Dan Clanton an forward ‘Star Trek’ collector, fan

July 24, 2016 - accent chair

VACAVILLE — Dan Clanton can literally behind adult his adore of “Star Trek.”

The late corrections officer and actor now opts to squeeze some-more personalized memorabilia from a uncover that launched 50 years ago. Most of his behind is lonesome in colorful tattoos showcasing a accumulation of things from a scholarship novella combined by a late Gene Roddenberry.

The ink is usually a beginning.

One room in his home is dedicated to posters, glasses, figurines, plates, even a bean bag chair, all temperament a “Star Trek” brand.

That’s usually a dump in a bucket, he’ll tell you.

He detected a TV uncover in a early 1970s, when it was being shown in syndication.

“In 1966, we was examination ‘Lost in Space,’ ” he said.

Clanton was fast bending and removed going home after to propagandize and throwing episodes.

“It became a large partial of my life,” he said.

It’s remained that way.

He began attending “Star Trek” conventions and collecting a equipment he cherishes today. Among them is a ceramic doll modeled after Capt. James T. Kirk.

It was adult for auction. Clanton removed it has a sell value of about $150. He assimilated a behest frenzy. So did his friend, who was a newcomer in Clanton’s automobile to a convention.

“What are we doing? we am behest on it,” were Clanton’s difference to his pal. “I can, too,” was a friend’s reply. Clanton’s “Do we wish a float home?” hermetic a understanding and a doll was Clanton’s.

It now stands on a record cupboard subsequent to a Mr. Spock doll.

Clanton was means to poise for a print in May with William Shatner, a actor who played Kirk in a strange series. The encounter, after a Shatner uncover during Cache Creek, was brief though thrilling. Clanton was means to sell pleasantries to a indicate of “nice to accommodate your, sir” and hear a now 85-year-old reply,  “My pleasure.”

Kirk is Clanton’s favorite impression since he’s a soldier who is peaceful to take chances.

His favorite part of a strange array is “Mirror, Mirror,” where a Enterprise organisation is beamed adult to a boat during an ionic charge and finish adult in a barbarous together universe.

“Star Trek” fans have called it one of a essential episodes in a series. It also lives on in cocktail enlightenment as a rope Spock’s Beard took a name from a bearded together star Spock. The cocktail rope Information Society in a late 1980s sampled lines from Kirk in dual opposite songs.

Clanton said he thinks a “Star Trek” sorcery has endured for half a century since it offering wish for a splendid future. The United States in a mid-1960s was traffic with competition riots and a war. On screen, Rodenberry had a expel that enclosed a Russian (an American rivalry during a time), an Asian, an alien, a Scotsman and a black lady all removing along.

The “Star Trek” judgment has also done a symbol on technology. Clanton waited roughly a year to accept a Bluetooth-activated reproduction of a show’s communicator.

He was recently means with some Vulcan ale that a museum crony found for him. Clanton also expects to see some new sell as a 13th film in a series, “Star Trek: Beyond,” arrived in theaters Friday. He was during one of a initial shows of a day.

Clanton has done appearances on some “Investigation Discovery” shows. The closest he’s come to a “Star Trek” coming was a aged “Star Trek Adventure” during Universal Studios. He was one of a assembly members comparison to wear a Star Trek uniform and contend lines. In his best Russian accent, Clanton delivered “Captain, I’m picking adult a Klingon wessel (vessel).”

Paula Clanton, his mother of 34 years, pronounced when she met him he had a shoebox of “Star Trek” memorabilia. It wasn’t even full.

“It gives him something to do and it creates him happy,” she pronounced of her husband’s affinity for a series.

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