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January 4, 2017 - accent chair

Once you’ve put a lounge and coffee list or a bed and dresser in place, it’s time to dress adult a room with colorful and textural accents. If a vital seat pieces give a room stability, a accessories yield a spark.

Check out 8 accents that should be a partial of any home’s décor.


A beautifully framed counterpart is a easiest approach to accent a wall, “enlarge” a room and abate adult a dim space with only a produce and a few hooks. Install a counterpart above something with piece like a grate or bed for limit effect.

“I adore to brew metals, shapes and sizes,” pronounced Brooke Lang, a Chicago interior designer. If she’s putting together a wall of artwork, she’ll supplement a counterpart to a brew for fun.


Like a headband that keeps your neck both comfortable and chic, a musical sweeping accidentally thrown over a lounge or chair conveys a coziness that most raises a room’s temperature. While you’ll wish to haven a fleece accumulation for a bedroom, nap and string blankets are ideal for adding tone and hardness to a vital room and den.

To make yours demeanour “casually thrown,” overlay it in thirds, afterwards furnish it over a dilemma of a cot and tuck in a behind edge. You could also place a chuck sham in front of it, for an additional boost of laid-back beauty.


More than only a dinner-party staple, these slick wonders set a mood — romantic, mysterious, elegant. Pair them with flattering candlesticks and put them, unlit, on a buffet or mantel when they’re not lighting adult a dining table. Candlesticks don’t have to match: Group high and brief ones done of a same element (glass, nickel, brass) for an heterogeneous though agreeable look.


Don’t blink a significance of a chuck pillow. Whether they’re string or suede, polka-dotted or zebra striped, these musical accents supplement character and piece to a lounge or chair. Lang likes to things a 26-inch sham insert into a 24-inch sham cover for a fuller, some-more lush look.


Take a evidence from Mother Nature and fill your home with living, respirating immature things. Whether we select ferns or a ficus, you’ll be adding vitality to your décor that mistake plants can’t match. The non-decorative reward that can’t be overlooked? Studies have shown that plants can revoke highlight and mislay toxins from your home. Put one in any room and breathe easy.


If we wish to anchor a room, lay down a pleasing carpet that works with other colors in a space. Besides giving a unclothed building a finished look, a carpet provides regard when a residence gets chilly. To equivocate a close look, leave during slightest 12 inches of building aspect around a rug’s 4 borders.


An mostly ignored accessory, draperies supplement a discriminating covering to a room, Lang said. “For tiny spaces, we will typically use a span of blind panels in a light, neutral perfect fabric on any window, mounted nearby a ceiling. When windows are accented with a perfect issuing fabric, it draws your eye to a window and a healthy light can still upsurge through.”


These books are for so most some-more than reading — they also supplement celebrity to a room. “I’m always sport for singular books that tell a story,” Lang said. No matter what a theme is, from Paris to a Civil War, a books should always be over-sized with a thick spine. Look for engaging covers, too, to uncover off a book’s best side.

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