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March 15, 2015 - accent chair

For once, conform and life are ideally aligned: Sunshine yellow is a distinguished tone in home décor this year.

Also pink, berry, emerald green, and altogether “more jam-packed colors,” says interior decorator Shawn Strok of Franklin, while some-more “painterly, regretful flowers” are rising in fabric designs.

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“After this winter, everybody wants a small color,” agrees Darilynn Evans, owners of a Cohasset boutique Darilynn’s Home Presence.

“You can take an aged drab chair and paint it a splendid pleasing tone for a spring,” says Ida Staffier Bial, owners of a Topsfield boutique Some Like it Old . . . Some Like it New.

It’s puzzled that anyone who spent a final dual months digging out from Greater Boston’s unconstrained winter will disagree for some-more white this year, possibly outdoor or in. In fact, decorators advise a operation of flourishes — both forked and confidant — that can assistance renovate your drab winter bower into a warm, welcoming open refuge.


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For starters, it doesn’t get most some-more colorful than flowers.

“Daffodils can unequivocally abate adult your home,” pronounced Strok, with Decorating Den Interiors — Strok Design Team. Her suggestion: Place them in a transparent potion vase with a covering of moss. Or arrangement cut weed on a musical platter; it’s elementary nonetheless earthy.

“Just a small bit of immature unequivocally warms adult a space,” pronounced Linda Rubin of Quintessential Interiors in North Easton.

She suggests bamboo shoots, vines, and curly willows displayed in inexpensive potion vases.

Green touches could also be combined with cyclamen plants, recorded boxwood, and topiaries. And tulips, with their array of pastel hues, are an inexpensive approach to freshen adult a room.

Silk flowers are another option, Rubin said, as are a early-blooming cherry blossoms and forsythia, which, when placed on a mantle, “the tone is only going to pop.”


Other discerning and painless ways to reinvigorate your space: Switch out doormats, sheets, accent pillows, showering curtains, list linens, napkins, place mats, and portion and dinnerware. Shedding
the darker, heavier equipment of winter forthe lighter, brighter ones of open can yield a surprising lift.

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

A statuette embellished with Chalk Paint during Some Like it Old…Some Like it New in Topsfield.

Even a fresh set ofbath or kitchen towels can inform a atmosphere, Evans forked out.

“There are a lot of small things, easy ways only to abate up, supplement pops of tone around your house,” she said.

Evans suggests placing summery-scented candles around a room, formulating list centerpieces with transparent potion balls or shells, stuffing whirly lamps with flowers or candles, and vases with lemons and limes.

Unusual pieces — such as antique bicycles, futuristic-looking building lamps, and oil paintings by problematic artists — can be found during selected stores such as Salvage LTD in Arlington.

Owner Ellen Aronson suggested accents such as antique cameras and globes, ceramics, and, of course, art.

“One intent can change a room,” she said. “Finding a right portrayal or imitation unequivocally can change a look of a room and contend something about you.”

Strok, meanwhile, pronounced she likes to embody elements such as bird statues organised in a vignette, tucked divided for guest to discover. “It adds caprice to a room,” she said.

Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Home owners can supplement character to their homes with selected equipment during Salvage LTD in Arlington.


If you’re adult for a project, get artistic by portrayal an accent wall in your vital room, or lightening adult a tone of a lavatory (Evans suggests a forked pink). Or acquire visitors with a front doorway newly embellished with a fun anniversary tone (and, of course, along with it, a new acquire mat).

“Paint for anything does wonders,” pronounced Evans. “It’s a unequivocally inexpensive fix. Plus it renews your suggestion as well.

You also might try using Chalk Paint, that can be used to cloak and ultimately redefine any aspect — fabrics, glass, brass, ceramics, timber — with a fluffy matte finish. Popular abroad for a series of years and now throwing on in this country, a paint brand can be found in 30-plus colors during Some Like it Old . . . Some Like it New.

“You can change a kitchen unequivocally inexpensively,” pronounced Staffier Bial, who haspersonallypainted redone candelabras, chandeliers, potion vases, a dining room set, china cabinets, and kitchen cabinets (some on arrangement in a store) with Chalk Paint.


Ultimately, when accessorizing, make it a idea to “bounce” a tone 3 times in a given room to maximize a impact, suggested Strok. (For example, arrangement daffodils on a table, complementing them with a likewise splendid sham circuitously and a dash of yellow on a runner opposite a room.)

“We’re entrance out of a mercantile downturn, finally, and people unequivocally wish to demonstrate themselves with color,” Strok said.

But be certain not to overdo it, Rubin cautioned. Work with your existing colors to emanate a nice palette, and aim for purify lines.

“Enhance what we already have,” she said. “You don’t have to cover each block in. of a table, or a wall, or a mantle.”

Meanwhile, if we don’t feel like spending a income (or already have some-more than adequate stuff), a discerning and easy room rearrangement can compensate an astonishing dividend.

Simply try changing adult a mantel, centerpiece, or coffee table, Evans suggested (definitely stealing any remainders of a holidays), barter out pictures, reposition lamps or tables, pierce design from one room to another, put complicated area rugs away.

“Roll it adult and only make things elementary and clean,” pronounced Evans.

And there’s a reason it’s called open cleaning. Notes Rubin: “Sometimes only decluttering can give we a exhale of uninformed air.”

Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

A giraffe emblem during Some Like it Old…Some Like it New in Topsfield.

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