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May 27, 2016 - accent chair

Memorial Day weekend is a central kickoff to summer. With a stormy and cold open season, receiving a phone call from a new customer with a Hampton Beach residence was only a pill indispensable to heal those prolonged winter blues.

For a Lowell proprietor returning to her summer home on a ocean, her ask was a standard one, “I consider we can assistance me.” Recent updates and renovations to her home already had many equipment to work with. However, she knew what she favourite and it wasn’t your apparent normal décor. This desirable lady spoke with a southern drawl, desired color, colourful blues and art. Beachy was her outline — with a bit of bling — and bluish was really her signature color.

Taking mental records as we walked by a home, cobalt, bluish and flowing blues were prevalent in many each appendage and square of art. Creating a wow space — though holding divided from a oceanfront perspective with crashing waves and ever-changing tone of a sea — was a charge during hand.

My initial recommendation was window treatments. Not required for remoteness though to move tone adult from a seat turn and to supplement regard to a space. A span of splendid blue accent chairs draws a eye to this grouping, since a ivory leather sofas seemed to be mislaid in a open judgment vital area. Warming adult a walls was also needed. Using Sherwin Williams Lucent Yellow was a ideal backdrop for her curio cupboard that showcased shimmering potion dishes imitative a pattern and tone of peacock feathers.

Fabrics of ikat and root patterns are options for a building to roof still side row window treatments. Suggesting a multi-color turn carpet to belligerent a chair and lounge organisation would now move tone adult from a building to a walls. The grate approximate in a brushed nickel was a bit too contemporary for her. we suggested tiling a approximate with antique mirrored Moroccan accent tiles to supplement pattern character to an differently plain zero-clearance fireplace.

The half wall between a kitchen and dining list area would accept an focus of bluish grass-cloth paper. Changing out a dining list from timber to potion with a timber bottom would open adult a space, permitting for an easy and lighter upsurge towards a seating area. Bling would come from a antique shimmering clear candelabrum we due interconnected with white leather low-back dining chairs. A prolonged wall counterpart commissioned plumb would simulate a front sea view. Chartreuse is a ideal accent tone to contrariety with a mixed variations of blues placed via a vital space.

Cure your interior décor blues by adding elements of bling and glam to your differently plain décor:

* Accent tiles on a kitchen backsplash or grate surround

* Oversized mirrors to simulate a fantastic view

* Crystals in chandeliers or accent lighting

* Iridescent match lights

* Wallpaper with accents of silver, bullion or coronet adds a bit of glam to a focal wall

* Artwork

Debbe Daley, owners of Debbe Daley Designs and RAW Furnishings, is an interior engineer with some-more than 25 years of knowledge as a veteran interior redesigner, stylist, stager, tutor and plan manager. Follow her blog during blogs.lowellsun.com/daleydecor. She also blogs during debbedaleydesignsllc.blogspot.com.

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