Curtain’s up: Fall taste takes a character stage

August 8, 2017 - accent chair

Theatrical silhouettes. Stirring colors. Compelling patterns. This fall, we’re saying taste that quietly takes a spotlight, and a story’s got something for everyone.

“It’s like midcentury complicated has met Sophia Loren,” laughs New York-based interior engineer Elaine Griffin, describing some of a season’s hottest styles. “French and Italian Art Deco influences everywhere in taste that’s soulful, comely and voluptuous.”



At Manhattan’s Kip’s Bay Show House in late spring, Joan Dineen total luxe textural platinum, sugar and mink tones with flashes of vegetable hues. She played with scale, fixation a hefty, cream-colored lounge brimful with pillows and mistake fur subsequent to an iceberg-shaped lead coffee list and a ethereal rattan bistro chair. ( )

Other designers, like Richard Mishaan and Kirsten Kelli, layered their bedrooms with a muddle of pattern, hardness and color. (; )

Hammered metals, silken lacquers and discriminating potion common space with plush wools and engaging woods, all punctuated by eye-catching wall art or coverings, and matter lighting.

The minimalism of past seasons has given some belligerent to this new “maximalist” character characterized by layers of pattern, tone and texture. In a some-more infrequent iteration, it exudes a boho vibe that’s welcoming and lived-in — piles of books; patterned throws; curated appendage collections and gallery walls.

“Say hello to homes that are full of life,” says Claire Bingham about a demeanour she explores in her new book “A Beautiful Mess: Celebrating a New Eclecticism” (teNeues, 2017).

Christian Lacroix’s Au Theatre Ce Soir wallpaper collection includes a dream-like collage of illusory creatures and flora, and another settlement facilities a digital digest of decoupaged selected Aztec prints. ( )

Griffin records that “the easier silhouettes become, a some-more sum turn important.”

“Look for unenlightened textures like complicated velvets,” she says, “and complicated elements like channel and block tufting. Extravagant combinations of materials and finishes within one piece, and an importance on a turn and curve.”

“Moroccan and Moroccan-inspired rugs are apropos partial of a carpet vernacular, moving sleeker versions in streamlined prosaic weaves and overdyed patchworks,” Griffin says. ( )



Asian, African and Middle Eastern motifs sojourn popular, evoking a well-traveled lifestyle. But you’ll see lots of glamour, too. Facets, highly-polished metals, pleasant motifs, mistake fur, velvet and Deco patterning move sophistication into a space, generally when tone is used thoughtfully.

Modern Scandinavian and farmhouse styles still have stout legs, with their concentration on comfort and easy living. Layla Faye’s ’60s-era wallpaper and fabric prints are uninformed and fun. Target’s Modern by Dwell Magazine collection includes a round, blond-wood coffee list with white steel trim, and several mod rugs. IKEA’s new Veberod storage collection facilities pieces done of steel, plywood and canvas. ( ; ; )

Traditionalists will be gratified to see a lapse of tiny florals as an choice to contemporary oversize blooms. Pottery Barn’s got a dinnerware and glassware collection in selected prints, and Morris Co. has introduced updated versions of William Morris’ iconic patterns. ( )

Warm woods like walnut and charcoal are categorical players in probably each seat collection, and are also being used as paneling. Look for trims in comfortable metals, generally brass.

Neal Beckstedt clad his space during Kip’s Bay in charcoal veneer, bringing it to within about a feet of a ceiling. Then he practical a thick rope of teal lacquer a rest of a way, to show-stopping effect. ( )



“We’re experimenting with energetic motion, layering and sculptural elements to spur a textiles,” says Tamalyn Shea of Modra Studio in La Jolla, California.

Artists there decorated South Pacific sea life, Amazonian plant formations, and call patterns on Kenya’s Lake Turkana, copy them in vegetable hues, windy colors, and dry tones on velvet and linen. It’s a wallcovering and weave collection balancing a organic with a avant-garde. ( )

Dramatic forms are being explored by seat designers, too. At this spring’s Architectural Digest Design Show in New York, Brooklyn studio MFGR showed a pierced, blackened steel shade depicting a constellations over a equator, and an ebonized charcoal credenza with healthy charcoal doors honed into a fractal pattern. ( )

Patrick Weder showed a beefy, marble-topped list on a smoke-stack of steel and bronze triangles, while This Lexik had a brutalist woven brick done of strips of resin-wrapped cotton. ( ; )

J.M. Szymanski fake blackened steel into witty side tables that had one balled foot, or a territory of a leg missing. He’s done a coffee list with a heavy, ultra-clear potion tip filled with excellent iron powder; place captivating objects on top, and a powder shifts about like a black dried in a wind. Theater for a vital room. ( )



“Emerald is really a ‘it’ tone of a season,” says Griffin. “It’s a ideal anchor for a other jewel tones that are trending.”

Look for greens and blues, from moss to teal, peacock to ink. Also mustard, chartreuse, chrome yellow and cream, and fruity hues, like low plum, cherry and berry.

Dark walls are returning, contend designers — line-up blue, navy, even brown. They’re being contrasted with valuables tones — rather than white or ivory — in trims and furnishings.

And black is back. PPG, Olympic Paints and Glidden’s 2018 Color of a Year choices were Black Flame, Black Magic and Deep Onyx. The companies pronounced a colors simulate classical modernism.

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