Dascha Polanco: "If I’m Not American Or Latina Enough, Then What Am I?"

May 16, 2016 - accent chair

The distrust that Dascha speaks of is one that builds over time and festers low within from years of examination wire radio programming, that does small to embody brownish-red girls and women in roles that plea a standing quo.  “You see what is deliberate excusable and instead of feeling like maybe we could do this too, we would feel like we don’t belong, like we am not gifted enough,” she adds while adjusting her naturally dipped bosom. “I felt unequivocally insecure, unequivocally scared.”

Years later, Dascha is a distant cry from a bashful and curiously artsy-craftsy teen she used to be. “I began to comprehend that we was usually putting a weight on myself, permitting what’s out of my control to impact what we wanted to pursue,” she admits. “So we began to demeanour during a differences that we had as my uniqueness—that thing we could move to a role.”

Now insensitive and well-acquainted with a prolonged and circuitous highway to a top echelons of a filmmaking industry, she encounters a conflicting kind of prejudice, and from her possess people no less. “Latinos don’t f*ck with me,” says Polanco bluntly, flipping her marooned coils over her unclothed shoulder. “I meant Latino markets ain’t checking for me until it’s time to lift out that card, since we’re trending or something.”


Which is to contend that Dascha’s aesthetics – however desired by multitudes in renouned enlightenment – competence not, during any given time, fit a check for possibly market. “If I’m not American adequate and I’m not Latina enough, afterwards what am I? I’m usually nothing,” she quips. But no one around is laughing. Her knowledge is done tangible bland by a call of millennial Latinos vital in America who shift between cultures and languages, negotiating relations with their homelands.

Dascha’s captivating from-around-the-way steez is though famous by fans from all over a world. Approximately 1.5 million loyal followers on Instagram sing her praises in comments underneath images that try her day to day routine, either she’s violation a persperate during her internal gym or roving to Haiti on a idea trip. It’s clear a people adore this chica, so because not emanate some-more desirous roles for women like her?

“I consider it starts from a material, a casting agencies, a writers, a directors,” she muses. “I don’t consider there is an importance in a Latino village about a opportunities that exist in Hollywood. You don’t have to be an actress. You can be a writer, a director, or we can produce. There are so many conflicting fields to go into. A lot of people are focused on a extraneous partial of [Hollywood] and what they see on a surface, as against to study a other tools that make adult a business.”

I don’t consider Zoe’s idea was to disprove Nina Simone in any way. —Dascha

Considering some-more white people get expel to play people of tone than tangible people of color, a default of Latino writers and directors swimming in a mainstream means for concern.

During an talk behind in Mar with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, Dascha and a show’s hosts discussed a argumentative casting of Zoe Saldaña (who is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent) as Nina Simone in a newly expelled biopic. The cheer over Saldaña’s description of a mythological jazz thespian reached a heat representation when the biopic’s trailer expelled progressing this year, depicting Saldaña in blackface. Dascha, like many of Simone’s fans, had concerns that make adult and prosthetic fixtures were used to dim Saldaña’s skin, and change her facial appearance.


The problem according to Dascha is not that Zoe isn’t black enough, that many have argued, though that she aesthetically represents all a late musician and polite rights romantic did not. “I consider that if we’re going to go that track we didn’t need to do a additional prosthetic and skin coloring. If that was a emanate afterwards there are copiousness of actors we consider could have played a role,” she pronounced on atmosphere while drill Charlamagne Tha God on what it means to be Afro-Latina. “I don’t consider Zoe’s idea was to disprove Nina Simone in any way, though we would have desired to see Uzo [Aduba] play that role.”

While Hollywood does an insistent, thusly crummy pursuit of pandering to people of color, Dascha is creation lemonade out of life’s lemons. After winning during a 2015 SAG Awards for Outstanding Cast in Comedy, Dascha assimilated Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, as Joy’s intrepid best crony who helps her move an entrepreneurial dream to fruition. She afterwards supposed a purpose of Pressie, a mother of Donald Faison (Clueless) in The Perfect Match, and recently, a favorite felon swain landed a lead purpose of Jana in iCreep.

Snagging a principal purpose in a dim comedy (that follows a life of a loner and his loyal love) is a idea scratched off a bucket list of a femme deadly who wants to master a art of play and see herself in a boots of sundry formidable characters. Albeit her dream plan is to live out a purpose of a lead super heroine from a Marvel franchise, she’d unequivocally like to try her palm during a dissimilar position that is many mostly satisfied by her melanin-deficient counterpart.

“The other day we was examination a Thor film where Natalie Portman plays a scientist and Thor’s adore interest,” she explains with propensity and articulate hands. “There’s never a film where a superhero falls in adore with a curvy Latina! Or a Latina heroine, we know what we mean? I’d adore to play her.”

Dascha’s sentiments arrive in a timely fashion. Just this April, Deadline reported Afro-Panamanian and Mexican thespian Tessa Thompson (Creed) will incursion into Marvel conflicting Natalie Portman in Alex Garland’s Annihilation. She will then transition to the third installment of a Thor authorization as Chris Hemsworth’s adore interest. (Insert a common YAAAS here.)


Sheroes and doe-eyed categorical squeezes aside, Dascha one day wants to also exaggerate accurately what she is: a beautiful, talented, intelligent Dominican lady with an engaging life to live and a lot to say. She’s in fact putting her income where her mouth is and starting to qualification her possess material, with hopes of directing in a nearby future.

“I am spooky with a artistic world. we can draw, dance, act, and I’m going to write—I am writing,” she says matter-of-factly. “I prepared myself adequate to be means to bend out in conflicting areas and get to work with someone who knows a essay routine and create.

My kids know to hang adult for themselves and for kids they see are being bullied. —Dascha

“Everyone’s notice is different,” she adds between bites of Thai unfeeling stir fry. “A white chairman essay comedy won’t be means to execute me as a Dominican. They won’t know how to culturally connect. They would need a lot of consulting. For me it’s critical to not usually be an actress, though to write and approach as well. we can't and will not extent myself.”

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