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November 26, 2014 - accent chair

  • Coup d'Etat's salon during 111 Rhode Island St., San Francisco. Photo: Reid Hudson / ONLINE_YES

Since co-founding Green Couch with his wife, Tray, in 2002, Jeff Schlarb has tackled hundreds of pattern projects — from furnishing tiny apartments to full-scale renovations. The couple’s organisation ( specializes in interior pattern and entertainment work. But regardless of a extent or character of an endeavor, Schlarb takes a “factual and fun proceed to all of a work we do,” he says. “I unequivocally wish (clients) to hear each thought we can make and share with them nuanced opinions so we can all make a best decision, and emanate a many unusual interiors.” Yet Schlarb understands a significance of levity, too: “When we’re with clients, we infrequently feel like it is part-time comedy club, part-time pattern presentation. we adore formulating that atmosphere for a clients as good as a gifted team.”

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Jeff Schlarb’s favorites

“Decorating and interior pattern is my passion, it is my craft, it is what consumes me, and we always wish a clients to see their approach all a approach to a finish of a vision. Accessorizing, window treatments, plant life, layering and putting adult pattern creates for a finished demeanour and is my thought of plan fulfillment. Sometimes, though, a bill to finish a range can get overwhelming. So either you’re operative with a engineer or decorating on your own, my recommendation is: Don’t be fearful to go in phases as necessary. And only since you’re embarking on a large plan doesn’t meant all has to go; use your existent dining table, though deposit in that extraordinary armchair from Coup d’Etat.” 111 Rhode Island St., San Francisco; (415) 241-9300.

“I am a proponent of seat shapes and seat in ubiquitous that can withstand a exam of time. Two of my favorite chairs in my vital room are from De Sousa Hughes: a Palo Alto chair. Our family cat has broken them! But we adore them, and we know that we can always reupholster an extraordinary support and a overwhelming design. When we redo these, I’ll substantially go with an extraneous fabric line — such as Perennials or Holly Hunt’s Great Outdoors — and name a fanciful velvet or string that is done for a outdoors. Their wear is amazing; we can hose it down, request cleaning solutions, etc., but spiteful a fabric.” De Sousa Hughes, 2 Henry Adams St., Suite 220, San Francisco; (415) 626-6883.

“Coupling a prolonged perspective on seat that will go a distance, we like to modernise homes with accent pillows and accessories. My go-to for smoking-hot accent pillows is Krimsa on Union Street. Sacramento Street also has several smashing retailers — including Anthem, Hudson Grace, Mar and Sue Fisher King. Pigeon Poodle is an online tradesman that we sequence from, and Aerin is another bedding and accessories site that always works well.” 2190 Union St., San Francisco; (415) 441-4321.

“Artwork matters as most as seat shapes and fabric patterns. A pleasing board on a wall or sculpture subsequent to a grate helps tell a home’s story, adds personality, illustrates temperaments and shares artistic tastes. Dolby Chadwick is an extraordinary gallery, with works by rising and determined artists. There is also Hang Art, that is a good place to try out art by renting it initial to see if we like a square in your space.” Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 210 Post St., San Francisco; (415) 956-3560,
; Hang Art, 567 Sutter St., San Francisco; (415) 434-4264.


“Think outward a advertisements and catalogs that are in front of us all. International pattern publications are some of my favorite sources for inspiration. Pick adult an Architectural Digest France or a Maison Francaise a subsequent time we are drifting by Charles de Gaulle! Or go on Amazon and sequence Elle Decor from a U.K., Australia, South Africa, etc. Monocle repository is another good one.”

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