Bunny in a City: Fundraiser shines on Camp Lighthouse

June 17, 2017 - accent chair

Congregation Mickve Israel and The Martin de Porres Society hosted a initial Jazz Benefit Concert for Camp Lighthouse on Jun 12 during Mickve Israel.

Greeting me during a doorway is a always agreeable Rabbi Robert Haas and CMI executive executive Jennifer Rich. Celebrating dual years in a pursuit she loves, a Colorado local proudly shares, “I adore this village and am anxious to horde events like this one that acquire not usually a Jewish community, though broader Savannah communities.”

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Knowing that mythological Huxsie Scott along with Teddy Adams and his gifted musicians are behaving a full unison with a epicurean widespread watchful in a amicable hall, we take a chair and discuss with United Community Bank’s Debra Howard about introducing tonight’s emcee, Kim Gusby. “I have pre-read, used and timed myself so we get it right — Kim is such an icon, we can’t disaster this up!”

Next, Anthony Johnson of Rehobath Christian Ministry seems amused when we get my sports teams confused and tells me he “hopes a Golden State Warriors lift one out of a hat” before streamer into a amicable hall, where we accommodate not one though 3 friendly Christian ladies scheming for tonight’s event.

Meet Inez Eady of Simply Elegant by Inez, Deloris Johnson of Designs by D. and Barbara O’Neal Pollard of Barbara’s Publications and Party Favors. Inez already has a black chair covers, black and white damask linens and red rose centerpieces out, Barbara is displaying cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls and lemon bruise cake while Deloris insists we try her signature duck croissants.

Wishing we could eat a whole tray of yumminess, we take a chair to discuss with Inez about her purpose as a primogenitor monitor during Gadsden Elementary School and how her pursuit lead to an introduction to Gail G. Brown from The Martin De Porres Society.

“Every year Gail collects names of needy students and arranges Christmas presents for them. That’s how we got concerned with this organization,” shares a Beaufort, S.C., native.

Weaving my approach by a iconic synagogue, we postponement Martin de Porres house member Sharon Stallings for a poise with Elder Randall Williams, a song clergyman and coordinator for Camp Lighthouse, remonstrate Martha and Lydia Hejka to poise with Rabbi Haas before grabbing beautiful Nicole Garvin for a print with her father John and Gini Lea Ennis. Thrilled to see a award-winning Jenkins High School scholarship teacher, we speak with Gini about a Toraya Jai Garvin Foundation Scholarship Fund that honors Nicole and John’s usually child Toraya, who upheld divided from leukemia final year during a age of 16.

Next is a flurry of pics — everybody from Elliot Palefsky and his mom Vivian and Savannah Morning News late placement worker “Coach” Carl Middleton with his mom Emogene, to late principal Beverly Cox and her best crony for 50 years, late Savannah Middle School clergyman Betty Shell, who are floating my mind when we try to theory their ages!

Swearing to secrecy, we pierce on and convince Savannah Morning News fans Tim and Margie O’Connor to grin with Carole and George Staimer, admire Michelle and Michael Ruffin before gnawing a pic of Lillian Grant Babtiste.

With some-more attendees during a categorical entrance, we lay to a side and discuss with sisters Jeniyah and McKenzie Harris along with their 13-year-old cousin Sequia Livingston about Camp Lighthouse. All 3 girls tell me they are looking brazen to a singing, play and mechanism record classes as we learn how this multi-cultural stay for some-more than 100 youths teaches all from Israeli and American enlightenment and impression preparation to artistic dance and personal fitness.

Too many people have slipped by me and we see eventuality co-chair Gail G. Brown is so bustling doing last-minute sum that we don’t get a possibility to praise this untiring village personality on her work or appreciate her for a entice to this fortifying and unifying eventuality that will assistance account this singular summer camp.

Hats off to this clever congregation, the 395 member families and the well-developed 284-year bequest in Savannah. They assimilated with Martin de Porres Society owner George L. Negron and his mom Yolanda in their goal of reaching out to Savannah’s disadvantaged children and their families by providing an educational stay experience. It has been my respect to watch ethnicities, religions and amicable category take a chair to applaud and indurate a Savannah that continues to grow clever in the support of any other.

P.S. Stay clever Rosalind Sapp. You and your mother, your son and your faith truly uncover what a child of God we are!

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