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February 8, 2015 - accent chair

Longtime South Enders David and Ronnie Hurvitz hadn’t designed to pierce out of a city, though by a time their daughter, Stella, was 18 months old, a hunt was on. In Jun 2012 they purchased a 1932 Tudor Revival home in Newton and hired engineer David Hacin’s Boston-based organisation Hacin + Associates to redo a interior.

The couple’s one ask was for a some-more open and fit building plan. Ronnie says, “We didn’t wish a residence with new rooms.”

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Architect Eduardo Serrate and interior engineer Jennifer Clapp collaborated on a project, borrowing from normal Tudor pattern offset with a complicated sensibility. The style’s striking elements, such as a half-timbered latticework ordinarily found on exteriors, desirous and guided them. Hacin says: “These houses are prepared to be reinterpreted for a subsequent generation. We adore that these dual city guys done a Tudor some-more urban.”

Michael Stavaridis

With a soothing colors and materials, a family room, that opens off a kitchen, epitomizes a home’s delicate side. Textures, silhouettes, and a robust blueprint of seat (pieces are set during angles) are witty and contemporary. Interior engineer Jennifer Clapp says, “This residence is not only about drama; there’s a lot of comedy in it.”

Michael Stavaridis

Patterns assistance abate a mood. In a dining room, Clapp chose a normal William Morris imitation wallpaper in mulberry, though practical it to a roof for an astonishing dash of tone and visible texture. Serrate kept a strange wall row pattern total as another curtsy to Tudor change though opted for white over historically accurate dim wood.

Michael Stavaridis

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While a foyer’s footprint remained a same, a pattern group combined and widened openings to adjacent bedrooms to urge upsurge and move in some-more healthy light. A limestone tile-clad accent wall, that wraps into a kitchen, references a vital room fireplace.

Michael Stavaridis

“Cooking is my escape,” says David, so a welcoming kitchen was a must. Serrate stretched a strange kitchen to emanate a space where a homeowner can work efficiently, even while friends or family lay during a island. The limestone-tile backsplash provides smoothness from a foyer, and a walnut cabinetry and canopy over a island relate a panels in a vital room.

Michael Stavaridis

The integrate initial speckled their new home while pushing by Newton to check out a opposite open house. Landscaping skeleton are in a works.

Michael Stavaridis

A tiny bedroom became a master closet-cum-office. Here, a home’s pattern concepts are reinforced with complicated black and white toile wallpaper, plum table chair, and walnut accents.

Michael Stavaridis

The master bedroom is tailored and rarely tactile, with cerused ash night stands and a nubby rug. The tweed fabric wallpaper evokes men’s suiting.

Trent Bell

For her possess bedroom, daughter Stella picked out a felt bed by Blu Dot. “Aqua was one of her initial words,” says David. “We wanted her room to be lighthearted,” Clapp says, “so we chose to have a few things that clash, like a braided patchwork carpet and faded floral wallpaper.”

Trent Bell

In a playroom, a former sunroom during a behind of a house, child-friendly caged sconces by Schoolhouse Electric Supply Co. line a residence where Stella tacks adult her drawings.

Michael Stavaridis

A imitation of soft-serve ice cream, bought online by a homeowners, hangs in Stella’s bathroom.


The allure of a grate that sizzles with style.

Trent Bell

The ancestral grate in a Hurvitzes’ home sensitive a whole pattern concept, though a grate of any selected can make a vast impact.

Eric Roth

Paula Daher of Daher Interior Design used a brew of materials for a complicated grate she designed in a New Hampshire beach house. Strips of mahogany run by brushed Labrador antique granite, echoing a vast mahogany panels on possibly side of a hearth.

Richard Mandelkorn

In a home in a Boston suburbs designed by engineer Adolfo Perez, a two-sided sculptural grate is done from quartzite, a element also used on a home’s exterior. Andra Birkerts, who designed a interiors, says, “You can travel all a approach around it and roost on a petrify hearth.”

Sam Gray

Meanwhile, John Kelsey of Wilson Kelsey Design chose an exuberant cast-stone mantelpiece by Tartaruga Design for a tummy restoration of a condo in a Beverly Farms carriage house. “The grave French style,” he says, “captures a suggestion of Parisian pattern and acts as a room’s focal point.”  

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