Common Design Mistakes That Make Your House Look Cluttered

August 15, 2017 - accent chair

You purify your residence all a time, though for some reason it still looks arrange of messy. What gives? It could be one of a many common pattern mistakes: undiagnosed clutter.

When we live in a same space for a prolonged duration of time, it’s easy to amass a whole garland of stuff, and we competence not even notice all a small things that make your home visually untidy. Cleaning adult a clutter can lead to some flattering certain benefits, such as shortening anxiety, shortening feelings of guilt, and moving deeper creativity. So it’s value a time and effort.


We’ve put together a list of a common confusion culprits, so we can emanate a clean, mentally balmy atmosphere that you’ll adore to live in.

1. Hang your fate a right way

Modern retro character penthouse vital room Hang a fate high and wide. | Jovy86/Getty Images

Follow any pattern blog, and you’ll see that they suggest unresolved your curtains “high and wide.” But what does that meant exactly?

You competence be tempted to mountain your screen hardware directly onto a trim around a window. But doing so could make your windows demeanour smaller, that in spin creates a whole room demeanour little and cluttered. Instead, implement floor-length curtains, and put a hardware as tighten to a roof as possible. Also, put them a few inches wider than a windows themselves. This creates a apparition of incomparable windows, that creates a whole room demeanour bigger.

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