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June 14, 2015 - accent chair

Some of a guest during Dr. Audrey Evans’ 90th birthday jubilee during a Union League final week were articulate about her subsequent act.

Not that she needs one. In those 9 decades, Evans has served as arch of pediatric oncology during a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, founded a Children’s Cancer Research Center, and grown a complement of classifying a common childhood cancer that is credited with shortening a deadliness rates by some-more than 50 percent.

She also cofounded Ronald McDonald House in 1974, examination it grow into a network of 300 homes in 57 countries that yield low-cost preserve for a families of children undergoing medical treatments distant from home.

After timid from her medical use in 2009, Evans partnered with a internal Episcopal church personality to renovate a sealed church in a vexed partial of North Philadelphia into a free, private center propagandize – St. James School – with a 5-1 student-teacher ratio.

Those are usually a few of her veteran accomplishments. The list of personal ones is also formidable.

But while it is impressive, such a list seems cold. Here are some of a tellurian stories behind her achievements:

In a video shown during a party, Evans remembered a tiny lady who had come for her deviation therapy one day with her pet rabbit in a tiny carrier. She asked Evans if she could move her pet to her treatment. “Of march we can take your bunny,” Evans recalled, her slight accent divulgence her origins in York, England.

As Evans tells it, a other sanatorium crew were gape-mouthed as this child private her rabbit from a conduit and placed it on a diagnosis table. “The bunny’s come to have a therapy now,” Evans told them though a pause. The lady simulated a animal was being treated, afterwards tucked it behind into a conduit when she’d motionless it was done. She afterwards climbed onto a list and carried her shirt so her possess diagnosis could begin.

“That’s how we give deviation therapy,” Evans told her colleagues.

The Rev. Sean Mullen, rector of St. Mark’s Church in Center City and a St. James School cofounder, recounted how Evans responded when a immature studious asked what sky would be like. Would there be flowers? Yes, Evans told her.

“It’s probable she’s wrong,” Mullen pronounced to a birthday-party throng while Evans, sitting in a chair in front of his lectern, sealed her eyes and shook her head. “But it’s unlikely.”

Evans’ partner of 50 years and father for a final 10, Giulio D’Angio, told a entertainment that for Evans, “helping others is in her chromosomes.” He spoke of a many times she would make an after-hours revisit during a patient’s home. She would send a child’s tired relatives to bed. The good alloy would be on watch until morning.

So many stories: How Evans used her personal credit label to compensate for hotels for her patients’ families before Ronald McDonald House was created. How she told Mullen that opening a propagandize was such a good thought that she’d be peaceful to whet pencils and make copies if it would allege a work. How even her “gift registry” for this 90th birthday jubilee was all about assisting others: $250 would yield mixed turkey meatloaf lunches, an Evans favorite, for St. James students; $500 would go toward heating a school’s church for weekly Masses; $50 would buy scholarship materials; and $25 would assistance squeeze library books.

And afterwards a photos: Of Evans by a decades hugging patients. Of Evans holding one corner of a hulk parachute for children to play underneath when a church and campus of St. James, sealed and left dull in 2006, reopened with summer programs in 2009. Of Evans in a school, itself, arms around uniformed, smiling students.

And afterwards Evans, during her possess party, sitting watchful and listening as a St. James choir sang “Happy Birthday.” Evans, holding an exaggeratedly vast exhale to blow out dual candles, a “9” and a “0.” Evans stepping adult to a pulpit and addressing her many fans, thanking them for donating some-more than $200,000 to a school.

“The jubilee has been so successful, we consider we should do it again for my 91st birthday,” she said.

During Monday’s party, we introduced myself to Evans and asked if that day, Jun 8, was her tangible birthday. A tighten crony also had a birthday that day, we told her, though she was branch 45, a same age we am. We were both, we noted, median to Evans’ milestone, though we had a lot to do before afterwards to be as respected as she.

Evans smiled and pronounced her tangible birthday was Mar 6, “so I’m indeed comparison than 90.” The festivities, open and private, had been going on for months.

Evans deserves to be celebrated. Like a guest during her party, I’m wondering what she’ll do in her subsequent decade.


Natalie Pompilio is a Philadelphia writer.



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