Blind Auditions Could Give Employers A Better Hiring Sense

May 29, 2015 - accent chair

Entrepreneur Petar Vujosevic was only a unchanging man who saw a large problem with a approach a employing complement works.

Typically, a employing manager posts an opening, describes a ideal claimant and resumes come flooding in. After doing some interviews, a manager has to make a tummy decision: Who is a best chairman for a job?

Research shows that some-more mostly than not, managers collect someone whose credentials is identical to theirs.

But, Vujosevic says, “There is unequivocally room to urge how we perspective talent, how we shade talent, how we rivet with talent and how we finish adult interviewing talent.”

By “talent,” he means all a means immature people he knew that weren’t removing pursuit interviews during record companies since they didn’t fit a certain suspicion of what a good pursuit claimant looks like. They didn’t connoisseur from college, they taught themselves to formula or they had a clever accent.

Vujosevic thinks he knows how to get around this problem with a totally opposite approach of looking during hiring. He suspicion these radical field could get interviews if there was a approach to uncover what they could do yet divulgence who they were.

So he combined a website called GapJumpers where employers post a pursuit along with some arrange of challenge, like: Create a Web page or write a amicable media strategy. To request for a job, we only take on a challenge.

“Right now, we are means to do blind auditions for program engineering roles, pattern roles, selling roles, communication roles and concede possibilities that competence on paper not be a good fit, infer that they indeed are,” he says.

He compares it to his favorite singing competition, NBC’s The Voice. Four luminary judges lay in red super knave chairs with their backs incited to a stage. And then, someone sings. The judges strike a symbol and spin their chairs around. That’s a initial time they see who’s performing, yet they’ve already motionless “I collect we for my team.” It’s a blind audition.

And that’s kind of how GapJumpers works.

Jeremiah Reyes is in assign of employing during Dolby Laboratories. He wanted to spend reduction time classification by applications and removing some-more competent candidates, including people with nontraditional backgrounds.

Recently, a Dolby employing manager was repelled to learn his favorite claimant came from a village college.

“The one that we did select, even in a reveal he fundamentally said, ‘Wow, we consider if we only saw his resume on my desk, we don’t know if we would have comparison him,’ ” Reyes says. “It was one of those ‘aha’ moments for him that this is a unequivocally engaging tool.”

Sara Inés Calderón is looking for a pursuit as a program developer.

“I have had practice where, we know, someone told me prosaic out, ‘We consider we could move a delicate hold to a office,’ ” she says. “I’ve been interviewed by people who are literally personification by their phones or disposition behind in their seats, putting their feet adult on a chair.”

Calderon schooled to formula during an heated foot stay for Latinos. She says a group in her category have had an easier time removing jobs than a women, even yet they schooled a same skills.

“I think, overall, when we do go interview, we kind of have we theory what some people would tenure decorated ambience in colors and patterns,” she says. “I do tend to wear really like shrill and dangly and large earrings and we have left in like splendid immature sports coats and things like that, yet we still consider are veteran — they’re only colorful.”

Calderón was vehement to try GapJumpers out, yet was unhappy that nothing of a listings were in her hometown of Austin.

She hopes that will change since she’d like employees to see her work initial yet seeing that a fingers typing divided during a laptop are lonesome in Frida Kahlo spike decals.

Brenda Salinas, a writer for member hire KUT, brings this story from Texas Standard, a news uncover constructed by Texas member stations.

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