Date auction brings in bucks, fun for Savannah Jaycees

August 14, 2016 - accent chair

Jaycee’s auction brings in bucks

Selling dates fuels a fun

The Savannah Jaycee’s 3rd Annual Charity Date Auction was hold during Club One Aug. 4.

When one of Savannah’s fastest flourishing county organizations tells me they are auctioning dates during one of a best clubs in town, that auctioneer extraordinaire Michael Weddincamp will be in a suit, and that Kesha Gibson-Carter will be creation an appearance, we immediately assure co-chair Cynthia Wright we will be there.

Making my approach inside, we am immediately greeted with a carol of hellos, hugs and a six-lady line adult of smiling faces – Andrea Epting, Jenny Rutherford, Cheryl Lawrence, Candace Summerall, Kristen Harkleroad and there she is – Kesha Gibson-Carter.

I venerate this still female. Knowing that a executive executive of a Rape Crisis Center is operative on their 20th year anniversary, we am anxious to see her out ancillary some of a Jaycee members.

LeAndrea Mikell is fast typing out amicable media messages to a universe and Cynthia manages to postponement in her duties to poise with bearded beloved Aaron Cradduck.

Happy to see Cynthia happy, we leave a unequivocally high integrate and start posing people like Mack McKenzie and Garlana Mathews, cousins Caleb and Kristen Harkleroad, and One Love’s James Williams and Pam Bebon.

Next, pleasing Apr Gainey and Keri Cromwell mount with Avis manager Chris Delaney and Michael Weddincamp while we call first-time auction member Clinton Edminster over to a bar to poise with Trey Norris and Austin “from Houston” Bolay.

Delighted to discuss with Clinton about his Homer, Alaska, days and “my complacency in vital in a city where we can be myself and change a world,” we unequivocally hatred to leave this rainbow of celebrity though we see sexy Ammie Dover arrive and insist on introducing her to AMI Kids Stephen Murphy and Willie Turral from Beaufort.

Curious about AMI Kids, Willie, a executive of operations tells me, “Associated Marine Institute is a non-profit classification dedicated to assisting uneasy youth.” Guest of LeAndrea, we am attempting to do a 10-question ask when we see dancing talent Joseh Marion fluttering me over.

Hating to decrease a worldly salsa specialist’s entice to his Vivid Rhythms Dance Studio subsequent week, we guarantee to locate The Legacy, a dance eventuality with universe category dancers during a Elk’s Lodge on Aug.  20. and afterwards dispatch over to cuddle anti-aging Mark Hill.

Looking fit and tanned, a Werton, W.V., native’s “Appalachian and local American Indian ancestry” is a pleasing steer to see and he is some-more than happy to share a pic with Club One ubiquitous manager and Adelaide, Australia, local Travis Coles.

Did y’all know that Travis was Zac Efron’s substitute and a physique double for David Spade when a dual actors were here progressing this year? Or that a he is executive writer for Bay Theatre and is operative on a five-night run of a Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oct. 27 – 31?

With a auction starting and a mic turn amping up, we take a demeanour around during a 11 somewhat shaken contestants and consternation if Clinton will be a many outrageous. And approbation he is! we can’t imitation what he says though there is a reason a behest fight of $650 is so extreme over this guy!

After Josh Hodnett finishes his catwalk with a offered cost of $400 from pleasing Chris Waters, we take advantage of his realization by pulling gold blonde Allison Adams over for a male in a center pic with a dual ladies.

As a sharp-witted auction slows down, we accommodate kayaking and white H2O rafting fan Cailey Sparks with horseback riding, selling and energetic libation partner Lindsay Perry. Looking like supermodels, we don’t trust them when they tell me Lindsay is a new mom.

It’s a wrap! Happy to see so many informed faces lift thousands for a 11 non-profit organizations that a Savannah Jaycee’s partnered with, we honour Cynthia on nonetheless another “uber successful, hilariously furious and easily shameful gift fundraisers.”


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