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November 10, 2014 - accent chair


411’s WWE Raw Report 11.10.14


After a good small summation of final week, we start a uncover with a yellow and red Cena. Due to some audio issues, we have no suspicion what he says for a bulk of a promo. we come behind to life, behind to existence when Cena speaks about his competition in a categorical eventuality tonight, that is Ryback, it appears. Cena wants to pronounce business with Ryback. He gets some mega cheers, as Cole calls him a Free Agent, claiming possibly group would advantage most from Ryback’s presence. It’s cold that we can hear a accent from a crowd. haha. Ryback says “The Big Guy’s back,” nonetheless he is cut brief of any other promo use by The Authority’s song conflict – that might usually be for a best. Triple H, Steph, Kane, Rollins, and a stooges come out. They partial themselves to introduce…

Mark Henry.

Cole says Swagger assimilated Cena. Is that true? When did that happen?

Ziggler possibility here, and Steph says that these people, who are run by a monarchy, should know usually where they are entrance from. Triple H says all is on a line during Survivor Series, that means all is on a line for everybody in a WWE. Triple H is going to put a fear of God into a guys on Cena’s team. The throng is unequivocally perplexing to shroud Trips…they kinda are. The stakes have been raised, says Trips, and now he wants to know who has a courage to play in a game. Triple H was on final week. This week, he’s vocalization in exaggeration and extended metaphors that usually scent to high ruin and sound like a garland of soundbites in one order.

Anyway, Triple H lacks during Swagger’s participation on their team, and mentions Dolph Ziggler. Triple H says Ziggler won’t even make it to Survivor Series. Cena brings adult Daniel Bryan. Triple H mentions Bryan sitting on his donkey during home today, so close yo face, brah. Tonight, Ziggler takes on Mark Henry. Henry gets all “yeah, son.” Stephanie calls Cena an insirational and motivational orator she’s heard. She says it’s all promotion nonetheless and oppressive existence is improved than fake wish and fasten Team Authority is best for business. If Ryback assimilated Team Authority, suppose how many some-more categorical eventuality opportunities he could have. Triple H roughly gives it divided by indicating to Trips when she mentions who is on a team…

Steph gets all prohibited and worried when she describes Ryback’s earthy attributes. Triple H wants to feed Ryback more. More opportunities, some-more categorical events, some-more belts, some-more fame, some-more glory, some-more Stephanie, some-more Twinkies. He offers Ryback anything he wants, and Ryback grins. Cena says this is since they should be out of a job. Cena’s group will take a margin as men, and not as some sellout. Cena drops Sexual Chocolate. Cena says he’s not gonna desire Ryback nonetheless usually keep in mind, if Ryback messes adult one time…they will finish him. If Ryback is as good as he says he is, afterwards join Cena’s group and let The Universe confirm his fate. Feed Me MOAR chant. The Big Guy is not fearful of The Authority, and he also doesn’t see John Cena’s name on a bottom of his paycheck…

SPINEBUSTER to John Cena!!!

Stephanie tries to get a Yes! Chant going. Ryback leaves a ring, and we didn’t unequivocally get a counsel answer as to who Ryback is with.


-Commercial Break-

Match 1: Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins
Lockup to start. Side headlock takedown from Swagger. Swagger is adult and backs Seth into a corner. Seth with a ride to a eye. Kicks to Swagger in a corner. Seth with a rouindhouse into a right hand. Seth hits a ropes, nonetheless Swagger shoulder checks him. Again. Whip and a missed right as Seth rolls out of a ring to a outside. Seth regroups. He reenters a ring and looks for a exam of strength. A few kicks to Swagger sends Swagger into a dilemma afterwards my feed goes out and we come behind usually as we go to a commercial.

We come behind and Seth is pulling adult Swagger by a hair to flog him in a chest. Seth with a flog to a gut, into a snapmare and a chin lock. Swagger with a right palm after branch into a hold. Seth hits a ropes, and flies towards Swagger, nonetheless Swagger tosses him over a tip wire to a outside. Zebby stands aside. Seth rolls behind in and goes for a clothesline, nonetheless Swagger ducks and hits one of his own. Splash into in a dilemma afterwards a large boot. Swagger Bomb! Pin for 1…2..NO!! Swagger gets kicked and Seth hops off a tip wire into a powerbomb pose, nonetheless Swagger rolls through. Patriot Lock! Seth gets to a ropes! Swagger breaks a hold. Seth binds a ropes as Swagger goes for a kick. Seth on a apron! He hops off, nonetheless Swagger grabs a leg and picks a ankle!! The Stooges distract, so Seth flies off a block and slams Swagger into a ring post! Seth rolls Swagger behind into a ring afterwards goes for a quell stomp! He hits it! Pin for 1..2…3!!!
Seth rolls Swagger behind into a ring afterwards goes for a quell stomp! He hits it! Pin for 1..2…3!!!
Official Result: Seth Rollins
My summation doesn’t do a compare probity as we missed a bulk of a middle. Still a plain affair.

The Stooges and Seth approximate Swagger. Swagger staggers adult and Seth hits another Curb Stomp.

-Commercial Break-

Recap of a Ambrose/Wyatt program, quite a discuss of Ambrose’s father. Real time now, and we got Ambrose contemplating. He speaks of his unwashed deeds and his past. He says that when he goes down, he will self-destruct gloriously and if Wyatt wants to go down with him, afterwards he hopes Wyatt is right and that there is a special place in ruin for both of them. The Survivor Series compare is set: Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose.

Backstage, Ryback is removing ready. Kane walks in, says he’s blissful to have Ryback on a team. Tonight is Ryback’s initial event to infer himself. Kane says a whole instruction of a WWE is on a line. Kane tells Ryback Kane will be ringside for Ryback’s match. Ryback says he’s got it, nonetheless Kane says that he’ll need both certainty and humility, so let’s be clear: Kane will be out there for a solitary purpose of assisting him win. Kane says to follow his lead. Ryback says when he wants Kane’s advice, he’ll ask for it. He tells Kane to stay out of his approach in a compare tonight.

-Commercial Break-

Match 2: Alicia Fox vs Paige
Alicia runs discerning with a Thesz press! Paige is means to get on a apron, though, and squeeze Paige. She drives some knees into Alicia. Alicia fires behind with a outrageous foot to a face of Paige, knocking her off a apron.

Official Result:


So backstage, Steph and Triple H are examination Vince’s proclamation from final week as if they forgot what he said…no consternation we have so many recaps. They pronounce of Steph and her “silver spoon,” afterwards pronounce of Vince’s motivational ways. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, says Triple H. They are going to fight, and they are going to win – like they always do. Still, Steph says, what if?

Recap of Rusev winning a US Championship. Lana is here with Rusev. She brings adult a supremacy of Russia over US. Speaking of this, if it wasn’t for Russia stepping in, right now, all of Liverpool would be vocalization German. The guys that Rusev come out with have thier spin on a mic. It appears they’re vocalization on interest of Russia, and wish to honour Rusev. Rusev wants honour for a Russian National Anthem. Sheamus’s song cuts it off genuine quick, though, and he runs his donkey down a ramp afterwards solemnly lumbers to conflict Rusev. haha. Silly ginger.

Recapper’s Note: You’ll have to pardon a peculiarity of a initial hour and a news adult until this point. Technical problems have caused for a really shitty viewing, and, as such, a report. Things seems to be ok now, though.

Match 3: Sheamus vs Rusev
I come behind to a compare with Rusev winning Sheamus. He is laid disposed on a apron. Rusev grabs a right arm and pulls Sheamus into a core of a ring. He stomps Sheamus in a chest. We see that during a break, Rusev knocked sheamus off a tip rope. Rusev with a singular armed reason from behind. Sheamus tries to spin into it. Sheamus with a right palm to a tummy nonetheless Rusev fires behind with a blow to a back. He sends Sheamus in a dilemma and Shemus hits a large boot. Sheamus fires off a ropes with a right hand. Rusev hits one, Sheamus with one of his own. Another. One more. He hits a ropes and goes for another, nonetheless Rusev will NOT FALL! AXE HANDLE OFF THE ROPES and we Rusev goes down! Shoulder inot a corner. High using knee from Sheamus. Sheamus runs forward….right into a dropkick! Both group are down. Rusev runs for a splash, nonetheless Sheamus catches him and hits a physique impact into a pin or 1…2..NO! Sheamus is standing. He turns to see Rusev crawling towards a ropes. Sheamus goes forward, nonetheless Rusev pulls a ropes, promulgation to a outside. Sheamus lands on his feet, hops adult tip and hits a battering of a chest. Sheamus rolls in afterwards trips Rusev adult and tries to close in a Cloverleaf! He can’t close it in. Sheamus with a rollup nonetheless Rusev turns it around and looks like a mutated German!!! Pin for 1…2..NO! Rusev is adult and sends Sheamus into a dilemma and hits him with a right. Rusev sends Sheamus tough into a dilemma afterwards sets him horizontally conflicting a ropes. Rusev with a right palm to a gut. Another. Rusev gets a firemans. Sheamus with an elbow, another, one some-more to dump down. He gets a firemans and hits White Noise, damn nearby dropping Rusev! Pin for 1..2….NO!

Both group down. They any get adult in conflicting corners. Sheamus is adult first. He calls for a Brogue! He runs, nonetheless Rusev drops and rolls out of a ring!! Sheamus runs to a dilemma and hops adult top. He flies off a tip wire with a right palm to a conduct of Rusev!!! Sheamus sends Rusev into a ring nonetheless Rusev rolls out, so Sheamus clotheslines his ass. haha. Sheamus sends Rusev into a block during a count of 5. He’s counting flattering darned fast.
At 8, Sheamus tosses Rusev into a ring. He’s about to get in, nonetheless THE STOOGES FROM THE AUTHORITY come and lift Sheamus down!! The ref hits 10, not observant a distraction, and Sheamus loses around countout nonetheless again!
Official Result: Rusev around Countout
A good second half, and a good approach to swell a storyline.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, Rusev and Lana are walking proudly. Here comes Steph, clapping and congratulating. She wants to know if he’s suspicion of a offer. Lana says yes, they will join. Putin is really happy….Steph cuts her off ,tells her she doesn’t give a damn what Putin says. It’s about what The Authority wants. Lana understands, afterwards Steph kinda mocks Lana. They don’t seem worried by it.

Team Authority is now set, it appears: Seth Rollins, Kane, Ryback (allegedly), Mark Henry, and Kane.

Team Cena: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, John Cena (street quarrel gear), John Cena (Make-a-Wish Shirt)

Backstage, Seth Rollins comes into Ryback’s locker room to call him huge. He wanted to tell Ryback acquire aboard, and wants to encourage Ryback that usually like Rusev, Ryback done a right call. This is huge, says Rollins. WWE is on a line. Seth brings adult their differences in a past and says they are on a same group now. All that matters is Survivor Series, and personally, Seth agrees with Ryback. He doesn’t need to take orders from Kane….he can take them from Seth. haha. Ryback says his diversion devise is simple; he finds a target, and he destroys it. Cena is a aim tonight. There is not a large male to a large guy.

Match 4: Los Matadores vs The Miz and Damien Sandow
Miz starts with Mat 1, does some wire work, afterwards gets forsaken on a ropes. A seated dash gets a tag. Miz with a discerning neckbreaker. Miz stomps afterwards calls for Sandow….but nope! Miz opts to stay in. He thatch in a cravat as a throng chants for Mizdow. Miz in a corner, and he gets chopped. Miz runs with his clothesline and hits it in a corner. Miz hops off a tip wire with an mattock hoop to a head. Pin for 1…2..NO! Miz grabs a head. Sets adult for a DDT. He hits a behind of pad 2. He asks a throng if they wish Mizdow. TAG TO SANDOW! They adore it. Snapmare from Damien, and a flog to a back. He tags himself out quickly, vouchsafing Miz in. Miz runs for a kick, nonetheless misses and Mat 2 tags in Mat 1. A high flog afterwards a rolling strike afterwards a whip followed by a hurricanrana. Splash in a dilemma goes adly as Miz hits an elbow. Matador flies off with a crossbody nonetheless Mizdow breaks it up. Miz gloats, so does Hornswoggle, so El Torito takes caring of him. Miz on a apron, nonetheless Matador hits him in a tummy with a shoulder.
A suplex goes wrong, and Miz is means to spin it into a pin Sandow binds a leg down, preventing a flog out as we get a 1….2…3!!!
Official Result: The Miz


Dolph is in a back, taping adult his wrist. Cena apologizes. Dolph brings adult a group of The Authority and says all them opposite a dual of them? Did they usually forget about Swagger? Or was a quell stomp him leaving? haha. Cena tells Dolph that if he wants to burst ship, no tough feelings. Dolph takes offense. Dolph says Thre Authority’s gotta go. For once, he and Cena are on a same page and for once, Dolph has Cena’s back. Cena says he’ll be ringside for Dolph, too.

Here comes a H’s. He wonders since they seem so upset. He says that he overheard their convo and he’s cold with them examination any other’s backsides, nonetheless not during ringside so they are criminialized from ringside of any other matches. It’s a contrition what happened to Swagger, says Trips, nonetheless it’s zero personal…just business. He tells them to hearten up. haha. Triple H dances to “Another One Bites a Dust.”

-Commercial Break-

Before a subsequent match, we get a creepy Harper promo. Dolph’s all like huh? So in box we haven’t noticed, these eyes are usually for Dolph.

Match 5: Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry
Dolph attacks a midsection nonetheless Henry usually tosses him like nothin. Dolph adult again, and ducks a clothesline to strike a dropkick, promulgation Henry into a corner. Henry rises Dolph, hits a headbutt. Henry tosses Dolph tough in a dilemma afterwards splashes, nonetheless Dolph moves. Henry drops to a knee. Dolph flies for a DDT, nonetheless overshoots, and flips over Henry. Henry is down, nonetheless Dolph grabs his conduct and sends him face initial into a mat. Both group down until about three, afterwards Dolph superkicks Henry to a outside. Both group outward now, and Henry smashes Dolph down. Henry runs, and Dolph trips him up, promulgation Henry over into a timekeeper’s area. Henry is behind on his feet and grabs a chair. He smacks Dolph with it.

Official Result:
Hardly a match.

Henry tosses Dolph into a stairs and dissassembles a steps. He rises a bottom and pushes it into a ring. Henry tosses Dolph into a ring. Henry rises Dolph, looking for The World’s Strongest Slam. Cue Big Show’s music! He runs down to save Dolph! Henry rises a steps, waits for Show to enter. Show manuevers around, they dance with a steps, and Henry heads out. Show on a mic, tells Henry to go forward and run and leave. Show says he’s a partial of Team Cena.

-Commercial Break-

After a break, Show, Dolph, and Cena are in a behind talking. Cena welcomes Show to a ranks and says they usually need dual some-more people crazy a bit. Enter Sheamus who says he’s crazy enough.

Things finally collect adult as thew smashing and pleasing AJ LEE is here!!!

Earlier tonight, Nikki slaps around Brie in a butler’s uniform. Nikki calls her Cinderbella

Nikki looks like a douche. I’ve never seen a womanlike demeanour like a douche, nonetheless damnit…Nikki does.

Match 6: AJ Lee vs Brie Bella
Lockup to start, and Brie gets a side headlock. AJ pushes her off and is strike with a shoulderblock. AJ hits an bend of her possess to strike Brie down. Pin for 1..NO. Brie sends AJ to a bottom wire afterwards runs and hits a knee right to a chin. OUCH. Pin for 1…2…NO! Brie mounts AJ and slams her conduct into a mat. Brie grabs a conduct afterwards sends AJ into a corner. Nikki yells for Brie to attack. Brie hits some stomps into a corner. Brie sets AJ adult on hers shoulders, nonetheless AJ turns it into a DDT. AJ goes fo ra dash in a corner, nonetheless Brie hits a flog afterwards a barb dropkick. AJ is in a dilemma and Brie goes for a right. AJ puts her knees up. AJ thatch a arms from behind. AJ gets a Black Widow!!! Brie taps!!!

Official Result: AJ Lee
AJ, we adore you.
RATING: ****

Nikki attacks from behind, promulgation AJ into a pad repeatedly. Nikki grabs AJ up. Rack Attack to AJ!

JBL and Cole move adult Smackdown’s small impulse for Sgt. Dan Rose.

Backstage, Mark Henry heads into Ryback’s locker room and says he doesn’t demeanour so large to him. He reminds Ryback of a violence he gave him during Mania, afterwards says usually playin and welcomes him to a group before leaving.

-Commercial Break-

Adam Rose is here and we get news that subsequent week’s guest horde is….Grumpy Cat?…How many times can one uncover burst a shark?

Match 7: Adam Rose vs Tyson Kidd
Lockup to start into a side headlock that is incited into wire work, finale in a shoulder tackle. So, commencement of compare #2. Rose sends Tyson over a ropes, and Tyson hangs Rose adult afterwards hits a flog to a face. He heads into a ring and kicks tough again, afterwards attacks Rose. As he’s on a offense, Eric Rowan comes down a ramp, of all people. He spreads a throng and creeps behind The Bunny. The Bunny cowers divided as Rowan creates his approach around a ring. He stares during a ring afterwards heads towards a announce booth. Tyson has a side headlock in as Rowan rises his facade and says, “She’s not here…”

Back to a match, Tyson whips Rose into a ropes and is met with a flog to a arm. Rose with an bend in a corner. He hits a clothesline afterwards another. Rose with a spinebuster! Rose is excited!
The Bunny hops adult to a tip turnbuckle, nonetheless Rose runs to him and tells him to get down. The Bunny gets down, and Tyson takes advantage by sharpened a legs and locking in a Sharpshooter. Rose taps!
Official Result: Tyson Kidd
Creepy Rowan is creepy

Rose is on his knees in a ring. The Bunny gets in a ring and hops around Rose, apparently apologizing. Rose with a flog to The Bunny!!! Rose has complicated mascara on so we know it’s real.

Cole and Co move adult Survivor Series again, finish with another summation of final week.

Backstage, Triple H is chatting with Team Authority sans Ryback. Kane says that before he gets there, he wants TRiple H to know that he thinkRyback has an opinion problem. Enter Ryback. H gets it, everyone’s got a initial date jitters. Tonight isn’t about being a group player, it’s not even about Team Authority, it’s about Ryback. Triple H wants Ryback to do what he does improved than anyone. He wants Trips to do whatever he’s gotta do and not have to worry about Cena’s small group since they are criminialized from ringside. Steph says come Survivor Series, though, they need to be on a same page. She says their destiny is also on a line.

-Commercial Break-

Wyatt on a screen! Society tells us that we are all unlawful in a possess special small way. He says that when someone is different, like Dean Ambrose, someone would rather separate on him than lend a dollar. Ambrose admits to his sins, knows that he’s a sinner, and he is…so was daddy. Apparently, daddy is where he picked it adult from. Society says a same thing about sin. He says this is a distortion that is taught. There is no going back. Self-destruct all we want, nonetheless he knows Ambrose’s future. He knows a usually approach is away. Ambrose thinks he’s seen it all, nonetheless he hasn’t seen genuine sin. He is sin. Wyatt gives him a choice; travel with him, join a trail of righteousness, or travel a other approach and learn a law of society.

We get some ECW calm on WWE Network, and a cold small promo from Styles and Heyman!

Ryback’s pyro seemed a small diseased there, no?

Match 8: John Cena vs Ryback
Lockup and Ryback overpowers Cena, promulgation him into a corner, and out of a ring. Cena hops adult on a apron. Cena with a go-behind. Ryback backs him into a ropes afterwards hits a shoulder, promulgation Cena to a mat. Cena behind up, repelled during Ryback’s strength…because he’s never gifted it before. Cena with another go behin. He tursn Ryback and goes for a AA, nonetheless Ryback drops and hits an bend to a jaw. Cena fights behind with right hands afterwards whips Ryback. Cena goes for a bulldog, nonetheless Ryback grabs him and hits a physique slam, promulgation Cena down and a pin for 1…2..NO! Triple H and Steph wantch from a back. Ryback with a right hand, promulgation Cena rolling towards a ropes. Ryback with some stomps. Cena struggles to get up. Ryback allows him to stand, afterwards hits a right hand. Cena with a same. They sell blows until Ryback grabs Cena and tosses him to a outside! Team Authority stands aside as Ryback heads to a outward and gives him a right hand. Ryback fights Cena in front of a announce table. Ryback tosses Cena behind in a ring. Kane gets in a face of Ryback, revelation him to do his job. Ryback hops onto a apron, and Cena runs into him, promulgation Ryback into Kane!!

Back to a show, and Cena hops off a dilemma into Ryback’s welcoming hands. Ryback slams cena down for a pin removing 1…2…NO! Ryback hits Cena with some rights, and Cena tries to quarrel back. Ryback is means to use a ropes to impact Cena down and pins for 1….2..NO! Ryback with a right hand, sends Cena drifting off a apron to a ground. Cena tries to shake it off as a ref counts. Cena rolls behind into a ring during 7. Ryback with a good suplex. Cover for 1…2..NO! Ryback with a knee to a behind of Cena. He afterwards hops on a behind and plunder pops. we never accepted it…Ryback with a snapmare. He kicks Cena in a chest afterwards pins for 1…2..NO! Cena struggles to stand. Ryback stands and out of nowhere, Cena hits a swell to belly! Mark Henry looks concerned. Cena is up. He misses a clothesline. Ryback with a Thesz Press! He picks Cena adult by a conduct and usually drops him. Again. He hits a ropes and a splash! Pin for 1…2…NO! Ryback calls for a crowd, nonetheless they don’t seem to be a fan. Ryback wants to finish it. He rises Cena and sets adult for a Shell Shock. Cena turns down for what and hits a ropes! Shoulder tackle! He foes for another, nonetheless Ryback with a powerslam!!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Ryback sets adult for a powerbomb, nonetheless Cena is out! Ryback rises adult and sends him down tough afterwards pins for 1…2…NO!!! Both group down. Ryback is adult first. Ryback tries to control a throng with chants and usually hardly succeeds. He sets adult for something nonetheless Ryback is sent into a corner! Cena goes for a boot, nonetheless Ryback is means to lift him adult for a powerbomb! He hits it!!! Pin for 1……2….NO!!! Cena survives. Kane seems bothered. Cena in a corner. Ryback sets him adult seated on a turnbuckle. Ryback pulls back. He’s looking for a Razor’s Edge nonetheless Cena drops and picks a leg! STF is sealed in!! Ryback crawls towards a ropes! He gets there! Cena breaks a hold. Ryback on a apron. Cen is up. He runs, nonetheless Ryback launches himself into Cena and covers for 1…2..NO! Cena reverses into a STF again!!! Ryback uses his strength! He stands! He turns a reason into a Firemans!!! Cena is means to reverse! Protobomb!!! Cena hits a apron, hits Kane!! Ryback with a Spinebuster!!!! Ryback wants a meathook! The throng is with him!! Kane cannot let it happen!! He enters a ring and attacks Cena, job for a DQ!~!

Official Result: John Cena around DQ
Not bad, Ryback…not bad.

Ryback grabs Kane and gets in his face. Ryback is pissed. Kane removes his jacket, fundamentally observant he’s doing what Ryback couldn’t do. Rollins is in a ring to play peacekeeper. Rollins then…turns into a strike from Ryback!!! Kane hits Ryback with a Big Boot!!! Mark Henry enters a ring as The Stooges and Kane conflict John Cena! Henry with a foot to Cena! Sheamus song hits and here he comes! Rusev is review for him!! Sheamus shoots a legs, and Takes Rusev down! Heny stops him! Rollins with a kick, nonetheless Sheamus is out of it! Kane with a chokeslam!!! Big Show takes perpetually to get down to a ring and knocks out The Stooges before entering a ring. Henry attacks, nonetheless Show is means to squeeze a neck! Rollins from a tip knocks Big around and Rusev hits a tough flog to Show! Show is on a apron and Seth attacks a ribs! Team Authority is holding over. World’s Strongest Slam to Big Show!! Ryback is up!!! He plants Seth Rollins! He knocks Rusev down!! Kane with a Goozle!!! Ryback grabs a palm and breaks a hold!!! SHELLSHOCK TO KANE!!!! Ryback is a final male standing!!

John Cena claps….

Backstage, Steph and H are examination a match. Dolph Ziggler FLIES into a scene, and here’s Harper! He’s a group playa! Oh shit!

End Show

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