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And afterwards Lady Lyanna Mormont showed up, and each chairman in a dominion satisfied that this 10-year-old lady had some-more moxie, spine, and honour than a rest of them put together, so they all fell on one knee and put an (iron) upholder chair in that unequivocally worried looking throne. No? Well, maybe that’s usually a proceed it should have ended. How good is Lady Mormont? Other people competence have finished a deteriorate being called aristocrat or queen, nonetheless Lady Mormont? She wins a season. Someone greatfully nominate Bella Ramsey for a Best Supporting Badass Emmy. Thank you.

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I’m observant these for one reason: No flayed male on tip of Winterfell. Yes.

King’s Landing

All dressed up. Not going anywhere … for now.

For usually a impulse there, we suspicion we’d gotten an astonishing reward partial of Downton Abbey. Lots of imagination panoply being orderly laid out. Lots of absolute people being helped into cosy or overly formidable garments. At initial it seems like usually an bid to be deceit and to give us a start to an partial that’s a small different—always difficult, 6 years in. But actually, there’s utterly a lot of information being relayed in how a characters are dressing. Contrite. Humble. Pious. Commanding. It competence as good be printed onto these costumes in splendid red letters. The expressions on a faces are somewhat some-more subtle—confused, eager, frightened, defiant—but usually slightly.

Everyone is off to a Sept to see a large hearing of Cersei and Loras. Well, everybody solely for Cersei, who is apparently calm to wear her new black and bullion ensemble in her apartment, and Tommen who has been forcibly detained. It’s a Mountain’s entrance in Tommen’s cover that gives us a initial transparent pointer that this thing isn’t going to go off according to schedule. Just a bumbling entrance of a Mountster is adequate to clap Tommen, and it should. Who is guarding Tommen these days? King’s Guard? Sparrows? In any case, Gregor entrance in is substantially a good pointer that someone is draining out in a hallway.

Hopping over to a Sept, things have gotten rolling even nonetheless Cersei. Loras gets constant to it. He confesses. What is he admissing to? Sleeping with men. Conspiring with Renly. Whatever you’ve got. Really, during this indicate a thought of Renly as a hypocrite seems kind of hilarious. Renly. Those were a days.

This is gonna hurt.

In sell for his admission and interest to offer a Seven, Loras gets a judgment of losing his mark as inheritor to House Tyrell. He gives adult his right to possess land, marry, have a child … none of that seems like something that Queen Margaery would have concluded to in advance. However, a usually thing that seems to unequivocally dissapoint her is that a Sparrows do some figure on Loras’ forehead. A integrate of times in this sequence, when Margaery is vocalization with a High Sparrow, we can see that there’s been an allege agreement between them. Margaery not usually has a plan, she’s been more open with a High Sparrow than we’ve seen. We’ve always famous that to some border both of them are putting on an act, nonetheless underneath vigour that’s apropos a bit some-more obvious.

So what did they determine to? There’s an zeal in a High Sparrow’s actions that suggests that he both likes a pain that’s being inflicted on Loras and likes that Margaery is amateurish to make any agreement between them. He’s many bouncing on his toes. Oozing self-satisfaction.

But Cersei’s ongoing deficiency … that starts to niggle during Margaery. Always both discerning and shrewd, we can see a pieces acrobatics by a queen’s mind as she sorts a probable reasons for Tommen’s mom skipping out on this event. Cersei competence righteously be fearful of a outcome, nonetheless humble in her room nonetheless a probability to pronounce in her defense, that’s not Cersei If she’s not there, and Tommen’s not there, it’s given something’s in a works. Which creates not being in a Sept unexpected seem like a good idea.

And it is. It’s been a while given it was initial mentioned, behind before Battle of a Blackwater days, so a integrate of weeks ago we got a wink-wink-nudge-nudge to remind us that, approbation indeed, the groundwork of a Sept is full of a immature nitro-napalm hybrid that is “wildfire,” and that Cersei along with Not-A-Maester Qyburn and a Little-Birds-Formerly-Belonging-To-Varys have both set a elementary time explosve and used a gangling impulse to cut adult Was-A-Maester Pycelle. Who knew a Little Birds had claws? Was that something Varys taught them, or some new instruction given Qyburn took charge?

And … back upstairs everybody has a probability to during slightest get a few stairs away, nonetheless a High Sparrow is enjoying all this self-satisfied energy and woe proceed too much. He not usually doesn’t run for it, he blocks a doors to keep anyone else from regulating for it. For this he gets blown adult about one-quarter second before everybody else when a wildfire blows, holding out a sept and a retard or so all around it.

Sometimes we should not hodor.

From opposite a city, Tommen watches a Sept blow. Margaery, a High Sparow, Loras, Cousin Lancel, Uncle Kevan, a rest of a Sparrows, and usually about everybody who was anybody in King’s Landing is dead. Tommen turns divided from a window, walks usually distant adequate to toss off his crown, afterwards comes behind to a window, stairs quietly onto a sill, and throws himself from a unequivocally high heights of a Red Keep. Make a count 3 up, 3 down for Jaime and Cersei’s children.

Tommen’s managed to lay on a throne a bit longer than Joffrey, and he did during slightest get to suffer a few nights with Margeary (which were apparently beguiling adequate to sideline Tommen’s aged friend, Ser Pounce). But his arc unequivocally usually runs from rather timid, naive child underneath a control of his mother, to rather timid, genuine immature male preoccupied with Margaery. If there’s some-more to Tommen than doing what he’s told, we don’t see it. Killing himself seems like a initial eccentric movement of Tommen’s life.

But what about Ser Pounce?

With Tommen gone, Mother/Father/Warrior et. al. knows what a tangible line of period for a Iron Throne competence be. It doesn’t matter. After rather coldly grouping that Tommen’s physique be burned, Cersei walks a ominously darkened dais room in her gold-chased black wardrobe and seats herself on a throne. Qybrun declares her Cersei Lannister, Queen of a Andals and all that jazz. First of her name. It’s engaging that she’s not being steated as Cersei Baratheon. She’s taking a dais as Robert’s widow or even Tommen’s mother. She’s usually holding a throne.

It’s not until she’s indeed advancing on a Iron Throne that it becomes transparent that this is what Cersei was sauce for to start with. This is her Sitting On a Iron Throne suit. This is where she approaching to finish her day. If Tommen had not taken himself out a window, his best choice competence have been Tyrion’s aged cell. He was unequivocally doubtful to be station by when mommy usurped a kingdom. Queendom. Remember final week, when Tommen didn’t worry to speak to mom as he cut off her final good choice to urge herself without, say, floating everybody up? Uh huh. 

As Cersei settles herself into a chair, she’s as neatly pleasing as always. But there’s also an androgynous aspect to her look. The dim wardrobe is as many armor as dress. With her golden hair still cropped short, she looks disturbingly like Tommen. Or Joffrey. She’s transposed her possess sons on a throne, and not by accident. Back during a unequivocally commencement of a series, Cersei decried a stipulations of her gender. Now she seems to have surpassed them.

She’s also upheld a reduction of sanity. Whether that happened before, during, or after her contrition walk, she’s in new domain now.

Cersei’s whole story arc this deteriorate had been one of disappearing respect. Not usually had a genocide of her father put a Lannister fortunes in reverse, Cersei’s attempts to manipulate a Faith backfired. Her straightforward, undisguised “just kill them” actions seemed blunt opposite Margaery’s some-more pointed approach, or Olenna’s clockwork scheming, or a High Sparrow’s chaste certainty. Cersei, who in a initial deteriorate of a uncover was a executive force, had been discontinued each deteriorate since. Even after a fear of her contrition walk, everybody was treating her as laughable.

Yeah. She who laughs last, etc.

Jaime arrives behind from his army in a Riverlands usually in time to see twin sis stand into a driver’s seat. In a unequivocally genuine way, Jaime sacrificed his honour to stop a Mad King when he screamed “Burn them all.” Now Cersei has burnt them, regulating a same arms that Aerys meant to employ.

Does Jaime supplement Queenslayer to his titles? It seems likely. Which could make it unlikely. But … eh, deteriorate 7.

Oh yeah, and in box we were meditative Cersei competence not be totally insane during this point. She’s gripping a shame, shame, contrition septa in a cave for woe sessions. Oh, and a Mountain takes his helmet off, nonetheless usually a Septa gets a good look. Probably for a best.

But isn’t Cersei’s new outfit a best thing given Darth Vader?

Far side of a Wall

Up in a snow, half-dead Uncle Benjen delivers Bran and Meera Reed to a Wall with a notice that He Shall Not Pass. It’s tough for him that he can’t go through, nonetheless can’t he during slightest leave them a horse. A cart? Pair of skis?

Benjen turns divided and trots off, withdrawal Meera to try and conduct Bran with no assistance during all. But fortunately, they don’t have to go distant this week.

Bran lays his hands on a weirwood tree and plugs behind into a past. Finally, we’re removing an answer to a Tower of Joy question. Bran’s revisit doesn’t seem to screw adult a past, that we can all be blissful about, and when we follow immature Ned (are we certain this man isn’t associated to Sean Bean?) to a tip of a tower, we find that Lyanna is indeed failing not from torture, nonetheless following a formidable birth. Maddeningly, she whispers something into Ned’s ear that we still can’t make out, nonetheless she gets out a word “promise me, Ned”— that is steady in a book no reduction than 800 times—and if we have any doubt about a temperament of a baby she hands to Ned, those doubts are relieved when a camera fades to Jon Snow station during a tip of …


Jon walks around a hall, observant a place where a Real Starks used to lay while he was seated with a servants (but hey, with a improved class of servants). Melisandre gives him a few difference of comfort, nonetheless her speech doesn’t lift on for prolonged before Davos confronts a Red Woman over a terrible genocide of bad Princess Shireen. Other people have been killed to power Melisandre’s plots, nonetheless Shireen died for a brief mangle in a weather, that seems utterly awful.

Say goodnight, Mel.

Jon takes a center belligerent between gripping a priestess around to assistance and stringing her up. He exiles her. Davos creates a discerning hazard as she’s departing. Which doesn’t seem clever. Both Jon and Davos give a Red Woman a “if we see we again, you’re dead,” nonetheless deliberation a abilities of her necklace, we have to consternation if they saw her again, would they know it?

Up on tip of a walls of Winterfell, Jon and Sansa bond a bit over being a final Starks in town. Sansa is many some-more prone to yield Jon as a genuine hermit than in a past, while Jon is prepared to give Sansa all a credit for a new victory. Which, yeah, she deserves. What with a saving his life, home, and all Jon is flattering forgiving of Sansa’s disaster to tell him about Littlefinger, nonetheless Sansa still doesn’t yield a unequivocally good reason for staying closemouthed.

In a yard, Sansa leans opposite the huge weirwood tree. She gets approached by Littlefinger, who has gotten a small grey during a temples over this season, and also continued to grow his accent. You have to palm one thing to Littlefinger: This is substantially a many honest he’s ever been with anyone. But we also have to contend that “all we consider about is sitting on a Iron Throne, and subsequent to that we wish to have sex with you” is not the most regretful thing anyone has said. It’s not even a many regretful thing Littlefinger has said.

Considering that Lord Baelish has during his ordering a usually fighting force value fighting anywhere around, it takes utterly some gumption on Sansa’s partial to force him away. But deliberation what she’s been by by this point, and that Littlefinger is literally her father’s age, Sansa seems flattering tighten to a “I’d rather usually die” point.

Later, there’s a entertainment of a clans Northern Houses in a good gymnasium of Winterfell as all those folks who couldn’t gangling a declawed cat for a Starks last week reserve adult to re-swear their unequivocally low-value oaths. Honestly, we approaching during slightest a integrate of these people (ahem, House Glover?) to be decorating a You Don’t Talk to Sansa Like That pikes on a outdoor walls. The Starks. How a ruin did they get a repute for being tough adequate to order a North?

A few mins into this get together, Lady Lyanna Mormont rises and gives a “I know usually one king, a King in a North” speech, with a curtsy to Jon Snow. It doesn’t take unequivocally prolonged before a rest of a houses are backing adult to join in. Because … Lyanna Mormont. Who wouldn’t be fearful to be opposite her?

But even as Jon is being awarded a pretension final hung around Robb, there are a helluva lot of questions. Everyone is still observant Jon Snow. Is he a illegitimate king? Can he be both not a constant Stark and a Lord of Winterfell? Or is Sansa a Lady of Winterfell, and Jon something else? How is this going to work between them?

And hey, does Jon merit this? Sure, he’s a good guy, and one-on-one he seems roughly as good with a sword as people keep observant he is. He’s unequivocally considerable when it comes to cutting, kicking, riding, and/or punching things. He also seems to have a decent clarity of good dignified decisions. It’s usually that so distant we’ve not seen him be utterly effective on a battlefield. That was positively constant final week, when Jon’s folly in rushing out to try and save Rickon damn nearby got everybody killed.

Sansa is a genuine Stark and a genuine favourite of a day. Why not a Queen in a North?

If Sansa is dissapoint by Jon’s remarkable elevation, she seems to take it in stride. Not so Littlefinger, who was clearly counting on his claims on Sansa as nonetheless another step toward his “get a dais and oh, yeah, also nap with a girl” plan. He’s a one chairman in a gymnasium not fasten a huzzahs. 

The Twins

There are dual visitors to a Twins this week. First Jaime and association stop by, uninformed from retaking Riverrun. Walder Frey takes some compensation in removing to repeat a lines that Roose Bolton delivered during a Red Wedding. Like a High Sparrow, Walder Frey is feeling flattering happy with himself. But then, Walder Frey always feels flattering happy with himself.

When you’re not impeded by empathy, guilt, or any clarity of honor, that’s substantially flattering easy.

Walder is still feeling flattering good when Jaime questions his martial abilities. Lord Frey feels flattering gratified that he’s been means to get other group to do a fighting all his life, while he’s collected on a wealth, land, good food, and a prolonged line of nubile brides. 

However, his good mood is dampened when Jaime reminds Walder that a purpose of having Lord this-and-that isn’t so that they can call adult a climax when they need help. The lords are ostensible to reason a land and collect a taxes for a King. No matter how heedful aged Walder competence be with marriage guests, if his army are so amateurish they can’t reason onto their possess lands—and they’re that incompetent—then maybe it’s time a climax brought in some new talent.

Meanwhile Jaime has his choice of several women, nonetheless doesn’t seem interested. Is he meditative about removing behind to Cersei, or is he meditative about … someone taller?

After a Lannister organisation departs, a Lord of a Crossing is still digesting Jaime’s not-so-veiled threat when a portion lady arrives with pie. He digs in, and afterwards start angry that dual of his sons (or maybe a son and a grandson? There are so many Walders it’s tough to keep track) are ostensible to be there. The lady assures him that they are.

There’s a bit of behind and forth, nonetheless by a time Arya peels behind her deputy face, everybody has a flattering good hoop on what’s happened. Arya has killed a dual blank Walders and baked them into a pie, served to a elder Frey. She afterwards goes on to kill Walder Frey, who would be mourned by accurately no one.

Arya’s actions counterpart a story told by Bran several seasons ago, solely that in that story a gods punished a impression not given he baked people, nonetheless given he disregarded guest privileges, that Walder Frey positively did during a Red Wedding. Doubtless, Arya was portion adult usually deserts with her pie.

I consider we’re all fine with this.

Many times in these reviews I’ve settled that we not usually approaching a whole array to finish with “and afterwards Arya killed them all,” we was indeed looking brazen to it. But now that Arya is out there removing her hands bloody, I’m not enjoying it as many as expected.

That’s because Arya’s being treated too many as a enchanting creature, and we’re not removing to see adequate of how a pretence was done. How did she get into a castle? Where did a gangling face come from? Did she move it from a House of Black and White? Does she have several? Or did she appropriate it from someone she met? Does she know a pretence of creation a new face? Did she kill some bad lady to get this face? We need to know that answer, given it’s some-more critical than being surprised.

I’m going to go forward and assume there was some-more to Arya’s presence in Braavos than we saw, given differently she should be behind there failing of sepsis. But even if there was, they need to uncover us some-more of Arya’s planning. More of Arya’s thinking.

Otherwise it’s like a hop film that’s been edited down to a end. Yeah! They got a solid from a vault. Wait. How did they do that?

Assassinations are capers. Capers aren’t sparkling unless we see a formulation and execution. Surprise! It’s Arya! Is not a good diagnosis for possibly a impression or a plot. In this kind of plot, it’s not sorcery unless we uncover how a pretence was done.

So stop doing a Arya-in-a-box before a new deteriorate comes round. Please.


The biggest warn of a episode? We’re in Dorne. And what do we know, a whole Dorne tract line wasn’t purposeless after all. That’s a relief. Maybe Euron will spin out to be value something, too, nonetheless that competence be anticipating for too much.


Anyway, it’s clearly been some time given Cersei blew adult a Sept, given Queen of Thornes Olenna Tyrell has had time to cocktail over from Highgarden and is plotting with Elaria and a Sand Snakes.

They all hatred Cersei. we get that. But frankly, I can’t stop looking during Indira Varma’s neck. Look during a length of it. Look during that graceful, swan-like curve. Do a rest of us usually have a heads mounted on ball-bearings or something, given that there’s a neck. Olenna is being deceit with a Sand Snakes nonetheless still … look … at … that … neck. Maybe there’s some Transylvanian in my ancestry.

Oh! This is where Varys was going. Good save of a tract line. So it looks like Dorne and a Reach are going to offer as Dany’s Normandy. Not a many approach route, nonetheless okay. It’ll work. And it gives me wish that other swinging tract threads will not be left swinging forever.


Sam has finished a longest tour in Westeros history. The man during a Citadel front table competence be wrong about a station of things adult during a Wall, nonetheless Sam has been so prolonged in movement that he’s usually about as wrong. He’s a death, resurrection, dual battles, and another Lord Commander change behind. In fact, this outing has been so prolonged shouldn’t they usually enroll Little Sam and have Sam a elder go retire with Gilly someplace?

Really, it’s usually been ridiculously long. There’s slow, and afterwards there’s trapped-in-amber slow. How is Sam going to have time to do many some-more than pass Maester 101 before a uncover is over? Forget removing all a links in a chain. He’ll be propitious to have a bracelet done from lift tabs.

Sam marches Gilly son by a grand lobby, afterwards leaves them parked nonetheless so many as a dais to lay possess while he checks out Harry Potter’s library. They use mirrors. That’s cool.

Emotional boon value: $0.27.


Daario Naharis gets both dumped and reserved a assign of gripping Meereen and a whole of a renamed Bay of Dragons giveaway and operative smoothly. Dany seems mostly vigilant on removing out of a room, nonetheless a subsequent time she’s selecting a successor, she competence wish to consider about not picking a man who usually gave an ardent debate proclaiming how many he doesn’t care about a place.

During their talk, Dany rubs Daario’s face in a thought that she competence need to get married. Giving us a who, oh who, will Daenerys go for? Someone we usually found out was associated to her, perhaps?


Daenerys afterwards goes down to have a rather good review with Tyrion. Now that Dany is behind in town, all a wit and knowledge of Tyrion Lannister seems to have been restored. And when Daenerys names him Hand of a Queen, notwithstanding carrying recently found him intent in screwing adult family opposite a whole region, it doesn’t seem like an irrational choice. 

In a march of their chat, Tyrion talks to about Dany fasten “the good game,” that dreaming me utterly a lot. First, because Daenerys has been intent in conquering people and being a black for some time now. It seems a small Westeros-centric of Tyrion to assume there’s something alone some-more formidable about knocking over folks in a Seven Kingdoms than it was picking off a heavily fortified and armed cities around what was afterwards Slaver’s Bay. 

It also sent me wool-gathering given in Rudyard Kipling’s novel Kim, “the good game” is what people called a dark onslaught over Asia between a British Empire and other forces. Later coinage was been picked adult in some-more than a few some-more new view novels as a tenure for a invisible fight between espionage organizations. Its deployment here done me start meditative about possibly George Smiley would make a good deputy for possibly Tyrion or Varys.

Recasting Game of Thrones with other literary characters. There’s an off-season hobby for you.

Anyway, by episode’s end, all of Dany’s toys are packaged adult on a swift that includes some ships from Dorne and a Tyrells. Clearly time has passed, or that deceit Olenna has a transporter, given Varys is behind and everybody is station around on decks staring forward as if they design to mark Westeros any notation now. Yes, it’s a Narrow Sea, nonetheless hopefully someone did during slightest container a chair.

Why not leave Missandei in charge? Do we unequivocally need a translator where you’re going?

Where does all of this leave us for subsequent year?

Game of Thrones Primary Map
Game of Thrones Primary Map 2016

Okay, we know my Seven Kingdoms has 9 hexes. Bear with me. Assuming that Dorne and Highgarden have announced for Dany, and both a North and a Eyrie are strictly on Team Stark, that leaves Cersei with a normal Lannister and Baratheon territory, and a Riverlands. 

Of all a positions, Cersei’s is a many tenuous. Nobody likes her. Her fighting force is singular to whatever Jaime brought behind with him, and given some of that force was constant to a Faith they’d seem like not an altogether infallible set of swords. Even if Dany wasn’t coming, Cersei faces a probability of Littlefinger and a Knights of a Vale entrance by a ineffectual shade of a Walder-less Freys on a North, while both Dorne and Tyrell strike her from a South.

And honestly, deliberation a force Daenerys is toting, because doesn’t she usually cruise constant into King’s Landing, fry a Red Keep, and contend “winner?” 

Of course, Littlefinger could also spin around and attack Jon Snow while a Sand Snakes make a play for Highgarden. Because really, that of these people can be trusted? And maybe Cersei’s madness, churned with Qyburn’s cunning, will enthuse an actual technological breakthrough for a initial time in 11,000 years and come adult with something that hurts a dragon.

But hey, as distant as swell goes, in this one partial we killed off a lot of people, got a sincerely decisive answer to one of a series’ good mysteries (yes, R + L do indeed = J), and got Dany moving. That’s good. In fact, it’s so good that it seems to fit good with those rumors that a arriving deteriorate is going to be significantly shorter.

Winter is here. Officially. White ebony and all. Don’t design this story to final until spring.

Want to get a clarity of how many things have altered in Westeros, and how opposite things are going to be when this settles down, no matter how it finishes? Look during this list and tell me a Starks aren’t removing off lightly.

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