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March 16, 2017 - accent chair

When it comes to anticipating a right chair, it’s critical to find a change between a series of characteristics.

Whether it’s for a vital room, dining room, bedroom, or any other room, anticipating a ideal chair (or chairs) can be an sparkling and infrequently strenuous task.

Julie Glew, who works in interior settlement and sales during Custom Home Furniture Galleries in Wilmington, pronounced anticipating a right chair is a change of style, duty and comfort.

Below are a few groups of chairs Glew endorsed people check out while chair shopping.


Some people tremble during a suspicion of adding a bulky, unwieldy recliner to their vital room décor, Glew said.

Instead, Glew pronounced people mostly ask “a recliner that doesn’t demeanour like a recliner.”

One choice for a non-traditional recliner demeanour is a small-scale chair featuring a patterned sunbrella fabric, that Glew pronounced is easy to purify and durable. Glew pronounced a character would do good in a let skill vital room or beach condo since it won’t take adult most space.  

Glew pronounced there is also an combined advantage to carrying a recliner with a pattern.

“What’s good about doing a settlement on them is it hides stains and it’s a tiny bit some-more forgiving for daily wear and tear,” she said.

On a other finish of a spectrum, Glew discussed a advantages of incorporating small-scale recliners with a elementary color, minute trim and pivot capacity.

While nail-head trim or other arm settlement adds a non-traditional touch, Glew pronounced a pivot ability creates it a good chair for an open building plan. 

“If you’re sitting in a vital room and somebody’s articulate to we in a kitchen, we can spin around and extract in a conversation,” she said. 

While good for a vital room area, Glew pronounced pivot recliners wouldn’t be a best choice for a smaller room such as a bedroom or study.


Rattan is a chair character that has been renouned in coastal settings for a prolonged time, Glew said. It is a form of unprotected timber in a chair that also facilities upholstery.

Rattan has a bamboo, tubular look; there is also wicker and simply “exposed wood.” 

“They work unequivocally good in a space that’s got a lot of upholstery in it already,” she said. “It kind of breaks it adult so we don’t have a garland of fabrics layered on tip of one another. You get to brew in a opposite dimension of texture.”

Glew pronounced these forms of chairs would go good in a bedroom or sitting room due to their tiny scale, though could also offer as an accent chair in a vital room.

Swivel gliding chairs

When someone comes selling for chairs and shudders during a word “recliner,” Glew pronounced pivot gliding chairs are her backup option.

With their pivot base, Glew pronounced pivot gliding chairs are good for open building plans.

“They lay so comfortable,” she said. “You can still put your conduct behind on them, flog your feet up, though they don’t have all a bulkiness a normal recliner would have.”

Additionally, Glew pronounced slipcovers are an combined reward for these chairs. 

Glew pronounced slipcovers come in a accumulation of patterns, that creates changing a chair’s demeanour simple.

As slipcovers are also easy to clean, Glew pronounced a pivot gliding chair with a slipcover would duty good in a hothouse or let property. If a slipcover is damaged, Glew pronounced it’s easy to have a backup set on palm to reinstate a shop-worn cover.

“It gives we a lot of opposite outlets to yield looks, styles and deputy parts,” she pronounced of slipcovers.

Dining chairs

What’s trending in a area of dining chairs is blending and matching, Glew said.

Instead of carrying 6 of a same chair around a table, Glew pronounced people will mostly have 4 chairs in a center that coordinate and dual resisting chairs on a end.

For example, Glew pronounced people can span a normal upholstered chair with a coastal lodge dining set for an heterogeneous look.

Some people even incorporate benches around a list with normal chairs, Glew said.

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