Dixie Dust prepares for 2017 marriage season

May 4, 2017 - accent chair

The owners of Dixie Dust in downtown Morristown are prepared for spring, a travel down a aisle – and a few other surprises along a way.

“Spring is marriage deteriorate and something fun to celebrate, so we are vehement to launch a spousal registry,” co-owner Natasha Morrison said. She, along with handling partner Kelli Miller, recently announced a store’s initial bride-to-be that will implement a accumulation of equipment to be offering shortly during a downtown store.

Courtney Wild is set to marry Jake Ellison, both of Morristown, on Jun 2 during Castleton Farms in Knoxville.

The integrate has famous any other given they were immature children, examination their comparison siblings play recreational softball (and spasmodic throwing rocks during any other). Their loyalty continued over a years and survived attending opposition schools: Courtney during West High School and Jake during East. She would attend a University of Tennessee and he would attend Walters State and Middle Tennessee State University, though they would still hang out with a organisation of mutual high propagandize friends.

Until things changed.

Jake finally asked Courtney out on an central date to a Wasabi grill in Knoxville during their comparison year of college. Well, according to those who know a couple, Jake indeed attempted to date his now pledged while they were flourishing up, though she doesn’t seem to remember his efforts. They strike it off “as they and everybody else already knew would happen,” according to their friends and family.

Despite their college football adversary (Courtney: UT; Jake: Alabama), a integrate antiquated until they both graduated and during a time Courtney relocated to Nashville to pursue her certification as a purebred dietician. Jake returned to Morristown to work as a superintendent during Wild Building Contractors.

By Dec. 23, 2016, Jake had purchased a ideal rendezvous ring and conducted a growth operation to propose. After spending a day selling and eating during Wasabi, Jake used disguise to take Courtney for a nation expostulate that finished adult during a specifically flashy Plantation Barn of 1810 in Morristown. Reports are that Courtney was still preoccupied to a devise until Jake got down on one knee. Their families had been sequestered inside a stable until she pronounced yes.

“We suspicion Courtney would be a ideal choice to entrance a spousal registry,” Morrison said.

Morrison and Miller will revisit a open seat marketplace in High Point, North Carolina subsequent week and a AmericasMart Market in Atlanta in May to acquire equipment a store will underline in a registry. A arrangement area during a back of a store will be dedicated to a accumulation of items, trimming from box good seat pieces to tiny musical accents and dainty gifts.

“There are so many overwhelming places to register in Morristown, though we consider Dixie Dust can yield a singular registry,” Morrison said. “The thought strike us a few months in after a grand opening, and we were jacket birthday gifts left and right. The immature bride and father of currently adore and conclude both aged and new and a reduction of a two. Is a tobacco basket a normal marriage gift? Maybe not, though zero we do is about traditional. we can’t tell we how many tobacco baskets we sole for Christmas.”

The cost ranges are $15 to $20 for skilfully monogrammed kitchen towels and disdainful Dixie Dust candles, for example, to stewardess or family gifts, including an occasional list for around $300.

The pivotal word is accumulation — a success of Dixie Dust to date has been focused on that market.

“We non-stop in Aug 2016, and here we are into a second week of April. Kellie and we have had fun training what accurately it is that a patron wants and loves. And certainly, we consider that Dixie Dust is singular in that we can come in and find both new and aged pieces. We’re always going to have a ‘old’ stuff, from seat and accessories to tobacco baskets and selected frames,” Morrison said.

“As distant as seat goes, we’re going to combine on box good pieces, occasional pieces. The offerings won’t be singular to only those dual categories, though there is positively a marketplace here for those,” Morrison said.

Furniture brands will embody (but not be singular to) Bradington Young, Samuel Lawrence, Pulaski — and a strange Dixie Dust line, designed by Morrison.

The seat line was desirous by a unchanging Dixie Dust patron who was in hunt of a sold character of cowhide-covered chair that valid to be unfit to find.

So Morrison designed one herself.

“I went home and drew it out,” Morrison said. “My husband, Bo, who works in a seat attention helped with a specifications as distant as production. we was lerned to do pattern in school, though we had never indeed sat down and finished it with furniture.

The chair will be a initial square offering by Dixie Dust branded furniture.

“It’s on a way,” Morrison said. “We’ve systematic dual of them; one for a patron and one for arrangement during a store. We have also designed and systematic tradition pieces for Kellie and her husband, Russell’s new home. We’re going to only play around with designs and see how it goes.”

According to Bo Morrison, it’s tradition in a seat attention for a engineer to name his or her initial piece. The Dixie Dust cowhide chair has been named a “LeighLeigh,” in respect of that dear (and particular) customer, Leigh Sempkowski of Thrive Marketing in Morristown.

“Furniture pattern is something that has been super fun and challenging, though Kellie and we are super vehement to examination and puncture deeper into that market,” Morrison said. “We will offer tradition upholstery and leather accent chairs, along with other equipment in a future. We’re only so grateful for a adore and support that people have shown for Dixie Dust. We spend a lot of time entertainment a store: bringing in aged and new merchandise. The many fun thing is descending in adore with a customers, both people we’ve famous for years and new faces. They come in and, even if they don’t buy a singular thing, they tell us, ‘You’ve given me a best thought – we have a ladder only like that,’ or ‘I have my grandmother’s aged ironing house and we could adorn it like this.’ Kellie and we adore that people are inspired. That has been a idea from a beginning.”

Morrison and Miller also offer interior pattern services. Dixie Dust is located during 130 W. Main St. in downtown Morristown, nearby Peavine Alley. For some-more information, call 423-312-6086 or follow a store on Facebook.

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