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June 23, 2017 - accent chair

Design Space: Why accent chairs are awesome

Amy Tennent says anticipating a ideal chair to fit each room is an obsession.

Amy Tennent says anticipating a ideal chair to fit each room is an obsession.

Accent chairs – what are they? To me, they make a room. we have this crazy mania with chairs and a fact that we can use them all turn a house is a bonus. Think, a pleasing velvet chair in your bedroom, an antique wooden chair in a bathroom, a palatable leather chair in the living room. It doesn’t matter what your style, or what a space is, a singular chair can unequivocally lift a room.

A pointed dais chair doubles as a bedroom side table.              WHITING ARCHITECTS

As a name suggests, an accent chair can be a starring square in a room. Not usually does it add extra seating though it also acts as a focal indicate of a room and pulls a demeanour together.

Framed photos supplement present impact 
My adore of tongue and slit panelling

Bring in brass



A plain ash arm chair in a pleasing particular shape.                              DAWSON CO

Almost Famous bar lounge By Copper  Pink

Coromandel chair

Two singular chairs work with a lounge to make a amicable circle.          AMBER INTERIORS

There are so many extraordinary chair styles. we hunt around in second palm stores for a chair with unequivocally good skeleton and afterwards take this to a experts, such as Little and Fox, to be re-upholstered. Selecting from one of their implausible pieces of fabric transforms my second palm chair into an extraordinary accent chair. There’s zero some-more gratifying than being means to suffer a finish result.

An implausible lavatory with a sculptural accent chair.                          THE LINE


 – Homed

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