Creative Director Channels 1970s NYC in her SF Apartment

October 19, 2015 - accent chair

↑ Olson grew adult in New Jersey, though some of her fondest memories embody visiting her grandmother’s section in New York’s Upper Eastside. Marian Piantini (seen in a framed imitation above), was not a normal grandma. She took Olson to a Metropolitan Museum of Art scarcely each weekend, designed all of her possess clothes, and was impossibly chic. She had a groovy section where art hung salon-style in each room. As Olson looks during her possess art-filled walls, she speculates that her career and decorating decisions were expected shabby by those memories.
↑ “She lonesome each wall, building to ceiling, with art in incompatible frames,” Olson remembers. “That square with a clever yellow lines hung in her apartment, and we hereditary it. It was a initial thing we spent critical income on when carrying it framed.”
↑ Olson’s art wall is adjacent to a qualification accented by a clever wall covering. The thought for a colorful imitation was sparked by a imitation on Olson’s Instagram feed. “I’m spooky with Kindah Khaliday‘s art,” Olson says. “One day, she posted a imitation of her paint palette. we desired a picture so much, I purchased a high res indicate from her and had it done into this wallpaper.”
↑ The vital room is dominated by song and an oversize dollhouse. The fact that there’s room for both is a explanation to a former New Yorker. “To us, this section seems unequivocally large,” says Olson. “It’s a many atmospheric home we’ve ever had together.” When Olson and her father changed from NYC (where she was an art executive during Bon Appétit) to a Bay Area dual years ago, they lived in Berkeley for 12 months before spotting this two-bedroom, one-bathroom section on Craigslist. “Living in New York, we weren’t repelled by a lease prices we’d have to pay,” she says. “But what did warn us was how fast rents went adult from a time we changed to a East Bay to a time we rented this apartment.”

The dollhouse was a NYC flea-market find. “Pretty clearly, it was done by hand, and maybe pieces of aged chair were used to qualification it,” Olson says. “Right now we are regulating it to arrangement objects, though it could find a home down a line in a baby’s room.”
↑ Olson had a console custom-designed to reason a couple’s vinyl collection and turntable. “I adore all about vinyl records, a sound, a feel, and a coupler design,” she says. “I stole my parent’s collection when we was a teenager, and we have all a good 1970s albums.”
↑ Behind a headboard in a master bedroom is another accent wall engineered by Olson. “I wanted a sold kind of blue, so we went down to Lowe’s and found some paint chips as a starting point. But afterwards we kept seeking a man in a paint dialect to adjust it, adding some-more black until we got it accurately right. It took a integrate of hours,” she says. “I don’t consider he’d ever had a patron like me, and he seemed amused.”
↑ A imagination peacock chair, an iconic chair from a 1970s, has a home in a bedroom. Olson had wanted one given she was a child.
↑ Olson says she doesn’t know for sure, though she suspects a kitchen was designed by New Yorkers used to traffic with petite spaces. “I adore this kitchen since it’s impossibly efficient. It’s set adult only right for cooking and a storage is unequivocally smart,” she says. Although a tile, countertops, and appliances were commissioned before she arrived, Olson adds her possess aptitude with selected orange-and-yellow flowered canisters and cookbooks.

The baby’s room is a subsequent project, though we can be flattering certain it won’t be embellished with code new furniture. “I unequivocally like California flea markets, and we suffer looking for things there,” she says. “But lately, I’ve been selling my possess collection of things. We already have some equipment I’m deliberation for a nursery, like some outrageous letters from a sign.”

The baby’s room, only like a baby, is watchful to be born. But we are certain Olson will continue to figure it out.

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