Daniele Struppa, Chapman University’s president-to-be, is prepared to lead and learn

October 25, 2015 - accent chair

Chancellor Daniele Struppa doesn’t take over as Chapman University trainer until subsequent year though he is wasting no time aggressive one of a institution’s many disturbing problems – stretched family between city and gown.

On Nov. 5, Struppa will co-chair a initial in a array of meetings with 13 residents to plead how a university can improved work with a neighbors in a city of Orange. “It’s a large deal,” Struppa says. “We need to correct a situation.”

Struppa’s not exaggerating. When it comes to a university vs. internal residents, City Manager Rick Otto a other week done transparent his priority: “To safety a neighborhoods.”

The president-designate elaborates on a tactful mission: “It’s vicious since it shows Chapman’s eagerness to listen to a city and rise a routine so we can come adult with a devise that a city feels gentle with.”

One ideal, Struppa offers, is to build some-more campus housing so fewer students live off campus.

A garland of college students vital in a let subsequent to a family can emanate tension, Struppa admits.

He adds that students in dorms are safer than in frat house-type settings where parties can get out of hand.

Still, he acknowledges there will be some-more expansion on a 154-year-old campus usually as certainly as there will be hikes in tyro fees.

The Hilbert Museum of California Art is scheduled to open in February. The 1,000-plus-seat Marybelle and Sebastian P. Musco Center for a Arts is designed to open a following month. A 21st-century scholarship core is in a formulation stages.

The appetite Struppa brings when he discusses a new cabinet is standard of a chancellor. He is a form of chairman who doesn’t usually welcome life. He grabs it, explores it, learns from it – and shares it.

Current President Jim Doti lifted tens of millions of dollars and guided Chapman from a small, medium college to a sprawling university with some-more than 8,000 students that U.S. News World Report ranks seventh among informal universities in a West.

Who would wish to follow that act? Struppa would.

A math highbrow and towering climber, he’s a kind of man who laughs with pleasure about removing slammed by a Himalayan assign while scaling a sixth-highest towering in a world.


The dusk before we accommodate with Struppa, he and his wife, Lisa Sparks, Chapman highbrow of behavioral sciences, hosted 20 students during their home in Irvine.

He asks a students for their ideas and what a soon-to-be university trainer should be meditative about.

Suggestions flow. The tip 3 are improving tyro and instructor diversity, progressing a collaborative rather than a rival environment, and formulating a heightened egghead campus life.

Struppa believes he is well-equipped to tackle those goals. Charismatic, Struppa sees his purpose reduction in a open eye than a high-profile Doti and some-more in a normal purpose of a university president.

“I consider we unequivocally share strengths,” Struppa says of his predecessor, “yet this is a opposite phase.”

Another idea a chancellor is generally vehement about is formulating an educational space that brings together opposite disciplines.

“Think of a poet, a composer, a striking artist, an earth scientist. With that kind of diversity,” Struppa says, fluttering his hands for emphasis, “we can build new ideas.”

Before nearing on campus, we attempted to review adult on Struppa’s latest love: “Fourier research and a applications to a accumulation of problems including a algebraic analysis. …” Yes, we fast gave up.

Struppa is a numbers guy, though a numbers man who loves egghead debate. A whiteboard in Struppa’s bureau looks like something out of a film “A Beautiful Mind.”

I ask Struppa for a glance into his world. He end to a board, wipes it clean, draws dual squares and 3 dots, or “particles,” and launches into a minute reason of … well, never mind what he explains since we got lost.

Regardless, a indicate is that Struppa has a adore for training since he has a adore for learning.

He calls modernized math a hobby and likens it to “mastering a competition during a top level.”

As chancellor, Struppa teaches an modernized math category and calls his training character a “flip class.” Instead of lecturing, he spends scarcely an hour a week creation several 10-minute harangue videos.

By a time students travel into his classroom, they have watched his lectures, review a compulsory element and should be prepared for discussion.

During his many new class, Struppa spent an hour exploring what numbers truly are, asking, “What is a hint of 1, 2, 3?” The chancellor calls it “active learning.”

“Finally,” Struppa says, beaming, “all of a remarkable we could see a students got it.”

Struppa vows he will continue to instruct. He says he not usually loves teaching, he loves training from students and considers it vicious to his success as university president.


Born in Milan of Sicilian blood, Struppa warranted his laurea in arithmetic from a University of Milan and his doctorate during a University of Maryland, College Park. With that background, he has a native’s adore for Italian cuisine.

After a discussion, Struppa goes home and cooks cooking for family and friends. He buys a pasta. And he creates dual sauces. One is red with exhilarated olive oil, onions, garlic, sliced bacon, half a potion of red wine, salt, peppers and tomatoes. The second salsa is white with walnuts, cream, butter, nutmeg.

Yet with someone such as Struppa, food and other endeavors are reduction about what is manifest than about finding cultures.

Struppa points out a red salsa captures southern Italy and a olive trees while a white salsa reflects a dairy of northern Italy.

A array of mountain-climbing photos roughly censor in a corners of Struppa’s office. He has climbed a top plateau in South America, Europe, Africa.

And he due to his mother on Cotopaxi, a 19,347-foot volcano in Ecuador.

Those adventures, too, were about culture. The integrate review books about a area, visited with locals.

“Nothing is casual,” Struppa stresses. “It’s about training and connecting.”


Struppa is professionally unapproachable of his new appointment. Yet a respect is equally vicious on a personal level.

With a scabby close-cropped brave and curly graying hair, a 60-year-old grins, glances down and sensitively confides with a lilting Italian accent, “My daughters are so excited.”

His daughters are 8 and 11. He calls them “my angels.”

Struppa shares that his daughters suggested it will be fun to be in charge, to do whatever he wants. He laughed and told them, “You’re never free, really.”

He looks around campus, during a students rushing by. “Soon, everybody will be my boss.”

With a new area committee, that includes internal residents.

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