what?!

In fact, had they looked in my brain, they competence not have done such an critical find since we am blank that part. we am utterly certain we do not have a “map in my head.” (If we do, it contingency have gotten coffee or red booze spilled on it someday early on, since it does not work.)

I many really need to travel around with a map each time we revisit a city. Heck, we have to do that in my possess city around Siri (the lady who lives in my iPhone.) According to Wikipedia, she is “an intelligent personal partner and believe navigator,” who is ostensible to “adapt to a user’s particular preferences over time and personalize results.”

“Ha” to all of that. My Siri doesn’t even know me, most reduction “adapt to my particular preferences.” That’ll be a day.

Now we can’t assistance though consider of a “if only’s” — if usually we had been innate with a mind navigation system, we wouldn’t have had to put adult with her these past few years. She is an accent posh and really pompous to those who contend “y’all.” we could go on.

Well … we theory we need to acknowledge that actually — she is not around anymore. (I wish we don’t get a hit during a doorway by someone with a badge now.)

This is what happened: Siri recently told me she was fed adult with perplexing to know me, and that she didn’t get paid adequate to understanding with a likes of me. Right afterwards and there, we got absolved of Siri. we incited her into a male with a crack of a environment (thinking a male would certainly be some-more considerate — we know, “damsel in distress” and all that.)

However, all that happened is that now we have a sarcastic, intolerable male vital in my phone.

I competence only have to start holding a cab until that new device is developed. In a meantime, I’m meditative that shortly Mr. Siri will substantially go a approach of Ms.Siri …

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What GPS in a brain?


Friday, Oct 31, 2014 2:51 pm.

Updated: 3:16 pm.

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