EATBEAT: Waitress reflects on 36 years during Perkins

March 16, 2016 - accent chair

She’s been a waitress during Perkins on Columbia Road for 36 years. And after an 8 hour shift, she is prepared for a rest. But she’s adult during 4:30 a.m. 5 days a week and starts operative during 5:30 a.m., on her 7 hour shifts. She wears a nametag that says “Serving guest given 1980.”

McWilliams is slim and vibrant. She says any day on a pursuit is different. At first, she had to know all on a computer. Now, all she has to do is punch in her order.

She came to Perkins from operative during Seeger’s. Before that, when she was 16 and a tyro during Central High School, she helped with a opening of Happy Joe’s on S. Washington Street.

“Quite a few regulars uncover adult each day during Perkins,” McWilliams said.

Like other servers operative around this area, McWilliams finds movement in a distance of tips. Sometimes there will be a dollar left on a table. Most of a time a tip is around 15 percent — infrequently reduction and infrequently more.

Most of a time, McWilliams enjoys a rotate of review with a patrons. But along with others in a portion business, she is put off when business infrequently call her off since they are articulate on their cellphones. There are times when children are authorised by their caretakers to disaster around in a sugarine containers. And that tasks a calm of servers.

All in all, McWilliams finds Perkins a fun place to work. Oh yes, she says, her legs and her behind get tired. But she smiles and says, “Not always.”

Tim Brandt, owners of a Perkins grill on Columbia Road, says McWilliams is a loyal professional. “She arrives a third of an hour early for her shifts.

“Customers ask to be seated in her section,” he said. “She sets an instance for other servers. And she creates people feel during home here.”

McWilliams laughs and calls herself a klutz as she acknowledges she infrequently spills on people. She likes a people with whom she works during Perkins and says, “We’re kind of like family.”

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