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March 13, 2015 - accent chair

Dr. Deborah  Dwork

Dr. Deborah Dwork

By Aram Arkun
Mirror-Spectator Staff
WORCESTER, Mass. – Dr. Debórah Dwork, scheming for an arriving discussion in New York City, spoke this week about a place of a Armenian Genocide in a subfield of Genocide and Holocaust Studies, and some-more privately a purpose of a Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies during Worcester’s Clark University in this field. She is executive of a Strassler Center and Rose Professor of Holocaust History and a author of Children with a Star (1993), A Boy in Terezin (2012), Flight from a Reich (2009) and many other books and articles.
Dwork pronounced that a Strassler Center offers a solitary university doctoral training module in Genocide and Holocaust Studies in a United States. It has already done a choice to confederate a investigate of a Armenian Genocide in a module with a employing of Dr. Taner Akçam as Robert Aram and Marianne Kaloosdian and Stephen and Marian Mugar Chair in Armenian Genocide Studies.
Dwork pronounced that in many university programs, there is a concentration on one sold area of genocide studies, mostly orderly on a geographical and inhabitant basis. There also are vested interests with outmost parties mostly focusing on sold genocides in a domestic way. At Clark, it is a opposite. She said, “I wish a widest lens possible. we wish everybody to pronounce in a suggestive proceed with their cohorts since everybody will be enriched by that common knowledge.”
One engaging box during Clark arose simply from earthy proximity. Ümit Kurt, who is operative on a piracy of Armenians in his hometown of Gaziantep (Aintab), and Stefan Ionescu, who works on a piracy of Jewish skill in his hometown of Bucharest, happened to lay nearby any other in a connoisseur tyro offices in a Strassler Center. Each one spooky about his possess project, though eventually came together to review records and found identical patterns as good as critical differences. This communication would not have occurred though a vicinity combined by a Strassler Center. The multidisciplinary and multifaceted proceed during Clark has served as an instance for other chairs or professorships that have been recently determined elsewhere.
Dwork finds a investigate of a Armenian Genocide to have progressed severely in new years. She said, “This is a really sparkling impulse for Armenian Genocide studies. In my perspective it is staid to lay down roots in academia.” Even in Turkey it is commencement to be studied.
The fact that Clark continues to accept a vast series of doctoral tyro applications for this margin for Dwork is justification of a vitality of a subject. It is healthy that Armenians and Turks and Kurds competence be meddlesome in investigate it, though recently people of all kinds of backgrounds have been applying.
Dwork believes that scheming teachers and writers is a best proceed to keep a Armenian Genocide critical in people’s lives. She felt that other events such as a American Revolution sojourn impending due to education. She said, “I honestly trust that a reason we caring about it is that we learn it in school, and we learn about it in propagandize since there is a consistent tide of scholars who are lovely a interpretation of events.”
Clark during benefaction has a resources for 4 connoisseur students in Armenian studies. Every tyro receives full fee support. The cost of this is over 50 thousand dollars a year per student. The late Bill Hausrath, whose mother is Armenian, included one connoisseur tyro brotherhood for investigate a Armenian Genocide. The other 3 fellowships are supposing by five-year gifts. If Clark and a Strassler Center had some-more money, it could yield some-more fellowships and enhance a series of students in Armenian Genocide studies.
Graduates from Clark could afterwards work in academia, educational nonprofit organizations like Facing History and Ourselves, commemorative museums, and nongovernmental organizations traffic with genocide. Many of a students who come to Clark are both activists and academics, though any one fits into a opposite place on a spectrum. Dwork said, “For me, activism and academics are jointly enriching. The erudite questions maintain a activism. The accent of one or a other changes over a years.”
The Strassler Center encourages a certain grade of activism. For example, it has an active attribute with sold center and high schools that confederate a investigate of several genocides, including a Armenian one, into their teaching. Some teachers ask connoisseur tyro imagination that Strassler provides. Second year connoisseur tyro Asya Darbinyan, for example, is going to one of these schools as partial of a Strassler overdo program.
Part of what a Strassler Center is doing to commemorate a centenary of a Armenian Genocide is a vast four-day connoisseur tyro conference. Participants will be entrance from 16 countries. As Dwork said, “Scholarship is what is key.” Again, if a Strassler Center had some-more money, it would also rivet in some-more programming with lectures and symposia.
Dwork will be vocalization during a Responsibility 2015 discussion of a Armenian Revolutionary Federation in New York’s Marriott Marquis Hotel ( on Mar 14.

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