Bunny in a City: Historic Savannah Foundation celebration shines like a diamond

October 25, 2015 - accent chair

The Historic Savannah Foundation Diamond Anniversary Gala “Celebrating 60 years of Preservation” was hold during Forsyth Park on Oct. 17.

Walking opposite a southwest lawn, a HSF Gala venue looks like a Cinderella palace with a mountainous white peaks! Inside a enchanting 160-by-40-foot tent, it truly looks like a winter wonderland with a “Diamonds Glitter” theme!

While admiring a overwhelming venue, we have time to ask Equinox Little Big Band member Tommy Brinson about his everlasting seductiveness in a strong Eleo electric car.

After posing him with lead thespian Adam Jones and guitar good Bill Smith, we finish adult sitting with Savannah-Chatham military department’s gifted Lt. Lenny Gunther as we wait for 500 guest to arrive from cocktail hours during surrounding ancestral homes.

First to arrive and looking ravishing in bullion edging is beautiful Anne Bolyea and clean-cut Metin Kurkey, followed by Shari Pistone. we discuss with HSF’s grand Frances Colon about a illusory pursuit celebration chair Katherine Albert and her gifted cabinet have finished on a stimulating winter wonderland.

As we are talking, Katherine walks in and literally has tears in her eyes!

“This is a initial time we have seen all finished,” shares a artistic beauty.

Another beauty we venerate is United Community Bank’s amicable moth Gaye Reese! Knowing how quick we need to be, Gaye poses with Hugh Papy while best-dressed twin Andy Resende and Steve Schulte postponement for an refurbish — “I am celebrating a signing of a agreement with Hollywood Production Company,” Steve mysteriously shares.

Leaving a engineer tent, we make my approach over to Melanie Sussman, who happily poses with Dr. Tony Smith and his mother Heather; get waved over to a always interesting Gerry Kramer, his beautiful mother Jan and Patricia Bonjiovanni; and afterwards cuddle Wendy and Clif Cooper.

While Clif tells me about his college automobile — a blue ’73 Charger and his ’10 Charger, we see jovial Liz Thompson saluting me with a potion of wine. Shaking my conduct during a antics of someone some-more extroverted than myself, we reaffirm that she is still “labeling her possess wine, Thompson Legal Cellars” for her clients.

As Liz and we giggle about being morning and night people, we see tonight’s leader of a “most beautiful integrate award” walking over. Kara and Jason Ford are carrying a “vodka and Uber” night and we am tickled to be means to provoke a Wells Fargo financial confidant not usually on his adore of fishing and a Falcons though also on his nightly summation of “The Young and a Restless!”

Loving this integrate even more, we wobble and call my approach over to Rob Sparks and his poetic mother Laura, and have a mini indication eventuality with voluptuous Kevin Cartee, Jill Jauch and Diego Pinasco before streamer behind inside for a discuss with former U.S. Marine Dan Coe.

As Dan is display me pics of his registered puppy Bruno, fashionistas Courtney Hester and Kacey Kennickell lean in for my favorite contingent pic while Visit Savannah’s Joe Marinelli attempts and succeeds in photobombing a beauties.

With time using out, we scurry over to snap a pic of lovable couple Chad and Amy Brock with friends Matthew and Melinda Allen, get hugged by Lee Hughes and blonde bombshell Melissa Parker, and finish a night with James Hogan, a exquisite Annie Rockwell and Barbara Gatens.

I step behind from a vanquish and listen to introductions, repremand Lowell Kronowitz for not winning a Levy Jewelers Rolex and am tempted to ambience exam Chef Nick Mueller’s culinary masterpieces, though we am simply too tired!

But not sleepy adequate to skip complimenting and similar with Terri O’Neill’s perfect statement: “It is stirring to see 500 guest applaud 60 years of refuge success and we are so beholden to not usually a sponsors and congregation though to a many constant members and volunteers who are a fortitude of a organization.”

Well pronounced and acclamation to a whole HSF group for carrying a many beautiful celebration of a year. we can’t suppose how anyone is going to be means to tip this pretentious event!

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