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April 30, 2015 - accent chair

What can we do to freshen adult my vital room or family room but spending a fortune? This is a doubt that we get dozens of times any week from readers, viewers and friends. Everyone is sleepy of winter and looking for discerning decorating pick-me-ups.

Start with color. You don’t have to paint an whole room, unless it truly needs it. we embellished my interior doors black, and it is a wonderful, thespian change via a whole house.

Why not supplement tone to a behind of your bookcases, only one wall or even your doors? Carry that same tone via a room with flowers, chuck pillows or an affordable ceramic garden stool. I’m saying these colorful stools only about everywhere for reduction than $100. They also make good accent tables and can be used in vital rooms, bathrooms and even outdoors. After all, they are “garden” stools.

Have a few additional dollars to spend? Consider purchasing a new occasional chair — one of a best seat investments we can make. They are affordable and come in a accumulation of patterns, colors and textures. And even better, they are accessible as cash-and-carry equipment in roughly any seat store. You don’t have to wait 4 to 8 weeks for a special order. CR Laine has a new collection of citrus-colored chairs that would make it easy to lighten any decor.

If neutral is some-more your style, a Penelope chair from Jessica Charles competence be a right choice for you. The epitome imitation works in contemporary settings. It’s easy to brew a imitation with confidant plain colors to freshen a room from deteriorate to season.

Time to residence a flooring in your rooms. A pretence a grandmothers used still works today. They rolled adult their heavy, dim area rugs and transposed them with lighter-weight string broom rugs. Other times they competence leave a floors bare.

I am drawn to woven weed and sisal rugs. They can fast change a room’s demeanour from winter to summer style. You can find these rugs during home stores for reduction than $150 to $200. If this is pulling your budget, collect adult a reduction costly feign indoor/outdoor carpet for half a cost.

Clear out a clutter. The many affordable decorating alleviation we can make is to get absolved of stacks of aged magazines, afghans, separate rugs, dry half-burned candles, synthetic flowers (this includes a feign ivy over your kitchen cabinets) and any other nonessential equipment piled adult around your house.

Clear off a grate mantel and reinstate incompatible design frames, tarnished candlesticks and figurines with only one considerable portrayal or a span of black-and-white photographs. Consolidate your bookshelf confusion into relating baskets that fit easily onto a shelves.

Make uninformed flowers a finishing touch. There’s not a room in a residence that won’t advantage from carrying a pleasing potion vase filled with uninformed flowers. While you’re during it, don’t forget to rinse your windows so all that much-longed-for fever can lighten your home and your spirits.

Designer and home alleviation consultant Vicki Payne is horde and writer of “For Your Home,” accessible on PBS, Create TV and in inhabitant and general syndication. Reach her during

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