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November 8, 2014 - accent chair

•The NFL will have final contend on that team(s) moves to Los Angeles. Word is it doesn’t wish to hang L.A. with a dog team. But if a Raiders had Jim Harbaugh, unexpected that is an intriguing Hollywood script.

•Harbaugh and descent coordinator Greg Roman both contend they’re ignoring a “outside flak.” Harbaugh’s subsequent habit present to his players: slam jackets.

•It’s a softer NFL with Al Davis gone. Jets conduct manager Rex Ryan, in response to a craft pulling a “FIRE JOHN IDZIK” ensign over a group practice, launched a fondle helicopter with a “GO JETS!” banner. Davis would have responded to a strange flyover by climbing into his Sopwith Camel and hooking adult in a rousing dogfight.

•The No. 1 doubt buzzing around New Orleans Saints HQ this week: “Chris Borland?”

•Deep thinkers, those new Warriors’ coaches are. A pointer in a locker room, attributed to partner manager Ron Adams: “It’s usually when we see a butterfly land on your testicle that we comprehend that there is always a approach to solve problems though regulating violence.”

•Hey, whatever happened to that Robert Mueller examine of a Ray Rice elevator video? As of Sunday, it is 61 days given Mueller The Probers were hired. To examine one video in one office. Did Mueller’s boys run into BudSelig’s blue-ribbon Oakland cabinet and curve off to Tahiti?

•Because a Giants’ lefty is so cool, we nicknamed him Madison Cucumber. That substantially won’t put me over a tip with a Pulitzer committee, though now I’m disturbed about removing sued. Reader Jamie Jobb sends an online ad for a hand-carved accent chair with cucumber-like fabric, named a Madison Cucumber (list cost $412). Might make a good bullpen chair for MadBum’s insane bum.

•Reportedly, a NFL’s new HGH exam is a joke, roughly unfit to flunk. Once again, a players’ kinship fights tough to strengthen a players’ right to extract up, to a players’ common detriment.

Joe Maddon, hired by a Cubs, buys a turn for a ink-stained wretches after his rudimentary news conference. Nice gesture, though it has zero to do with me casting my opinion for Maddon for 2015 Manager of a Year. He did a ruin of a job.

•That’s such a good story about Alex Rodriguez peeing on his cousin’s floor, to uncover his cuz who ranks aloft on a family food chain. Just when we suspicion A-Rod couldn’t get any some-more charming.

•I’m certain Rodriguez, being a gentleman, put a chuck carpet behind down when he was done.

•There’s a lot of snitching going on per a several Rodriguez PED dealings, though in this box we know who a trickle is.

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