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January 31, 2015 - accent chair

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Book-related buys

At, we can buy book-scented redolence and candles with names like Modern Alchemy, Bibliothèque, and Oxford Library. The website says, ‘The nose is tied right into a limbic complement obliged for a emotions. Therefore, it’s one of a strongest ways to trigger memories. The many preferred partial of a jubilee of reading is bringing behind a happiest moments of a childhood.’

In a film “Wild,” Cheryl Strayed, played by Reese Witherspoon, sets out alone to travel a Pacific Crest Trail, one of a country’s longest and toughest through-trails — with tiny outward knowledge and a trek so complicated she develops nasty, proposal welts on her hips and shoulders. A useful man she meets along a route shows her how to abate her bucket by paring down a equipment she’s carrying to a positively essentials. When they get to her books, he suggests carrying usually a chapters she hasn’t nonetheless read, and blazing a rest. He demonstrates by ripping out a large hunk of Faulkner’s “As we Lay Dying.”

Which usually about killed me.

Destroying, defacing, even usually sketch in a margins of a book — generally one we adore — still strikes me as barbaric. (Don’t even get me started on a disregard of dog-earring pages.) Yeah, we eventually schooled to underline a heck out of a dry college textbook, yet even afterwards we did so with a light pencil symbol and a ruler. Books are precious, dedicated and merit a respect.

But of march repurposing enthusiasts have other ideas. They dig pages from books and fold, cut, press and imitation on them. They carve a covers, melt a spines. They make jewelry, vases, wreaths, bouquets, collages, garlands, even pumpkins out of books. we suspect they ride toward book pages since a calm will give their plan a good mottled-gray aspect pattern, or indicate a clarity of literary sophistication, or communicate a message, or usually give new life to an intent they competence differently supplement to a landfill.

If we wish to try creation domicile objects both musical and utilitarian, artist/author Lisa Occhipinti’s 2011 book “The Repurposed Library” is a good place to start. In 33 projects she demonstrates how to deconstruct books to make lampshades, journals, mirrors, clocks, birdhouses and more.

But Occhipinti’s some-more new book takes a rather opposite proceed to books. The book “Novel Living,” she says, “is a hymnal to actual, earthy books, their forms and their functions.” She talks lovingly about a physicality of books, as usually an zealous reader and gourmet would. She describes how reading a book stirs a senses: We are wakeful of a smell and pleasing qualities as we cradle a book “as we would an tot child,” tighten to a heart. She compares a insinuate communication we have with firm books — “the tender, scarcely wordless bend of pages, like tucking a close of hair behind a ear” — to a many reduction abdominal appropriate of a screen.

Her essay takes me behind to my youth high days when, after school, we walked out of my approach to a tiny bend library to check out “Lad: A Dog” and any other eminent collie story by Albert Payson Terhune, who was now my favorite author from my clergyman Mrs. Faus’ classical reading list.

It also reminds me of my parents’ childhood books we have stored in built card boxes in a garage, like my dad’s “Peter Rabbit,” “Oz” and “Big Little Books,” or my mom’s copies of “Jane Eyre” and Daphne du Maurier’s “Rebecca.” Occhipinti inspires me to collect those dear books from a cold, damp garage to safety and preserve them, and maybe even arrangement them.

Our books, she says, paint a informative and personal histories. She wants a rambling book collections to turn inviting, conveniently accessed libraries.

“A library organizes books into a image of who we are,” she says. “To live with them reminds us of who we are and where we came from.”

When Occhipinti uses a word “library,” she’s not suggesting a dark-paneled room, with a fireplace, overstuffed chair, and a ladder on wheels (though that would be good to have, too). A library can be set adult in usually about any room of a house, and organised on several configurations of shelves, carts or cabinets. (One of her many crafty and unstable arrangement ideas is an aged wooden ladder with spans of plywood for shelves.)

A collection of books don’t turn a library, a author says, until they are curated and organized. Bibliographic sequence — by subject, author and/or pretension — will assistance keep books easy to find. But cultured considerations such as tone and distance can be partial of a equation, too.

“To assuage a needle-in-a-haystack-ness that is partial of a tone or size-based complement of arrangement, combine aesthetics with duty by covering your books in color-coded paper and essay their titles on a spines,” she suggests.

Occhipinti also wants us to pattern with books by formulating tiny tableaux she calls “bookscapes.” Books can be placed in idle places such as a non-operating grate (kind of an unsettling association, if we ask me), or built on a frequency used accent chair. A thematic shore tableau can be combined with nautical books and seashells on tip of a dresser.

To me, though, decorating with books downplays their calm and aloft purpose. If a special book is to be displayed outward a library context, it should be in a spotlighted like a prima ballerina. Occhipinti’s dual best plan ideas vaunt books like works of art: Her IKEA penetrate is a Gallery Table that mimics a museum arrangement case, regulating an IKEA Lack table, 4 wooden spacers and tabletop glass; her Lighted Book Box, done from a wooden booze crate, selected wallpaper and a wireless puck light, would be ideal for my dad’s “Peter Rabbit” series.

On an outing to San Francisco final fall, we came opposite a tiny North Beach valuables emporium that contingency have had over 1,000 aged books. The whole place had that musty-tangy redolence of aged paper, ink and adhesive. These hardcover rescues — some masked with construction paper — were organised in innumerable ways to reason and arrangement necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Yes, they were regulating books in a “supporting” role, but, for me, a valuables wasn’t unequivocally there — it was all about a books. we wanted to lay on a floor, open any one and see what was inside. we wanted to give any book a tiny honest approval before we both headed off down a trail.

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